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Fall in Love with Special Forces 爱上特种兵 Episode 17 Recap

Liang Muze and Xia Chu chatted, Liang Muze asked if the insomnia caused by Zhuo Pai Chuan had been cured or was temporarily cured. Xia Chu asked what it had to do with Liang Muze. Liang Muze hadn’t answered yet, so Tian Yong came to let him. When they went to rest at the beginning of summer, the conversation between the two was interrupted. The next morning when he woke up in early summer, the rain had stopped. The fisherman also woke up and started struggling to unplug the drainage tube. Liang Muze and several people were controlling him, and the fisherman gave the fisherman a tranquilizer in early summer.

After he calmed down, everyone sent him to the hospital. Before he left, Liang Muze discovered that the so-called fisherman was an old ghost who had escaped at the medical forum at the time. Liang Muze hurriedly notified Rao Feng, and Rao Feng brought two The police guarded the ward, planning to wait for the old ghost to wake up for questioning. Liang Muze ran into Xia Chu when he was about to leave the hospital. He told Xia Chu that the patient was suspicious and asked Xia Chu to be careful. Xia Chu said that he knew, and asked Liang Muze to go to her office. She gave Liang Muze the jam she made.

Xia Guangyuan discovered that his mailbox was hacked, and some people pretended to be Xia Guangyuan and asked Tang Lin to send the experimental data to him. Xia Guangyuan went home anxiously to check it on his computer, and he was desperate when he discovered that the data had leaked.

After Liang Muze left, Xia Chu returned to the office on duty. Seeing that she had been sleepy all night without sleeping, Xiao Xiao offered to transfer to Xia Chu and let Xia Chu go home to rest. This was not in compliance with the regulations, but Xiao Xiao said that Zhang Yichi knew about Xia Chu’s situation. At that time, just talk to him, and early Xia went home to rest first. As soon as he went home at the beginning of Xia, she found that Liang Shaoxue had messed up the living room. When Xia Chu was sulking, Liang Shaoxue saw Xia Chufa’s circle of friends and learned that her parrot was with Tian Yong, so she rushed to the army to find someone. .

Liang Shaoxue ran into the guard post at the entrance of the troops. Fortunately, Tian Yong ran into him at the door. Liang Muze hurried over after learning of the situation. He saw Liang Shaoxue biting Tian Yong. Liang Muze hurriedly took Liang Shaoxue away and was teaching her. Tian Yong came with a parrot.

When Liang Shaoxue found that her parrot was taught to read poetry by Tian Yong, she collapsed and started to make trouble again. Liang Muze hurriedly said that she was going to ask Dong Zhigang to ask for leave to take her home, and asked Tian Yong to look at Liang Shaoxue. Liang Shaoxue didn’t want the parrot anymore. Tian Yong asked her who would speak with her if she didn’t pick up the parrot. Liang Shaoxue was so touched by this, she pulled Tian Yong directly and leaned close to him and said thank you.

Zhang Yichi sent Chen Mengzhen and Luo Xiaojun home. He wanted to stay and sit down. Luo Xiaojun realized that Zhang Yichi liked Chen Mengzhen. When Chen Mengzhen went shopping, Luo Xiaojun asked Zhang Yichi if he would marry Chen Mengzhen. Zhang Yichi hesitated and said that he didn’t know yet. Luo Xiaojun was a little disappointed, saying that he was a coward, and both he and Chen Mengzhen hated coward. Zhang Yichi choked for a while and found an excuse to say goodbye to Chen Mengzhen.

Long Yi also knew that the old ghost had been sent to the hospital, so he called Zhuo Ran to inform him, and Zhuo Ran pretended to be a doctor and led away the guarding police and hijacked the old ghost. Early Xia was resting at home. After learning that the old ghost was taken away, she was very anxious. She hurried back to the hospital to check the surveillance. She recalled that when she was on the island, the old ghost had been looking at the dark cabin on the fishing boat when she was struggling. She guessed the old ghost. Will go back to find the things on the ship, so he hurriedly asked the location of Liang Muze Shipyard, and looked for it. Rao Feng is also going to visit the shipyard.

Zhuo Ran and Long grabbed the old ghost to the shipyard. After some forced questioning, the old ghost confessed that he had hidden the drugs in the dark cabin. In order to survive, he begged Zhuo Ran to let him go, and said that he could tell him that Zhuo Ran’s father was. When he saw that he was dead, Long hesitated when he saw Zhuo Ran, so he took Zhuo Ran’s gun and shot the old ghost, and made the scene as if the old ghost committed suicide. Zhuo Ran reminded Long to place the old ghost’s thumb on the trigger.

After killing the old ghost, the two were ready to evacuate. Both the police and Xia Chu were a step late, and only found the old ghost’s body. Rao Feng asked Xia Chu a few words, and the forensic doctor reported to Rao Feng. From the scene, the deceased It was possible that he committed suicide and gave the murder weapon 3D printed pistol to Rao Feng. After a while, Liang Muze also arrived. After knowing that it was a 3D printed pistol, Liang Muze wanted to say that he doubted Zoran, and early Xia was a little unacceptable, so he left. As a result, on the road, Zhuoran drove into Xia Chu. Chu Xia was in a panic. Chu Xia couldn’t see the person in the driver’s seat. He just ran away and stumbled down the hill. Fortunately, Liang Muze arrived in time.

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