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Flourish In Time 我和我的时光少年 Episode 17 Recap

When entering the sports meeting, it is necessary to display the characteristics of the class. Di Ren handed the task of designing the queue display to Jiang Haoyue to complete. Jiang Haoyue designed a change in the theme of water droplets. Every student is a drop of water. Only when it sinks into the sea can it never dry up. Then there will be a student standing on a high place as a “water droplet” with his back falling down and being lifted by everyone. . After the students in the class chose, Jiang Haoyue finally completed the “water drop” action.

Shi Che and Guoguo signed up for the 100-meter relay in the Games, and planned to confess to Lu Miao in front of all the schoolmates when they waited for the victory of the competition to accept the prize on the podium. Shi Che first borrowed from Xie Ziye the handbook for scoring the rankings of the boys in the school. The purpose was to get to know the opponent first, and to know the enemy before he could win every battle. He saw that his score was scored by Xie Ziye and secretly counted all the scores. Corrected the positive number.

Jiang Haoyue fainted from heatstroke in the practice queue. The school doctor advised him not to do physical exercises for the time being. Both Qu Wei and Di Ren believed that considering the actual situation, perhaps the “water drop” action in this class should be done by another classmate. However, Jiang Haoyue still hoped to do it by herself.

When Lu Miao heard the news, she said that she knew that Jiang Haoyue was unwilling to give up, so she had to take medicine on time to get better as soon as possible. At the same time, faced with some doubts about Jiang Haoyue, she learned that the cold and arrogant Jiang Xueba had not been able to I completely believe in the classmates, and still have some doubts whether the classmates can catch themselves at the moment of falling down.

Shi Che planned to confess, but because there was no ink in his stomach, he again asked Xie Ziye to help write a love poem, in exchange for a hand-account gift package after the event was completed, Xie Ziye dictated a poem on the spot, and Shi Che expressed his gratitude. Xie Ziye was a little bit lost looking at the boy’s excited and satisfied back. On the other side, after school, Lu Miao took Jiang Haoyue to the coastal promenade, and personally made him fall to the ground with his back, saying that Jiang Haoyue can catch herself, so the students will definitely be able to catch him, as long as He is willing to fully hand over his trust.

During the entrance ceremony of the sports meeting, Jiang Haoyue remembered Lu Miao’s display and entrustment a few days ago, and successfully completed the class “water drop” into the sea, which won warm applause from all the students in the school.

Before the start of the 100-meter relay race, Shi Che handed over the love letter he had written to the broadcasting station and asked him to read the poem aloud when he won the championship and came to the stage to accept the prize. At the beginning of the relay race, Shi Che, as the last player in the class, successfully surpassed his opponent and won the championship. When he came to the stage to receive the award, Jiang Haoyue received the love letter from Qu Wei at the broadcasting station and read it out. The poem is a poem with a hidden head, and the first few words are connected to a homophony of a curse.

All the students in the school are laughing when they understand it. Shi Che also realized that he was played by Xie Ziye at this time. However, the principal’s father had already stepped forward to present the awards. When he was riding a tiger, Jiang Haoyue changed the last white person to be principal Shi. As a result, the matter ended with a little oolong. Principal Shi faced his son’s confession. , I am very pleased.

At night, Jiang Haoyue met Lu Miao’s father downstairs, who took him to dinner outside. During the meal, Father Lu denied paying for him to buy a new prosthesis, and at the same time advised Jiang Haoyue not to think too much. In fact, Father Jiang loved him very much. Jiang Haoyue apologized for her complaint to Uncle Lu in the heavy rain that day.

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