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Flourish In Time 我和我的时光少年 Episode 18 Recap

At the end of the first year of high school, the students have different choices of arts and sciences, and they will also enter different classes. Among the few friends, only Xie Ziye chose science, and Guoguo, Shi Che, and Lu Miao all entered the liberal arts class. Good friends went out to have a dinner, Xie Ziye said his heartfelt words, he has always been a good student, but I don’t understand why I mixed up with Lu Miao Shiche in the first year of high school, but my life this year is very Rich, very happy, a few people must be good friends for a lifetime.

Lu Miao and Shiche had unsatisfactory results in the second year’s final exam. Principal Shi talked to his son, hoping that Shi Che could study with peace of mind. Shi Che still wanted to take the sports school. The father and son bet that if Shi Che’s score is in the top 200 in the liberal arts in the next exam, he will follow his son’s wishes.

Lu Miao’s class teacher approached Mother Lu about grades. Seeing that her daughter’s grades were messed up and she was hiding her own affairs, Mother Lu angrily rushed to the class with the papers to beat people in public. Lu Miao rushed all the way to Jiang Haoyue to avoid being beaten. After Jiang Haoyue learned about the specific situation, she eagerly persuaded Lu Miao to give her a refresher on her study. However, at this time, Lu Miao had no thoughts about studying at all. He only thought about how he would not be beaten at home at night.

Lu Miao’s mother came to the mall and wanted to buy lipstick. After receiving the news that the interview failed again, she left without buying the lipstick. On the way, she received a high school tutoring flyer and planned to give Lu Miao tutoring homework, but it was only when she paid for her credit card. Finding that Kari’s money was gone, he had a quarrel with Lu Miao’s father about this matter when he returned home.

Lu Miao was very discouraged when he saw the quarrel between his parents and attributed it all to his poor grades. Called Jiang Haoyue and asked him to help make up the lesson. When the two of them made up the lesson the next day, Shi Che rushed to hear the news, pestering Jiang Xueba, and wanted to let others make up lessons for himself.

At night, when Lu Miao was not at home, his parents quarreled again. Mother Lu had guessed that all the money in the card was used for Jiang Haoyue’s prosthetic limbs. She was angry that since the incident of Jiang Haoyue, for many years I have always been frugal and frugal, and accompany my husband to face problems together. However, now that Lu Miao has grown up, he will have a lot of money to spend in the future. However, her husband spends a lot of money on it without discussing it with him. Jiang Haoyue never thought about her daughter.

However, Father Lu believed that since the matter had already happened, he had to be responsible to Jiang Haoyue to the end. Money was important, but responsibility and emotion were more important than these material things. The two could not reconcile the conflict. Mother Lu planned to divorce. At this time, Master Lu Miao fell ill and the quarrel stopped temporarily. Mother Lu returned to her hometown to take care of her parents.

The Jiang Xueba cram school officially started. Lu Miao and Shi Che worked hard to learn textbook knowledge with the help of Xueba. After dozens of days of recitation and review, their scores improved significantly after the second monthly exam. Lu Miao even After being admitted to the top 50 of the liberal arts, he quickly told his mother about the good news.

Lu’s mother was happy and tried to ask if Lu Miao would be willing to move out alone with him. On the other side, Shi Che bet with his father to win, arguing that his father would be willing to bet to lose and write his name. After finishing the matter, he took a photo proudly, and his plan to take the sports school finally got his father’s attention agree.

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