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Truth or Dare 花好月又圆 Episode 6 Recap

Mei Shiqing stopped Xiao Wanzi and put on her own cloak as a gift. Xiao Wanzi felt that her heart was about to jump out of her chest and could not speak.

As soon as Lu Yingyao woke up, she found herself lying in Xiaobao’s arms. Although she was very grateful, Lu Yingyao still wanted freedom. Just as Lu Yingyao was about to get up, Xiaobao hugged Lu Yingyao into her arms. Lu Yingyao became angry and looked like death. Forced, Xiaobao relented again and asked Lu Yingyao to return to the cottage.

He would definitely protect Lu Yingyao, but Lu Yingyao really didn’t want to marry Nan Batian, so she turned to use fantasy to seduce Xiao Bao, and Xiao Bao could see through Lu Yingyao at once. The trick was to forcibly carry Lu Yingyao back to the cottage. Nan Batian looked at Xiaobao holding Lu Yingyao, feeling bad in his heart. Xiaobao handed the herbal materials he found to Lu Yingyao, which slightly eased Lu Yingyao’s worry.

Little Maruko was holding Ye Lingxia’s cloak and didn’t want to let go. Everyone in the house was talking about it, but Mei Shiqing was smiling. Mei Shiqing’s friends Fang Wenhuai and Fang Yuhan came to visit. The two mentioned that they had met the princess. Mei Shiqing said that the princess was ill. Who knows they still insisted on meeting with the princess. Xiaowanzi heard that he hurriedly hid in the bed and pretended to be sick. Mei Shiqing also secretly helped Xiaowanzi change the subject in his words, but Fang Yuhan still grabbed Xiaowanzi forcefully.

Seeing Xiaowanzi’s face, Fang Yuhan had no doubt at all. It turned out that Fang’s family and the princess were only ten years ago. The friendship has changed now only as the princess grows up. The second wife arrived at this time, and the Fang family brothers and sisters introduced themselves. The second wife took the opportunity to entertain the two. Mei Shiqing refused, but ordered Si Heng to wash the dust for the two. Mei Shiqing saw through Xiaowanzi just pretending to be sick, so he let Xiaowanzi go to the banquet with him.

At the beginning of the banquet, Fang Yuhan suggested that Xiao Maruko and herself go to the courtyard to enjoy the flowers. When the two met separately, Fang Yuhan deliberately mentioned that she had a relationship with Mei Shiqing. Now Fang Yuhan blesses them with love and love for their marriage. Ashamed, he immediately went back to the house and scolded Mei Shiqing, but Mei Shiqing didn’t know about it. His opponent Yuhan had no interest at all, but Fang Yuhan was stalking him. In this situation, Mei Shiqing proposed that the two only Only by acting on the scene and pretending to be a loving couple can this Fang Yuhan change his mind.

Nan Batian deliberately broke into Lu Yingyao’s room and locked the door. When Nan Batian pounced hard into Lu Yingyao’s tent, she was frightened by the red rash on Lu Yingyao’s face and fell out of the bed, shouting that he had seen a ghost, and escaped from the room.

A Rou could not find the whereabouts of Boss Yan, Mei Shiqing searched the book of the pawnshop and found that it was all the stolen goods of the thieves. This time I only waited for Boss Yan to show up again.

At the beginning of the family banquet, Fang Yuhan’s brother and sister sat at the table as guests. Mei Shiyuan showed good wishes to Fang Yuhan, and Fang Yuhan watched Xiaowanzi feeding Mei Shiqing and said unwilling words for a while. Mei Shiqing simply grabbed Xiaowanzi’s hand and showed the love between the two. And publicly speaking, his opponent Yuhan was meaningless at all. Only then did Fang Yuhan’s brother and sister leave overnight.

When Mei Shiqing returned from sending the guests back, she found that Xiaowanzi was drunk and unconscious. Qiaoyun placed Xiaowanzi on Mei Shiqing’s bed. In the middle of the night, Mei Shiqing was lying on the ground and could not sleep, so she had to take a calm bath. Xiaowanzi was still drunk after waking up. She couldn’t help looking for water to drink. She found the bath room and wanted to drink Mei Shiqing’s bath water. Seeing Xiaowanzi almost fell into the bathtub, Mei Shiqing hurried to help. ,

Xiaowanzi fell into Mei Shiqing’s arms, her hands couldn’t help tightly wrapping her waist around Mei Shiqing’s waist. In fact, this afternoon, Mei Shiqing accidentally saw Xiaowanzi changing clothes and started blushing and heartbeat. Huai, Mei Shiqing was moved again, and couldn’t help but drop a kiss on Xiao Wanzi’s forehead.

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