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The Good Times 美好的日子 Episode 14 Recap

Someone fell into the water, Qiushi went to save the others, and everyone helped to send the fell into the hospital. Somerset took out a handkerchief and let Qiushi wipe the water off her body, and then found a place to change her clothes. Yu Deshui and Liu Guiqin watched the children’s performance with pride. Qiushi read a sad poem. Hearing that Shengjie was leaving the Dabei factory, Shengjie confessed that she wanted to forget something. Qiushi said that there are some things that will never be forgotten in a lifetime, where is there no grass in the end of the world. Somerset said that the grass in her heart was dead, Qiushidao, death means rebirth.

Bai Ruoxue became the deputy head of the regiment, and was about to go to work after dinner early in the morning. Qi Xiangqian said that he would give her a section. Zhao Duofu didn’t wear a hat when he went to work early in the morning. The three brothers and sisters Yu Caifeng passed by and said hello. Wang Sulan hurriedly brought the child to give him a hat. Dabei City Peking Opera Troupe was renamed Dabei City Arts Troupe, and Bai Ruoxue served as the head of the Arts Troupe. The young people who came from the new branch were all graduated from the railway technical school and formed an innovation group. After hearing about it, Yu Deshui felt that they were too reckless.

Mother Qi brought Qi Jianshe to buy milk replacer, and Cao Dehe quickly gave the child a piece of candy. Somerset came to buy a hand cream. Two days ago, the hard work and fever made Somerset bother. Qi’s mother quickly thanked her. Qi Mu didn’t know about Qi Xiangqian and Shengjie, and Cao Dehe beat her to hang on a tree next to her. After Shengjie left, Cao Dehe and Qi Mu talked about her and Qi Qiangqian. Qi’s mother said that this kind of thing depends on fate.

Qi Xiangqian heard that Yu Deshui had prevented the newcomer from reforming, and was going to take a look. Director Li told Bai Ruoxue a lot. Being a team leader is different from an ordinary actor. It’s not as convenient as the clothes he wears now. Bai Ruoxue quickly said that he would pay attention. Seeing Master He at work, Qi Xiangqian went up to help and took the child to play in the mud. When Bai Ruoxue came back, he was immediately anxious.

He wanted to wash the child clean, or don’t enter the house. When eating, Bai Ruoxue was bored in the room alone, and refused to arbitrarily move forward. Qi’s mother hurriedly asked Qi Qiang to take his face in. Although the two often quarreled over education issues, they could not quarrel. Qi Xiangqian apologized again and again, and the two were reconciled.

On the way to work, Qi Xiangqian wanted to persuade Yu Deshui not to be so rigid. It is also good for newcomers to innovate, but Yu Deshui still refused to listen. Therefore, Qi Xiangqian called everyone over and said that we must unify our thinking, and we can’t talk about it all at once and discuss it carefully. Xiao Xu’s new method can reduce the two processes and improve efficiency. Qiushi also believes that innovation should be supported, but Yu Deshui refused to agree, thinking that they were engaging in crooked ways. Qi Xiangqian said he was playing big cards, but Yu Deshui had this qualification.

The two sides were noisy, and Master He quickly stepped up to reconcile. Yu Deshui said that he was willing to follow him and follow the old craftsmanship, and follow him to make innovations. But Qi Xiangqian felt that this way of forming cliques would affect the production schedule even more. Qi Xiangqian said that Yu Deshui was passively sabotaged and undermined production. Yu Deshui was so angry that he smashed the past and hit the head of Qiushi in Lailan.

Liu Guiqin and Wang Sulan heard that Yu Deshui smashed Qiushi’s head in a rush, and Shengjie helped Qiushi treat the wound, laughing at him for fear of pain. Qiushi and Somerset chatted in the hospital. In fact, Qiushi participated in the parade and squatted in the Kuomintang prison. Somerset did not expect that Qiushi, a weak scholar, would have such an experience. It’s just that no one can prove Qiushi’s experience, and the comrades who were arrested with him can’t get in touch.

Somerset understands that he wants to prove that this experience is not for gaining anything, just to prove himself. Qiushi said that Bai Ruoxue could prove it, but he could not prove his performance in prison. Somerset helped Qiushi get a meal from the cafeteria, and the two accidentally dropped the spoon when they pushed off. Somerset asked him to rest here for a while and then leave, Qiushi looked at her handkerchief and box lunch in a trance.

Liu Guiqin talked about Yu Deshui at home, saying that he was sore, but Yu Deshui said that even the director of the factory didn’t dare to look down on him. Those few newly graduated boys dared to point fingers at him, and did not let Liu Guiqin carry forward at home. . Qi’s mother advised Qi forward to change his temper.

After all, Yu Deshui was his master, but Yu Deshui looked down on no one in the factory, and at home he even drank Liu Guiqin’s disrespect for women. Bai Ruoxue also said that Qi Xiangqian should change his temper and conduct self-examination. Hearing that Qiu Shi was injured for Qi Qiang, Bai Ruoxue hurriedly said to see Qiu Shi for him. Qi Mu asked her to bring two cakes to see, and Qi Qiang took the cakes to see Yu Deshui. Qi Forward this stubborn temper is unwilling.

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