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Youth Should Be Early 青春须早为 Episode 1 Recap

Cheng Jianye misunderstood Zheng Qian

When graduate Zheng Qian delivered a speech at the graduation ceremony, his girlfriend Cheng Xin suddenly appeared and gave him a surprise. He took out the ring in front of everyone and asked Zheng Qian to propose to her. Many people were booing and hesitating Zheng Gan had to He gave Cheng Xin face, proposed to her and put on an engagement ring for her, but Zheng Qian felt that the most important thing for him now is to have a career of his own, not to get married.

Zheng Qian’s mother is a very business-minded self-employed person. Zheng Qian inherited her genes and was interested in making money, but Zheng Qian’s father was a high-ranking teacher. Zheng Qian’s girlfriend, Cheng Xin, is the only daughter of the Cheng Group and a wealthy eldest.

Now Cheng Xin has only love in her heart. She wants to marry Zheng Gan and also wants to show Zheng Gan to her father. Cheng Xin is dreaming about getting two people at once, but Zheng Gan is learning skills from the stinky tofu stall. Being chased by his boss, Cheng Xin drove to rescue Zheng Gan when he knew it, but when he heard that Zheng Gan was still thinking about opening a stinky tofu shop, she felt he was a little disappointed, and threw him to the outskirts and drove home alone. Up.

Zheng Qian finally saved up to 50,000 yuan in venture capital. When he was happy, Cheng Xin asked him to remember to visit his father in the hotel in the afternoon. Zheng Qian wore a suit lent to him by his roommate Kong Hao, and rode an electric bike to the hotel. , I almost ran into a person on the road. The person was holding stinky tofu and spilled the stinky tofu on Zheng Gan. Zheng Gan left his address and said that he would pay if he came back.

Not long after Zheng Gan went out, he ran into a group of people surrounding an old lady who had fainted. The kind Zheng Gan stopped the car by the side of the road and stopped Cheng Xin’s father’s car. Cheng Xin’s father rushed to sign the contract. He asked people to transfer the car again, but Zheng Gan felt that life was a matter of life. He asked Cheng Xin’s father to save people first. While talking about the crowd, he also said that Cheng Xin’s father had no conscience. Cheng Xin’s father had no choice but to agree to Zheng. Dry request.

Zheng Gan rushed to the hotel, but was stopped by the front desk clerk because of the stench. Cheng Xin quickly asked Zheng Qian to take a shower in the hotel room. The waiter quickly reported to Mr. Liang, who hurriedly took Cheng Xin’s father. When I walked into the hotel room, I just saw Zheng Qian want to kiss Cheng Xin. Cheng Xin’s father stopped Zheng Gan.

Both Zheng Qian and Cheng Xin were shocked. Zheng Qian knew that the uncle just now was Cheng Xin’s father, Cheng Jianye. Cheng Jianye drove Zheng Gan away without any explanation, and Zheng Gan could only walk back to school wearing a hotel bathrobe. Kong Hao looked at Zheng Gan’s embarrassment and ridiculed a few words, but when he heard that his suit was lost, he was so angry that Zheng Gan should pay for his suit.

The next day Zheng Gan and Kong Hao passed by the girls’ dormitory building. They happened to see the person who spilled the stinky tofu on Zheng Gan yesterday. That person was Mo Xiaobao. Mo Xiaobao was downstairs preparing to confess to a girl. He was a little bit She was timid, but Kong Hao didn’t think it was too much to watch the excitement, and encouraged him to confess boldly. As a result, Mo Xiaobao shouted and Kong Hao knew that Mo Xiaobao liked his girlfriend Yao Jiaren.

Kong Hao was excited to beat Mo Xiaobao, Zheng Gan hurriedly stopped him, and Yao Jiaren came after a while, she declined Mo Xiaobao, and when she was about to leave, Mo Xiaobao stepped on his shoelaces and rushed on. On Yao Jiaren, Yao Jiaren slapped Mo Xiaobao in fright, and Kong Hao was so angry that he wanted to teach Mo Xiaobao. Several people were arguing, and the security rushed to hear the news. Several people hurriedly fled.

The few people didn’t know each other. Kong Hao Mo Xiaobao and Zheng Gan Chengxin had dinner together at the barbecue stall. Zheng Gan saw that Cheng Xin was drunk, so he took her back to his bedroom and stayed for one night.

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