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The Eternal Love 3 双世宠妃3 Episode 15 Recap

Qu Xiaotan couldn’t bear to let Mo Yanchen leave, and even wanted him to stay here for a lifetime. After all, she knew how much Mo Yanchen loved Qu Tan’er, and she knew how painful it would be if Qu Tan’er abandoned him. , Qu Xiaotan couldn’t bear to do this. Mo Liancheng understood Qu Xiaotan’s mood, but no matter how he chose it would hurt Mo Yanchen’s body. Perhaps it was destined to be injured from the moment the real Qu Tan’er fell into the water and died. Qu Xiaotan blamed herself because her arrival had disrupted everything. Mo Liancheng advised her to give them some time and think about it.

These days, nothing happened to Mo Yanchen, and Qu Xiaotan and Mo Liancheng didn’t know what to do. Mo Yanchen came to give Qu Xiaotan a dim sum. Qu Xiaotan still took out the Heli document. The dim sum in Mo Yanchen’s hand fell to the ground. He tore the Helishu and asked for a divorce letter. His compensation is even more ridiculous to him. Qu Xiaotan lowered his head, not knowing what to say. Mo Liancheng wanted to tell Mo Yanchen that Qu Tan’er really loved him, but he couldn’t tell. Mo Yanchen was very angry.

If there was no Mo Liancheng, Qu Tan’er would always love him! Mo Liancheng has no way to explain, Mo Yanchen has tears in his eyes, and he will leave here. Mo Yanchen left the house, refused Qu Xiaotan’s request to send him back to the house, and left the princess house alone. Back in the mansion, Mo Yanchen couldn’t kneel down in the courtyard. Father Mo asked him to shave off his hair or enter the archway to observe the festival. Mo Yanchen took out a knife and decided to shave off his hair. Mo Fengyang hurried to stop him, but he couldn’t stop him from leaving Mo Mansion.

Qu Xiaotan originally thought that letting Mo Yanchen leave was the best choice for him, but who would have thought it would become like this. Mo Liancheng went to see Father Mo, hoping that he could keep Mo Yanchen, but Father Mo said that it was him that made Mo Yanchen unfortunate. He wanted to use Qu Xiaotan to seize power and let him do what he should do. thing. But Mo Liancheng now has someone he wants to protect and a reason not to hurt others.

He can no longer conspire with Father Mo. Mo Yanchen was left to let the emperor understand that Mo Liancheng and Qu Xiaotan weren’t using each other, but their true feelings. Qumeier won’t live well, the emperor wants to see how she makes trouble. Su Yuela and other ministers who supported Qu Meier decided to impeach Qu Xiaotan and advised Qu Meier not to delay major events because of her children’s love. Qu Meier said that her husband could only be Mo Yanchen.

Qu Meier led people to impeach Qu Xiaotan, and asked the emperor to depose her. Qu Xiaotan knelt outside the hall and petitioned the emperor, hoping that the emperor would return Mo Yanchen’s innocence and be willing to be punished by then. Qu Xiaotan asked the emperor to make an order so that the men who had been retired for no reason could live in peace.

The emperor agreed, but also fined Qu Xiaotan. Jing Xin and Mo Jingxuan’s relationship gradually deepened, and Jing Xin often taught him to practice swordsmanship. The emperor suspected that Qu Xiaotan’s today’s proposition was related to Father Mo, and decided to let Su Yue pull into the mansion to rectify the truth. Su Yuela came to Qu Xiaotan’s mansion in the name of rebuilding Gangchang Virtue. Qu Xiaotan had ten thousand unwillingness in her heart. She was clearly holding chicken feathers as an arrow.

Mo Liancheng thought that the emperor might have other deep meanings, and there must be something to investigate when sending someone to live in the mansion. Qu Xiaotan was jealous, thinking that the emperor was still interested in Mo Liancheng. Mo Liancheng decided to deal with it wisely, and Su Yuela would show her feet when the time was right. As soon as Qu Xiaotan and Mo Liancheng were about to kiss each other, Su Yuela came to give them lessons. Su Yuela was talking about the Three Obediences and the Four Virtues, but Qu Xiaotan didn’t even listen, and wrote a sand sculpture posted on Su Yuela’s back. Mo Liancheng was finally lifted off and was discovered by Su Yuela, Qu Xiaotan began to talk nonsense, saying it was a compliment.

Su Yuela gave tea art and grinding lessons to the two of them, and Qu Xiaotan completely regarded Su Yuela as air, and would flirt with Mo Liancheng from time to time.

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