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The Eternal Love 3 双世宠妃3 Episode 16 Recap

In the evening, Mo Liancheng sighed over and over again. The two of them were about to get close to Su Yuela and came outside the door, warning Qu Xiaotan not to covet male sex, and to wait for Qu Xiaotan to go back. Qu Xiaotan had no choice but to leave Mo. Liancheng room. Jing Xin decided to help Qu Xiaotan lead Su Yuela away, Qu Xiaotan returned to the house, and Su Yuela had to wait outside.

Jing Xin had nothing to say to her, Su Yuela seemed to have found a friend, and said that she was also looking forward to a person who would love each other, Qu Xiaotan took the opportunity to sneak to the room in Mo Lian City. Su Yuela invited Father Mo again, hoping that he would teach Mo Liancheng not to confuse Qu Xiaotan with beauty, and also invited Qu Xiaotan into the palace. Father Mo only wanted to deal with Su Yuela, so he asked Mo Liancheng to copy the male virtues and do his work.

Su Yuela told Xiao Zhen that Mo Liancheng and his son seemed to be harmonious on the surface, but there was no communication in private. Perhaps it was because Mo Yanchen was susceptible to being suspended, and Xiao Zhen asked her to continue to listen. In the middle of the night, Mo Liancheng heard a knock on the door, but only saw a letter when he opened the door.

The letter asked Mo Liancheng to conspire. This was Father Mo’s handwriting, but he had clearly withdrawn from the conspiracy. Mo Liancheng remembered that Su Yuela had seen Father Mo’s handwriting. Perhaps Su Yuela imitated Father Mo’s handwriting to test whether the two were secretly colluding. Then Father Mo must have received a secret letter imitating his handwriting. Xiao Zhen had taken his guards to ambush, and Yu Hao rushed to inform Father Mo that today’s matter was a conspiracy by Su Yuela, and this incident was avoided.

Qu Xiaotan then realized that Su Yuela came to the mansion to find evidence of their collusion, and Su Yuela could not stay long, and the two wanted to find Su Yuela’s weakness. Qu Xiaotan asked someone to paint a portrait. It is said that it was Su Yuela’s first love. She hasn’t married for so many years because of this person. Mo Liancheng and Qu Xiaotan felt that this person looked very similar to Yu Hao, so Qu Xiaotan dressed Yu Hao and asked him to seduce Su Yuela. Yu Hao couldn’t get rid of it at all, but he couldn’t stand the dull and hard work of the two.

Yu Hao stood under the tree and chanted a poem, attracting Su Yuela’s gaze. The moment she saw Yu Hao, she was stunned. He was exactly the same as her first love. After that, Su Yuela often came to Yu Hao and asked him if he had considered marrying someone. Yu Hao quickly said that he hadn’t met Su Yuela’s good-looking woman and would rather not marry. After Yu Hao left, Su Yuela picked up the sachet he left behind, thinking that he must have done it deliberately, and had already belonged to her.

The next day, Su Yuelat changed her outfit and decided to spoil Yu Hao. After Qu Xiaotan and Mo Liancheng arrived, Yu Hao immediately cried and yelled that she was going to tarnish her innocence. The two caught Su Yuela’s handle, and Su Yuela quickly said that she would not make trouble in the future, but turned around and found that Yu Hao’s things were all painted before they realized that she was designed, and immediately ran to Qumeier and cried. The ginseng soup that Qu Meier sent to Mo Mansion was returned by Mo Yanchen, and there was no time to talk to Su Yuela. Su Yuela and Qumei’er had more frequent contacts, and the emperor decided to send her to remote places to remove the roots.

Xiao Zhen came to Qu Xiaotan’s mansion and declared that she would send Su Yuela to a remote place. Su Yuela knew she would never go, so she quickly begged Qu Xiaotan to save her, but after being refused, she actually had a murderous intent. Mo Liancheng saw that Su Yuela took out the knife and immediately recovered his memory, and quickly blocked the knife for Qu Xiaotan.

Qu Xiaotan found that Mo Liancheng was very aggrieved after returning, and she had a hard time during this period. Mo Liancheng said that whenever he had similar conversations because of Qu Xiaotan’s fear or jealousy, he would recover his memory and he felt heart palpitations. Qu Xiaotan thought about it after his heartbeat reached a certain value. Will restore memory. Right now they still have a lot of things to plan slowly, and Mo Liancheng’s skill has not recovered at all, but in Qu Xiaotan’s heart, as long as he is still Mo Liancheng.

Mo Yanchen came to Qu Xiaotan’s mansion in the name of returning a gift, and wanted to take the opportunity to see her. Mo Liancheng and Qu Xiaotan were still kissing intimately in the courtyard. Mo Yanchen’s heart was broken when he saw this. There really is no place for him in this family, he is just a joke! Mo Yanchen left in frustration, and after returning home, he drank his sorrows, Qumeier came at this time. Qu Meier told Mo Yanchen that he was not wrong, they were wrong, and the world was wrong. Qu Meier hugged Mo Yanchen, she would live better than all the men in the world, and live more like her original self.

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