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The Rebel 叛逆者 Episode 10 Recap

Since Lin Nansheng could not communicate with the outside world, after that call, Chen Moqun pretended to be a doctor and came to check for Lin Nansheng, taking the opportunity to inquire about the situation and learn about the issue of the card. Chen Moqun urged Lin Nansheng to be prepared for the possibility of facing the test of the Communist Party at any time.

Taking into account Zhu Yizhen’s identity, Lin Nansheng worried that this mission would harm her, and simply asked how the party-state would deal with Zhu Yizhen. Because in his opinion, Zhu Yizhen only differs in beliefs, but also serves the country and does not endanger any interests of the country.

Just as Lin Nansheng was still trying to fight for Zhu Yizhen, Chen Moqun directly took out a pistol and warned Lin Nansheng to remember his identity and mission. The key is to make Zhu Yizhen fall in love first, not for him to fall in love with each other. At this time, Zhu Yizhen came back from school. When she heard that the doctor came to examine Lin Nansheng, she hurriedly knocked on the door to ask about the situation.

Chen Moqun retracted the gun when Zhu Yizhen was not around, and took advantage of Zhu Yizhen’s absence to explain to Lin Nansheng again, reminding him not to try to accuse his boss with the party’s arguments, and to gain the Communist Party’s trust as soon as possible to seize the postman, if any betrayal by Lin Nansheng is found The tendency of the party-state, then Chen Moqun will execute traitors himself.

During the evening meal, Lin Nansheng kept thinking about Chen Moqun’s words. Seeing that he seemed to have something on his mind, Zhu Yizhen specially prepared a supper and took the initiative to express his concern. In this conversation, Zhu Yizhen confessed her views on the current state of the country and wanted to work hard to create a better future.

Lin Nansheng was affected by Zhu Yizhen’s patriotic spirit and was deeply moved. He simply used her physical recovery as an excuse to bid her farewell and return to school. Although Zhu Yizhen was a little bit reluctant, she still respected Lin Nansheng’s decision and sent him back to school the next morning, and even took the initiative to help him walk some distance regardless of the surrounding eyes.

Hu Daoyi was ordered to come to the school to see Lin Nansheng, and prepared the dormitory in advance, and explained the way of contact in the future. At the same time, Ji Zhongyuan received a reply from the party organization, confirming that Lin Nansheng’s files are true and correct. Perhaps he can be developed into a Communist, but he needs more careful assessment.

Zhu Yizhen accompanied Lin Nansheng to the dormitory, passing by the campus, seeing the contact signal on the blackboard newspaper, immediately went to the library to meet. Lin Nansheng doubted the content on the blackboard because of Zhu Yizhen’s abnormal behavior, and went forward to study it carefully. After secretly investigating, Ji Zhongyuan found no loopholes in “Xu Liwen”, so he decided to conduct a further review.

In the afternoon of the same day, Ji Zhongyuan reactivated the library’s contact point. Under Ji Zhongyuan’s arrangement, Zhu Yizhen personally handed a letter to Lin Nansheng and entrusted him to send it to the designated location. Originally, Lin Nansheng wanted to go back to the dormitory to open the letter. When he was about to do it, he suddenly realized that this was a test bureau used by the Communist Party, so he left the letter intact at the designated location and waited for the next step.

Sure enough, as Lin Nansheng expected, when he returned to the dormitory, he found a note stuck in the door. Chen Moqun learned of Lin Nansheng’s coping strategies in this matter, and was very satisfied with this. It is speculated that the CCP will arrange a special person to meet with Lin Nansheng next. Not long after, Zhu Yizhen asked Lin Nansheng to meet at the cafe, while Chen Moqun sent people to watch nearby, waiting for the appearance of the contact person.

In order to dispel Lin Nansheng’s anxiety, Zhu Yizhen specifically explained the situation to him. Although she could not disclose the content, she also hoped that Lin Nansheng would believe in herself, as long as he took the arranged car and went to a place. Chen Moqun saw Lin Nansheng leave by car. In order to avoid being suspected, he didn’t follow behind. I hope he can perform normally and pass the test.

The meeting place was a photo studio. Lin Nansheng walked up to the second floor according to the prompts. As soon as he arrived, he saw the surrounding lights turned on. The flash in front of the camera made him almost unable to open his eyes, let alone see the mysterious person hiding behind the camera. After Lin Nansheng answered a few questions honestly, the other party did not give a clear response, but left directly.

Hu Daoyi learned the result from Lin Nansheng and hurriedly returned to the secret service office to report to Chen Moqun. Gu Shenyan pestered Hu Daoyi to sign the reimbursement form and subsidy, and tentatively asked some questions, so as to pull out useful information. As for the Jizhong Principle, after meeting Lin Nansheng, he thought that Lin Nansheng was not as simple as it was on the surface, because he was too calm and composed, and he did not reveal any flaws as the biggest flaw. At the same time, he reminded Zhu Yizhen not to influence his judgment because of personal feelings.

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