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Youth Should Be Early 青春须早为 Episode 2 Recap

Kong Hao went to the company introduced by his elder brother Yang Chenguang. The company personnel indicated that Kong Hao could be hired, but there was no basic salary for this job, and Kong Hao had to pay a deposit for the equipment. Kong Hao did not doubt that he had him, so he paid the deposit.

Father Zheng heard that Zheng Gan wanted to rent a storefront. After asking, he knew that he was going to open a stinky tofu shop. Father Zheng was very opposed and asked Zheng Gan to think about it. However, Zheng Gan suddenly realized that his father dressed himself up very vigorously today.

Asked if there was anything wrong with his father, Zheng Qian’s mother passed away very early, and Zheng’s father had a new partner, but he was embarrassed to tell Zheng Qian and could only prevaricate. Cheng Jianye called to Cheng Xin and asked her what she planned after graduation. Cheng Xin said that she was unwilling to work under Cheng Jianye’s nose. Cheng Jianye had already thought about it. The investment department was relatively independent.

Cheng Xin didn’t need to get along with herself every day. He would give Cheng Xin’s position as a director asked some professionals to help her and let her study hard. Cheng Xin thought about it, as if he had some idea, and asked Cheng Jianye not to take too much care of himself. Cheng Jianye talked about Zheng Qian and said Zheng. Unsteady, she asked Cheng Xin if she had contacted Chu Yunfei, and Cheng Xin told Cheng Jianye not to mess with the mandarin ducks.

Mo Xiaobao met his love on campus and got married immediately. He asked Zheng Gan and the others to spare time to attend their wedding. Zheng Gan took the opportunity to say that his new store would open this Friday and let everyone join in. Everyone agreed. Good, but no one came on the opening day. The owner of the Laozhou stinky tofu shop at the entrance of the school originally thought of Zheng Gan’s stinky tofu here, but found that Zheng Gan’s stinky tofu was not fragrant and very unpalatable. He didn’t need to hit the place by himself, and said that Zheng Gan’s shop could not be opened. Three days.

Cheng Xin went to the investment department to report. Chen Wei, the deputy director of the investment department, greeted Cheng Xin with everyone from the investment department. Cheng Xin was not familiar with the company’s business and wanted to slip away after working for a while, but was caught by Cheng Jianye. Cheng Xin had to go back to the company in a desperate manner. Cheng Xin, who returned to the company, asked Chen Wei to organize a team building for the investment department on the grounds that he was familiar with his colleagues.

This team building lasted one week. Cheng Xin was so silly that he wanted Chen Wei to sue, but Chen Wei was very loyal to Cheng Xin. He also said that they are willing to grow up with Cheng Xin. Cheng Xin rushed to spend the 13th and 14th anniversary with Zheng. As a result, Zheng Qian had been thinking about business this week and forgot about the anniversary. Cheng Xin angrily threw the gift to Zheng Gan and left.

Zheng Qian was very embarrassed and quickly prepared a surprise, allowing Yao Jiaren to fool Cheng Xin. Cheng Xin was very happy to see the surprise Zheng Qian had prepared for him. Zheng Gan assured Cheng Xin that he would wait for his tofu shop to earn 100,000 yuan. , I must buy a big diamond ring to formally propose to Cheng Xin. Cheng Xin was very happy and recorded the sound as evidence.

Yao Jiaren has always had a star dream. On this day, he saw a draft contest on the roadside, so he signed up on a whim. After signing up, Cheng Xin was dragged to promote Zheng Gan’s stinky tofu shop. According to the propaganda of a beautiful woman, Zheng Gan’s stinky tofu shop was very popular, but Cheng Xin always felt that someone was staring at her behind her back. After closing the stall in the evening, Cheng Xin was about to go home. She felt that someone was behind her. She was shocked and punched that person and knocked him out.

Yao Jiaren called Kong Hao and said that the intermediary had come to urge the rent. Kong Hao went to the company to find a job, but that company did not give Kong Hao a job. Kong Hao wanted to resign, and the company did not refund the deposit, and also gave Kong Hao. Was kicked out.

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