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The Rebel 叛逆者 Episode 11 Recap

Although the progress of Lin Nansheng and Zhu Yizhen went smoothly, at a critical moment, Gu Shenyan found signs. At this time, Hu Daoyi made a special trip to give Lin Nansheng subsidies. Gu Shenyan followed, and he saw Lin Nansheng returning from the outside downstairs of the dormitory. He immediately realized that he was Chen Moqun’s recent confidential task.

The next morning, when Lin Nansheng went to school, he happened to pass by a cake shop and heard the music that Zhu Yizhen often listened to, so he repeatedly discussed with the shop owner, and finally succeeded in getting the record, and bought a lot of cakes for it. . Gu Shenyan witnessed Lin Nansheng walk into Shenjiang University, hurried to the phone booth to contact Ji Zhongyuan to meet, and took out an official file about Lin Nansheng.

Although Ji Zhongyuan knew that Zhu Yizhen would not disclose the organization’s affairs, but considering that she and Lin Nansheng often stay together, it will inevitably be exposed, so first transfer everyone and contact points to avoid being discovered by Chen Moqun in advance. When I came to the library, I happened to see Zhu Yizhen reading a book with Lin Nansheng. The two people got along with each other and the picture was exceptionally harmonious, which made Ji Zhongyuan more uneasy.

Zhu Yizhen stared at Lin Nansheng’s side face in a daze, and suddenly remembered something, so she took out a gift from her schoolbag, and it contained the pure English version of the grass leaf collection she had only bought after traveling all over Shanghai. Originally, Lin Nansheng had also prepared a record for Zhu Yizhen, but before he could send it out personally, he saw a classmate come to give Zhu Yizhen the book, and then Zhu Yizhen casually found an excuse to go to the second floor.

Ji Zhongyuan told the truth about Lin Nansheng’s true identity and asked Zhu Yizhen to leave the school immediately and evacuated to a safe place. Zhu Yizhen couldn’t believe it at first, but when she had to accept this fact, she was extremely sad, but she had to stay awake and accept the organization’s arrangements, take shelter in a safe place in time, and not contact anyone.

Lin Nansheng didn’t see Zhu Yizhen’s return for a long time. He searched the entire library for the first time, until he noticed something strange, and then called Chen Moqun to report the matter. After seeing Chen Moqun dispatched, Gu Shenyan deliberately called the action team to get news. Chen Moqun investigated the scene and found the book with the code erased, so he believed that Lin Nansheng was exposed, but Zhu Yizhen had already escaped, so he ordered the arrest of the library and tailor shop personnel related to him.

Zhu Yizhen couldn’t accept the fact that Lin Nansheng was actually a KMT agent, so he decided to return to Lin Nansheng’s dormitory, hoping to bring him back to the right team. When Ji Zhongyuan came to the safe house, he found that Zhu Yizhen did not listen to advice and left without permission, leaving only a note on the scene.

Lin Nansheng ran back to the dormitory quickly and saw Zhu Yizhen standing in front of the window as expected. Just as Zhu Yizhen tried to persuade Lin Nansheng to wake up, she did not expect Chen Moqun to show up and torture her in public. At the same time, the tailor shop was quickly controlled by the action team. Fu’an, who was in charge of doing miscellaneous work in the tailor shop, was arrested and returned to the secret service office because he was one step behind burning documents.

Originally, Wang Shian invited Gu Shenyan to have a meal after get off work, but it turned out that Chen Moqun arrested Zhu Yizhen and others to come back from the outside. It was obvious that he was once again excluded from the operation. Gu Shenyan hurriedly returned to the office to call Ji Zhongyuan on the grounds that he forgot to bring his wallet, but Ji Zhongyuan was not in the store, so when he saw Wang Shian coming in, he immediately turned around and escaped.

Because Zhu Yizhen’s identity is rather special, arresting people rashly will inevitably alarm all sectors of society. Chen Moqun asked Hu Daoyi to avoid all intercession calls, claiming to the outside world that Zhu Yizhen was invited to the secret service to assist in the investigation, and by the way, in front of Lin Nansheng to discuss how to get Zhu Yizhen to confess the truth.

After all, Lin Nansheng had seen the torture of the Secret Service and was worried that Zhu Yizhen would be harmed, so he took the initiative to apply for the trial of Zhu Yizhen and promised to let her tell the party clues. However, Zhu Yizhen’s character is very stubborn, and she refuses to reveal the least bit of news. No matter how Lin Nansheng presses her, she still insists that she is just an ordinary student.

On the other side, Wang Shian was still frowning when he came to the hotel. Before, he wanted to help his relatives to do business with the Zhu family. By coincidence, Zhu Yizhen was captured by the secret service at this time, which was tantamount to a quarrel with the Zhu family. In addition, since Lin Nansheng followed Chen Moqun, he basically had to conceal any missions from the outside world. Not only was Wang Shian outraged for himself, but also for Gu Shenyan.

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