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The Smell of Warmth 温暖的味道 Episode 40 Recap

Liu Haitang rushed to the big locust tree on time. She first thanked everyone for their support, and then announced a decision that she would participate in the election of the village director. The villagers were shocked. Liu Haitang described in detail the harvest of the delegation. After the public promised to break the difference between the surnames of the village, and then work together with the villagers to make a fortune, Liu Haitang’s sincere speech won warm applause from everyone, and Li Jian’an hurriedly left when he saw it.

Sun Guangming fully supported Liu Haitang’s participation in the election and called on the villagers to cast this precious vote to select a village director who truly considers everyone. He hopes that everyone will firmly guard the roots and soul of the village. That night, Li Jianan forced Liu Haitang to clarify the election of the village director. He complained that she had stood by Sun Guangming without prior notice.

Liu Haitang made it clear that Sun Guangming’s approach was correct, and Li Jianan was not convinced. Worried that Liu Haitang would diverge his votes and let Feng Jinbao’s conspiracy succeed, Li Jianping also persuaded Li Jian’an to tell him the truth. Li Jian’an was discouraged and felt that his sister-in-law had demolished his desk, and then left in anger.

Today is the day for the election of the village director. The villagers came to the village early, and Mayor Zhao personally supervised the election. The candidates Li Jian’an, Feng Jinbao and Liu Haitang each had their own confession. Zhang Zihao sat aside watching the excitement, Sun Guangming Presided over the voting ceremony, the grandmother cast the first ballot, and then the villagers lined up to hand in the ballot.

Yimin was in charge of singing the votes, and the grandparents monitored the votes. Guilan counted the votes on the blackboard. Li Jianan saw that his number of votes was very different, and he insisted on leaving first regardless of Sun Guangming’s obstruction. Xichun sweated for Li Jianan. Zhang Zihao thinks Feng Jinbao has a chance to win, but Xu Youyi thinks that Liu Haitang will be elected. In the final selection, Liu Haitang was elected as the village director with more than half of the first place votes. Everyone applauded and congratulated her. Zhao Meilan and Feng Jinbao looked ugly.

Li Jian’an was angry and locked himself in the room. Liu Haitang and Li Jianping tried to persuade him outside the door, but he just didn’t want to see people. When Xichun heard the news, Liu Haitang asked her to persuade Li Jianan. Xichun kindly persuaded Li Jianan and promised to be by his side forever. No matter what others think of him, Li Jianan was moved to tears, but he didn’t want to see anyone at this time, so he wanted to calm down by himself. Xichun had no choice but to calm down. Leave first.

Feng Jinbao sat alone under the big locust tree. He couldn’t accept the result of the election. Zhao Yushan appointed him in advance, but the result fell short. Zhao Meifeng accompanied him with a smiling face to cheer him up and made him a seafood meal specially. Feng Jinbao couldn’t eat it. He found that he was very sad. He would always be the second in a thousand years. Zhao Meifeng advised him not to be sad. Feng Jinbao just felt sorry for Zhao Meifeng and could not let him. Once she raised her eyebrows, Zhao Meifeng felt that the wife of the village accountant was very content, and Feng Jinbao lay in her arms and cried loudly.

Xichun wanted to go back to her hometown to find her son. She said goodbye to Zhao Yushan early in the morning, and then reluctantly left. She came under the big locust tree and remembered the scene where Li Jianan rescued her. Xichun turned around and just wanted to leave. He saw Li Jianan driving and waiting for her. Xichun and Li Jianan said their goodbyes. Li Jianan didn’t sleep all night. He finally realized that only with his favorite Xichun is the best one. Happily, Li Jianan promised to accompany her to find her son. The two of them never separated again. Xichun couldn’t help but hug Li Jianan tightly, and the two embraced each other deeply.

Liu Haitang conveyed the next two things to be done at the meeting of the two village committees. Sun Guangming announced that Houshigou Village would participate in the selection of the most beautiful village. The grandmother and righteous people gave their full support. Sun Guangming wanted to select a new party secretary in the village. Guilan suggested to let Liu Haitang take the post. She also reported to Sun Guangming about the bad news at home. Zhao Yuxi has recently been in a low mood and is passive and unwilling to deliver goods. Sun Guangming personally came to work for Zhao Yuxi.

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