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Youth Should Be Early 青春须早为 Episode 4 Recap

Cheng Xin and Zheng Qian exposed Lao Zhou’s unethical behavior, but Zheng Qian had no idea what to do next. Cheng Xin wanted to persuade Zheng Gan to work in the Cheng Group, but Zheng Gan was very stubborn and wanted to start his own business. ,

To work hard for her own career, don’t want to look at people, relying on Cheng Xin’s father, Cheng Xin does not have such lofty ideals, she only hopes that Zheng Gan can be less busy and can spend more time with herself, Zheng Ganyi said Since starting a business, Cheng Xin couldn’t listen, feeling that Zheng Qian had never considered himself.

Kong Hao went to Yao Jiaren and gave her the ten thousand yuan. Yao Jiaren was happy and worried that using Kong’s mother’s money would leave a bad impression on Kong’s mother. Kong Hao didn’t think so much. Don’t worry Yao Jiaren, Kong Mu still has her own. Kong Hao and the bank president’s daughter-in-law dated to no avail.

Kong Mu wanted to introduce another girl to Kong Hao. Kong Hao waved his hand again and again. Kong Mu wondered if Kong Hao secretly found a girlfriend. Kong Hao quickly denied it. Kong Muqian Wan Wan urged Kong Hao to look at each other’s family more when he had a girlfriend, otherwise it would be himself who would suffer in the future.

Zheng Gan sold the shop and had no job. Father Zheng watched him staying up every night and was a little angry when he couldn’t get up during the day. Seeing Zheng Gan staying at home all day, he gave his friend Lao Zhao a call. On the phone, Zheng Gan asked Lao Zhao’s son to interview the college counselor. Zheng Gan couldn’t help his father, so he could only go to Lao Zhao’s son for an interview. Old Zhao’s son asked Zheng Gan why he wanted to work at their school. Zheng Gan said that he had two ideas of truth and lie. Old Zhao’s son was a little curious. Hearing Zheng Gan’s lie and his true thoughts, Zheng Gan didn’t want to be a counselor and lead a dull and boring life. He talked about his ideals, and Lao Zhao’s son seemed to be moved by his dreams.

Yang Chenguang’s boss, Mr. Liu, called Yang Chenguang and asked him to meet a client with him in the evening. Yang Chenguang was flattered, but Mr. Liu intentionally or unconsciously got close to Yang Chenguang and seemed to have other thoughts about him. At the wine bureau in the evening, Yang Chenguang blocked the wine for President Liu. When he was with the customer, his girlfriend Meng Xixi called him, and Yang Chenguang hung up after a few perfunctory sentences.

Zheng Qian was unwilling to go to work in the Cheng Group. Cheng Xin had a headache. He felt hard on Zheng Qian and threatened Kong Hao as his undercover agent. He wanted Kong Hao to tell himself Zheng Qian’s movements. Kong Hao was forced to do nothing. He agreed and called Zheng Gan to persuade him to go to work in the Cheng Group, but Zheng Gan said that the main business of the Cheng Group was real estate, which was already a sunset industry, and he wanted to be on an equal footing with Cheng Xin. Zheng Qian changed the subject and asked how Kong Hao and Yao Jiaren were.

Kong Hao complained a few words. Zheng Gan said that he was going to drive a private car recently, and he was a little puzzled to gain experience in the future. He can get in touch with the people in depth. The people and things he comes into contact with every day are his sources of inspiration, and he also wants to study the business model of online car-hailing. Kong Hao turned his head and told Cheng Xin about the matter, and Cheng Xin couldn’t understand Zheng Gan’s actions.

Cheng Xin made an appointment with Zheng Gan for dinner and asked him if he had anything to hide from her. Zheng Gan didn’t hide anything when she saw that she knew that she was going to drive a special car. Cheng Xin was very opposed to Zheng Gan going to drive a special car. The car empathizes and is worried about Zheng Gan’s safety, but Zheng Gan feels that it’s not a problem. He also said that he has learned a lot in the past few days.

Cheng Xin has been persuading Zheng Qian that real estate is indeed a sunset industry. The group needed Zheng Qian’s fresh blood to transform the company. Zheng Gan relaxed and said that he had something he wanted to do. He waited to go to the Cheng group in the future. When Cheng Xin saw that Zheng Qian was finally moved, he finally breathed a sigh of relief.

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