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Youth Should Be Early 青春须早为 Episode 3 Recap

Cheng Xin hurriedly called Zheng Gan and sent the fainted person to the hospital. There was nothing wrong with that person. He said that he was a fan of the school sister’s stinky tofu shop. Now the school sister’s stinky tofu shop is very popular online, Zheng Gan can see After reading the information on the Internet, he felt that this was a good opportunity.

He announced that it would be closed for three days and renovated the stinky tofu shop. Three days later, the stinky tofu shop reopened and the business was very hot. The owner of the Lao Zhou tofu shop opposite, Lao Zhou Seeing Zheng Qian taking away all the business, I felt very upset, thinking that Zheng Qian was relying on crooked ways. In the evening, Zheng Qian and Cheng Xin were in the store to calculate the turnover and profit of the stinky tofu store these days. The store made more than 10,000 yuan this month.

Cheng Xin was a little disappointed. He felt that the speed of making money was too slow, but Zheng Gan said that he Originally, I didn’t plan to earn enough 100,000 yuan from the stinky tofu shop, but planned to sell the shop when the store’s business was at its best, so that I could quickly accumulate funds and save the capital for my next startup. Just as Zheng Qian expected, someone soon came to him to take orders for the store, and a sister Xu paid $120,000 to buy Zheng Qian’s store and brand.

After Kong Hao was kicked out of the company, Kong Hao wanted Kong Hao to take a civil service examination. Kong Hao was unwilling. Kong’s mother had always been accustomed to Kong Hao. Kong Hao remembered that Yao Jiaren’s rent had not been settled, so he found an excuse to ask Kong’s mother. With the help of Kong Mu’s money, Kong Hao successfully rented the house, and specially took Yao Jiaren to the western restaurant, and gave Yao Jiaren the key to the room.

Yao Jiaren was very happy. After solving the rent issue, Yao Jiaren went to participate in the draft and the judges appreciated her. When Yao Jiaren was about to leave, the deputy director of the show approached her and said that if she wanted to enter the semi-finals, she had to pay a sponsorship fee of 10,000 yuan, Yao Jiaren I wanted to advance by strength, but the deputy director said that if he didn’t make it, the opportunity would be given to others. Yao Jiaren was very upset and told Kong Hao about it. After Kong Hao returned home, Kong’s mother took a picture of a girl to Kong Hao.

This girl was the daughter of the bank president. Kong’s mother asked Kong Hao to have a blind date with this girl. Kong’s mother was very concerned about his daughter-in-law’s family conditions, so Kong Hao didn’t. Dare to say that he has a girlfriend, but when he remembered Yao Jiaren’s sponsorship money, he said to Kong Mu that he wanted to buy some clothes to go on a blind date. He asked Kong Mu for 10,000 yuan.

Just when Zheng Gan was about to sign a contract with Sister Xu to sell the store, someone ate stinky tofu in the store and ate cockroaches. All of the customers left in the shop. The business in Zheng Gan’s shop also plummeted, and Sister Xu canceled his relationship with Zheng. Dry signing. Zheng Gan rejected other investors because he was going to sign a contract with Sister Xu. Now he only hopes to sell the store quickly to reduce losses. At this time, Lao Zhou suddenly came and said that he could buy it at a price of 30,000 yuan. Zheng Qian had no choice but to agree to Zheng Qian’s shop.

But the next day Zheng Qian accidentally discovered that Sister Xu, who had to take his store before, and the customer who had eaten cockroaches in his store, turned out to be Lao Zhou’s wife and daughter. They were designed to cooperate with Zheng Qian. Malicious competition made Cheng feel angry. After returning to the company, Chen Wei asked Chen Wei to draw up a contract to invest in Zheng Gan’s stinky tofu shop. Cheng Jianye was very disappointed with Cheng Xin’s behavior and decided to let Cheng Xin leave the investment department.

Cheng Xin went to the bar to drink depressed, and ran into a blind date with the girl that Kong Hao and Kong Mu had introduced. She sprinkled her anger on Kong Hao and scared the girl away. Kong Hao was a little angry, but she was afraid that Cheng Xin would do it. Tell Yao Jiaren. Zheng Gan was also very angry with Lao Zhou’s actions. The next day he held a loudspeaker in front of his store and talked about what Lao Zhou had done, which won the sympathy of the onlookers.

Mo Xiaobao and his fiancée Sa Sa began to prepare for the wedding. Mo Xiaobao’s taste was not good. Sa Sa was very disgusted when she listened. After Mo Xiaobao finished speaking, she talked to the wedding planner about her thoughts, and Mo Xiaobao had to listen to them all. her.

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