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The Smell of Warmth 温暖的味道 Episode 41 End Recap

Zhao Yuxi was taking a nap on the tricycle. Sun Guangming forcibly called him up and encouraged him to cheer him up. Zhao Yuxi was yin and yang and talked coldly. Sun Guangming wanted to recommend Zhao Yuxi to be a Ping An Inclusive lender. Zhao Yuxi felt energetic when he heard This matter was tailor-made for him, and he guaranteed that he would complete the task successfully, and would never shame Sun Guangming.

From that day on, Zhao Yuxi walked around the streets to run customers. He worked tirelessly and had no regrets. Sun Guangming and Zhang Zihao’s vegetable plots are about to be harvested. Zhao Yushan personally inspected the fields. Since the election, Zhao Yushan has been reluctant to go out. He felt shameless. The candidate Feng Jinbao recommended by him was unsuccessful. Sun Guangming persuaded him not to Take it to heart. Zhang Zihao wanted to hold a post-reconstruction countermeasure hearing in Shigou Village and invited Sun Guangming to participate. Sun Guangming naturally couldn’t ask for it.

On the day of the hearing, Secretary Yu was also invited to observe. Sun Guangming publicly expounded his views and insisted on keeping the farmers’ land in their hands so that they can retain their roots and souls. The villagers have autonomy over the land and can Let the land use its full potential and preserve the beautiful mountains and rivers in the countryside. Sun Guangming’s speech won everyone’s applause. Secretary Yu affirmed Sun Guangming’s point of view and publicly questioned Zhang Zihao’s true purpose of building a large farm and the most basic core competitiveness.

Zhang Zihao insisted on vigorously transforming the countryside. Secretary Yu reminded him not to go against the wishes of the villagers and give him Many feasible suggestions were put forward. Finally, Secretary Yu hoped that Sun Guangming and Zhang Zihao would cooperate to find a path that is most suitable for rural development.

Zhao Yushan sat in a daze at the gate, Zhao Yuxi specially brought black tea to comfort him, and promised to accompany him instead of Xichun. Zhao Yushan was very moved and asked Zhao Yuxi to come in freely from the front door. Zhang Zihao called and called Yue Lan. Yue Lan saw him grinding beans from a distance, thinking that he was devastated because of the frustration of the big farm plan, but he was optimistic. Zhang Zihao remembered the history of grinding tofu with his grandmother and delivering tofu when he was a child. He began to reflect on what he had done all the time.

Because he set too many goals, he forgot the original heart, and destroyed the villagers’ simple and simple He was very longing for such a life in the small days of chai, rice, oil and salt, and hoped that Yue Lan would be by his side. It was the first time that Yue Lan saw Zhang Zihao who was so solemn and full of praise for his changes. Zhang Zihao admitted that the Junzilan Hotel was named after him and Yue Lan, and Yue Lan was surprised.

Zhang Zihao collected a basket of vegetables from his vegetable plot. To compare with Sun Guangming’s labor results, Yue Lan and Xu Youyi both felt that his food was not as good as Sun Guangming’s. Zhang Zihao asked Sun Guangming to take his food. To make it, Sun Guangming uses the most primitive boiling method. Zhang Zihao had never eaten such original organic vegetables. He was so excited that he immediately decided to invest in building an agricultural product trading platform to let Sun Guangming sell the village’s vegetables and agricultural products there. The two reached a cooperation agreement.

Zhang Zihao carefully prepared the marriage proposal. He came to the scene with Yue Lan’s face covered. The drone dropped a basket of organic vegetables from the sky. Zhang Zihao held the vegetables he had grown personally and proposed to Yue Lan. Everyone present applauded Cheer for Zhang Zihao. Yue Lan accepted the vegetables and asked him to learn how to cook first. Zhang Zihao was very excited and hugged Yue Lan for a long time and refused to let go. When Sun Guangming saw this, he quietly left without saying a word. Follow it afterwards.

Li Qinghe and Zhao Xinlong went home together, agreed to stay with Zhao Yushan, and reported a great news to Zhao Yushan. Li Qinghe was pregnant, and Zhao Yushan was in tears with excitement. Soon afterwards, Zhao Yushan came to Haiqing Village to look for Aunt Mei, and the two smiled.

Sun Guangming taught Xu Youyi how to cook, and Xu Youyou learned very seriously. Sun Guangming was very pleased. Xu Youyi carefully prepared several dishes. Sun Guangming tried each dish and was full of praise for her cooking skills. Xu Youyou bid farewell to Sun Guangming, and Zhang Zihao introduced her to a Beijing gaming platform as an e-sports host. Sun Guangming encouraged her to work hard, and Xu Weiyi thanked him for his continuous help.

Sun Guangming got up early in the morning and called Xu Youyou to eat and eat to catch the high-speed rail. Xu Youyou reluctantly said goodbye to Sun Guangming. Sun Guangming watched her far away, with a trace of reluctance in his heart. Sun Guangming returned to the barn and released the video left by Xu Youyou, which recorded the entire history of the two of them from the first meeting to the present. Sun Guangming didn’t say anything else and drove to chase Xu Youyou.

Xu Youyou was reluctant to leave Sun Guangming. She drove halfway and returned, but she ran into Sun Guangming head-on. Xu Youyou had an excuse to leave the puppy in the village. Sun Guangming lied that she was going to the train station to see her off. The two of them looked at each other and smiled. , Everything is clear, Sun Guangming and Xu Youyi drove back to the village together.

Houshigou Village lived up to expectations and was rated as “the most beautiful village”. Sun Guangming and the villagers came together under the big locust tree. The grandmother personally unveiled the plaque. Liu Haitang gave a passionate testimony. Hope everyone will have a good time. Liu Haitang calls on everyone Thanks to Sun Guangming. In the end, Sun Guangming and all the villagers took pictures together, and Xu Weiyi broadcasted this touching scene live.


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