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Fall in Love with Special Forces 爱上特种兵 Episode 16 Recap

After Xia Chu left, Zhuo Ran received a call from Tang Lin, saying that something happened to Xia Chu’s mother, and Xia Guangyuan was so anxious to rush back to his hometown in Dong’an. Zhuo Ran rushed over, let Xia Guangyuan not worry, he had a way to make Xia Guangyuan faster and safer. go back. Zhuo Ran used the company’s private jet to send Xia Guangyuan back. Xia Guangyuan owed his favor to Zhuo Ran, and his attitude towards Zhuo Ran eased a lot. He also asked Tang Lin to send Zhuo Ran to him, and Zhuo Ran also took the opportunity to get closer to Tang Lin.

After Xia Chu came home, Liang Shaoxue went crazy at home again. Xia Chu had a headache. Liang Shaoxue locked the door of the room. She wanted to call Liang Muze for help, but Liang Muze did not answer the phone. After the phone call, Liang Shaoxue was too noisy, so she went to the balcony to call in early Xia, and found that there was a surprise prepared by Liang Muze on the balcony.

Liang Muze asked what kind of fruit he likes to eat in Xia, and made a cherry umbrella for Xia Chu on the balcony. Chu was still very angry. After seeing Cherry Umbrella, Liang Muze lost a lot of anger. After learning that Xia Chu was calling herself for Liang Shaoxue, he said that he would call Liang Shaoxue and talk about her soon, and Xia Chu hung up. He took all the cherries down and made a bottle of cherry jam.

Tian Yong approached people from the Forestry Bureau, but the parrot refused to cooperate. The people from the Forestry Bureau asked Tian Yong to raise the parrot for a few days, and waited until he found the owner of the parrot or found the institution where the parrot was originally located before picking it up. Tian Yong agreed .

Early Xia followed the medical team from the hospital to the army to conduct medical examinations for the soldiers. Soon the medical team began to work in the army. Early Xia was responsible for checking Liang Muze’s body. Liang Muze’s teammates watched the interaction between the two and they were a little gossip, waiting for Liang Muze to finish the examination. When Liang Muze’s teammates went up to check, they also kindly called Xia Chu’s sister-in-law.

The police found the old ghost’s shoes and clothes under the manhole cover of the coastal road. Long Yi inquired about the news and told Zhuo Ran about it. Zhuo Ran asked him to check on the nearby pier and tell him if he had news. Migu had previously filmed a program of left-behind children. Just in time for the New Year’s Day holiday, she bought something to visit the children and played hide-and-seek with the children.

One of the children, Xiaoqiu, ran into the woods, and Migu looked for Xiaoqiu Encountering Zhuo Ran, Zhuo Ran said that he came to see an old friend, and said that a woman ran out and scolded Zhuo Ran as the devil, saying that Zhuo Ran had harmed the entire village. Although the village chief later explained that this woman was a lunatic, Migu still comforted Zhuo Ran not to care about these mad words, but Zhuo Ran was unexpectedly downcast.

After the medical team finished their work, they stayed in the army for New Year’s Day. Tian Yong taught the parrots to recite poems these days. Everyone watched in amazement around the parrots. Early Xia also took a video and posted it to Moments. When the atmosphere was lively, Dong Zhigang Said that there was an urgent task, the party would be cancelled and the Thunder team was asked to go to the island to rescue the trapped people. However, Doctor Wu was unable to go because of illness, so Zhang Yichi asked Xia Chu to take the place of Doctor Wu and Liang Muze on the mission.

The Thunder team boarded the small island and found the fisherman who sent the distress signal. The fisherman said that he had been kidnapped and came to this island. Just after the fisherman’s inspection in early summer, it rained heavily. Everyone hurriedly carried the fisherman to the boat. The conditions were poor. Early Xia simply drained him and stabilized his situation. But you can only go back when the rain stops.

Xia Chu and Liang Muze chatted while guarding the fishing man. Xia Chu said that he once had a name called Wan Jiu. It was Xia Guangyuan who gave her the name. She hoped that she could do something. Xia Chu said that Xia Guangyuan’s research was very hard. But he was very insistent and had his own bottom line and beliefs. She admired her father, but also loved her mother. She said that when she comes to this world, she must first be the best herself, and become a doctor Xia who saves lives and heals the wounds. Early Xia asked Liang Muze what kind of person he wanted to be. Liang Muze said that he just wanted to be a pure professional soldier, not a superhero.

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