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Flourish In Time 我和我的时光少年 Episode 19 Recap

Lu Miao was sad and depressed because of her parents’ divorce. Jiang Haoyue comforted her on the rooftop and told her her experience in the form of a fairy tale. Father Jiang has been a gangster on the street since he was young. Mother Jiang originally opened a flower shop, and passed by accidentally one day. Father Jiang fell in love with Mother Jiang at first sight, but since Jiang’s father was not educated, the two of them did not. Can determine the relationship.

Until one day, Jiang’s mother’s flower shop was beaten, smashed and looted by the gangster. Jiang’s father stabbed the bad man in order to save others. He was arrested for deliberate injury and spent several years in jail. When he proposed marriage, Jiang’s mother looked at this man who was willing to sacrifice his life to save herself, thinking that he would get back to the right, and agreed to the proposal.

Jiang’s father Jiang’s mother had a happier life after marriage at the beginning. Not long after Jiang Haoyue was born, Jiang’s father, who failed to get rid of his bad gambling habits, lost all his family savings and watched his son grow up day by day, and finally fell on him. When she was in elementary school, Jiang’s mother couldn’t bear to file for a divorce, and felt that taking her son would be a drag on her, so she left Jiang Haoyue to his father and went outside to start a new family. On the night when his mother left, Jiang Haoyue chased the car and cried. It happened that Lu’s father drove by and injured him and lost a leg.

After being in a car accident, Xiao Jiang Haoyue had no hope for life. Until she met Xiao Lu Miao, her character with big eyes flung off and became a ray of light in her bleak life. From then on, everything gradually returned to its original color. . Now, Lu Miao, who was originally pure and happy, also has troubles, but this is inevitable, because she has to grow up, but no matter how she grows up, no matter what storms she goes through, she will always be an object she can rely on with peace of mind.

After Jiang Haoyue’s guidance, Lu Miao was very moved but still failed to get out of the haze. After returning to school, a few friends tried to comfort them, but none of them were useful. Seeing that my sister couldn’t be happy anyway, and her grades plummeted, Jiang Haoyue decided to make her happy. He deliberately created a metaphysical wish-making website, and prepared to create a wishing pool for Lu Miao to make a wish based on the upcoming blue moon celestial phenomenon. With the help of Qu Wei, Jiang Haoyue changed the willow tree pool that she used to visit when she was a child into a wishing tree and a wishing pond. When the blue moon appeared, she took Lu Miao to make a wish.

On a heavy rainy day, Father Lu and Father Jiang were drinking and eating meat at a roadside stall. Father Lu sincerely prayed that Father Jiang would quit the bad habit of gambling and drinking, and hoped that he would not come to him for money at all times, but Father Jiang said that he has spent his entire life. It was impossible to quit, and he thought that since his son was murdered by Lu’s father, he must be held responsible to the end. The two fought each other in the rain, and Father Lu gave Father Jiang a severe beating.

On the day of the wish, Lu Miao insisted on going to the wishing pool to make a wish in the face of the heavy rain. After arriving at the place, the rain stopped. Lu Miao made a wish and threw the coin into the water. At this time, the blue moon in the sky also broke through the layers of dark clouds. The two believed that all their wishes would be realized one day. After returning home, Lu’s father told Lu Miao what he said in his heart.

Mother did not leave because the family did not have money, nor was it because Lu Miao did not study well, but because he was angry with himself, that he was a bad and good person. I have been thinking about it all these years. He wanted to be responsible to Jiang Haoyue, thus ignoring the feelings of his wife and daughter. Lu Miao said that Jiang Haoyue was also her family, and she believed her mother would understand.

Jiang Haoyue discovered that her new prosthesis was indeed the money given by Uncle Lu. She realized that Lu Miao’s parents quarreled because of her father. She was completely chilled, and finally decided to go abroad to find her mother to get rid of her bastard father. There is no longer any reason to harass Lu Miao’s family.

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