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The Rebel 叛逆者 Episode 9 Recap

In order to repay Lin Nansheng’s salvation, Zhu Yizhen decided to take him back to the Zhu Mansion to recuperate, so that he could take care of him personally. Ji Zhongyuan didn’t see Zhu Yizhen for many days. He asked other students to find out that Xu Liwen was injured, but he felt that this person was too suspicious, so he immediately sent someone to verify the other party’s true identity.

After moving into Zhu’s Mansion, Lin Nansheng felt Zhu Yizhen’s meticulous care, and at the same time made him a little guilty. Zhu Yizhen saw that Lin Nansheng had a psychological burden, so she urged the servants not to be too enthusiastic, so as not to frighten the guests. However, despite this, she is still caring and gentle towards Lin Nansheng. Anyone can see that this eldest daughter is already immersed in the hazy throbbing, with overflowing sentiment in her eyes.

Zhu Xiao was very dissatisfied when he learned that his daughter had brought a strange man home, so he planned to send Lin Nansheng away, so he could repay the kindness in other ways. Zhu Yizhen was very annoyed when she heard this, so she went back to the room and lost her temper with her father, threatening to run away from home, forcing Zhu Xiao to agree to let Lin Nansheng stay first.

According to Ji Zhongyuan’s commission, Mr. Zhao personally went to Hunan Provincial Education Institute to investigate and found Xu Liwen’s file in a stack of documents. The photos and content on it were basically correct. As for Zhu Yizhen in the process of taking care of Lin Nansheng, the relationship between the two has grown a lot, and the secret service personnel are also constantly monitoring the movement.

That night, Lin Nansheng went to Zhu Yizhen by returning the book, and immediately saw the tape recorder on her dressing table. Lin Nansheng used the topic to talk about revolutionary ideals, and there was a tacit spiritual collision between each other. Zhu Yizhen believed that everyone around him could take active actions and that the War of Resistance would be victorious sooner or later.

Gu Shenyan saw that Hu Daoyi often came and went in a hurry, and he knew that Chen Moqun was performing a certain task. Chen Moqun saw the candid photos of Lin Nansheng and Zhu Yizhen, and believed that Lin Nansheng had penetrated the enemy, and then he needed to gain the trust of the Communist Party. At the same time, news came from Hunan confirming that someone had investigated Xu Liwen’s files. Fortunately, Chen Moqun had prepared well in advance, so Hu Daoyi was asked to remove all the outposts to ensure that there was no more suspiciousness in Lin Nansheng’s body.

In a few days, Lin Nansheng basically turned the Zhu Mansion around, but his legs were not good, and he needed some time to recuperate. Seeing that he was bored, Zhu Yizhen took the initiative to mention his previous experience, and learned about Lin Nansheng’s childhood and the reason why he came to Shanghai.

Lin Nansheng shared his wish to serve the country and almost revealed the fact of joining the Secret Service. On the contrary, Zhu Xiao saw that Zhu Yizhen and Lin Nansheng’s relationship was getting better and better. As an old father, he was extremely uneasy. Zhu Xiao had been in business for decades, and he had long developed a pair of fiery eyes. He saw that Lin Nansheng’s background was not superficially simple, and he was even more afraid that his opponent was the Communist Party.

Facing Zhu Xiaotian’s questioning, Zhu Yizhen confessed her views on Lin Nansheng, and at the same time did not obscure the fact that she liked him. Because in Zhu Yizhen’s view, Lin Nansheng respects her thoughts and appreciates her insights, she does not need to be attached to anyone at all, and can care for each other as equals and maintain their independent personalities.

Although Lin Nansheng was described by her daughter as beautiful, Zhu Xiaotian decided to stop the business in Shanghai and settled in Hong Kong after Zhu Yizhen graduated. Regardless of whether it is the Communist Party or the Kuomintang, Zhu Xiaoxian did not want Zhu Yizhen to contact him. After all, those who work for the country are always at risk.

After everyone had breakfast, Zhu Xiaotian went to the company first, and Zhu Yizhen went back to school with only a few words. Lin Nansheng noticed the card issuance on Zhu Yizhen’s head, and believed that she was contacting the connector through the card issuance, so taking advantage of no one else, he sneaked into the study and called Chen Moqun.

However, not long after the call was made, Zhu Xiaotian suddenly appeared. Chen Moqun heard Lin Nansheng’s sudden change of tone, and suddenly realized that he hurriedly arranged a backup call. Zhu Xiaotian made a call just now and reconfirmed what Lin Nansheng had said is true or false. Thanks to Chen Moqun’s preparation plan, there was no omission.

Zhu Yizhen came to the cinema based on the secret code, took the initiative to report the recent situation to Ji Zhongyuan, and felt that Lin Nansheng had a patriotic heart, and the party organization could consider developing him as his own person. Ji Zhongyuan considered more rigorously than Zhu Yizhen, so he waited for the organization to investigate clearly before taking action.

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