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The Good Times 美好的日子 Episode 13 Recap

Qi Xiangqian comforted Bai Ruoxue, saying that in the future, he would accompany her to find her brother, and one day he would be found. Just now Bai Ruoxue said that Qi Xiangqian felt very uncomfortable when he said his mother. He missed his mother. If he knew that he had married such a beautiful daughter-in-law, he would be very happy. Qi Xiangqian knew that she didn’t come because she was afraid of causing trouble to herself. Bai Ruoxue offered to take her over. She also had no relatives and wanted to have a mother. Qi Xiangqian took Bai Ruoxue back to his hometown in the countryside by train. Qi’s mother was very happy to see him coming back.

Qi Xiangqian introduced Bai Ruoxue to her. Qi’s mother was very excited and hurried into the house to get food for them. Bai Ruoxue was stunned when Qi Xiangqian said that there were insects in the jujube, but when she saw Qi’s mother’s ardent eyes, she ate. Mother Qi took out the embroidered shoes made for Bai Ruoxue, which she thought to make. Bai Ruoxue liked it very much, and she kept complimenting her. Qi Xiangqian helped Bai Ruoxue put on the shoes, the size was right.

Qi Xiangqian paid tribute to the folks in the village. He avenged everyone, and now has a good life. Qi mother took the newly harvested wheat this year and said that he would let everyone taste it. In the evening, Bai Ruoxue took out a piece of cloth to cover the pillow when tidying up the bed, and leaned forward on Qi Mu’s body. Qi Mu sews shoes for him. The same was true the night before he went to the army. Qi Qiang asked Qi’s mother to go back with her. Qi’s mother said that there was no shortage of food or clothing at home. Qi Qiang was also married. She had nothing to worry about. Bai Ruoxue hurriedly pushed the door in and persuaded Qi’s mother to go back with them.

She had no parents anymore, so she imagined that there was a mother by her side like Qi Qiangqian. Qi’s mother was still unwilling. Bai Ruoxue had to change her argument, saying that she was not taking her to enjoy the blessing but to suffer. She and Qi Xiangqian wanted a child, but they were too busy at work and had no time to take care of the children. As soon as Qi’s mother thought about it, she hurriedly followed them and followed them back to Dabei Factory. Qi Xiangqian and Bai Ruoxue also took Qi’s mother to Beijing and took a photo. This is the only photo in her life.

Qi Xiangqian and Bai Ruoxue took Qi’s mother back to Dabei Factory. Everyone had waited outside the dormitory early. Yu Deshui, Liu Guiqin, Zhao Duofu and Wang Sulan met Qi’s mother one by one, and Cao Dehe and Kong Shiju also took them with him. Here comes the child. He Feng came back and hurried to see Qi’s mother.

They were folks, and He Feng was the captain of the martial arts team there. Qi’s mother took out a steamed bun made of fresh wheat for everyone to taste, and gave Morosov one. Speaking of the most difficult battle the martial arts team fought in the past, Qi Mu picked up the steamed bun and handed it to He Feng, saying that the steamed bun was steamed from the wheat that grew out of that land. He Feng carefully wrapped the steamed bun and said that he would keep it as a souvenir.

Qi Qiangqian and Bai Ruoxue wanted Qi’s mother to sleep in the inner room, but Qi’s mother wanted to give them the good things and sleep in the outer room, so she simply did what she wanted. Bai Ruoxue also thoughtfully prepared a hot water bottle for Qi’s mother. Qi Xiangqian specially sent a copy of the steamed buns to Qiushi and Shengjie.

Qi’s mother made noodles, Qi Qianqian ate and sucked, staring at Bai Ruoxue, Qi’s mother quickly kicked Qi forward, but he didn’t notice it at all. Bai Ruoxue hurriedly said that she had eaten aloud, and she also learned to go forward and eat noodles. After eating, Bai Ruoxue was washing the dishes, and when she saw her hiccup, she frightened her. Qi’s mother told Qi Xiangqian not to be like the country anymore. After all, Bai Ruoxue was from the city, not to mention that Bai Ruoxue accommodated him everywhere and was a good wife. Bai Ruoxue was drinking water outside with a warm heart.

Early the next morning, Bai Ruoxue was about to go to work to see Qi’s mother washing the sheets in a rural way. Qi’s mother quickly explained that it was like this in the countryside, and Bai Ruoxue was relieved that she said how appropriate and how to come. Qi’s mother knew that Bai Ruoxue had nothing to say to their wives. Liu Guiqin said that Bai Ruoxue came out with special attention to others. Of course, the most important thing is Kong Shiju and Cao Dehe’s family.

Qiu Shi had a toothache for some days, Qi Qiang asked him to hurry up to prescribe the medicine, Qiu Shi ignored him, Yu Deshui was speechless, he didn’t know where Qiushi’s disease was. Qi Xiangqian understood, let Qiushi beat him out, no matter what, this matter had nothing to do with Bai Ruoxue, I hope he will not hate her. Of course Qiushi doesn’t hate Bai Ruoxue, she wants to treat her well all her life, and wish them good old together. Qiushi promised to be Qi Xiangqian teacher in the future. As for the brothers, let them be colleagues and friends.

Two years later. Bai Ruoxue gave birth to two children, called Qi Jianshe and Qi Fen, and a family of five took a family portrait in Hemeidi. The family of Yu Deshui, Kong Shi and Zhao Duofu also took family portraits. Everyone went out to visit the garden together, Bai Ruoxue brought red wine, Qi Qiangqian kept interrupting, and Qi mother hurriedly spoke for Bai Ruoxue. Shengjie sat alone, Bai Ruoxue asked Qi Qiang to call her to eat together. Before Qi Xiangqian had time to go, Zhao Duofu and Wang Sulan came with their two children, and it was very lively. At this moment, someone suddenly called for help, saying that someone had fallen into the water.

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