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Truth or Dare 花好月又圆 Episode 5 Recap

Seeing that Mei Shiqing was about to drink it, Xiaowanzi quickly snatched it away. Mei Shiqing casually mentioned the poison. Xiaowanzi quickly drank the soup in order to prove his innocence. This time he frowned, turned his head and vomited. Mei Shiqing proposed to find a doctor, but Xiao Wanzi waved his hand and refused to avoid accidents.

Only then did Qiaoyun say that the medicinal materials that the second lady took out must have passed the deadline. Xiao Wanzi now found the second lady and asked the guilty question. Who knows that the second lady showed an evil face on the spot, looking like me, making Xiao Wanzi angry. She couldn’t get out, so she swallowed it into her stomach, looked at the back of the second lady leaving, and cursed.

And everything was seen by Mei Shiqing on the side. After finally recognizing the true face of the second lady, Xiao Wanzi reluctantly asked Qiaoyun to return the gift of the golden hairpin to the second wife. Mei Shiqing called her off, and finally discouraged Xiao Wanzi from approaching the second lady, but Xiaowanzi Even more angry, the blind man in front of him has no intention of repaying him.

Xiao Wanzi confided her bitterness to Qiaoyun, but she still had to reluctantly maintain the marriage of the princess. Qiaoyun tempted with monthly money, and Xiaowanzi patted her chest to protect herself and would gain Mei Shiqing’s trust. Xiao Wanzi brought the porridge made by Qiaoyun to show her good to Mei Shiqing.

Mei Shiqing brought up the letter to her teacher and asked Xiaowanzi to modify the details of the letter on the spot. Qiaoyun quickly winked and made Xiaowanzi pretend to be dizzy, and then escaped. After a catastrophe, but Mei Shiqing also took this opportunity to prove to Si Heng on the side that the small ball in front of him might indeed be a fake princess.

Xiao Wanzi feared that Mei Shiqing might have discovered his false identity, and decided to go ahead. As a result, Qiaoyun stood by the exit. Xiao Wanzi fooled him with a few words, and had to return to the room and hammer the head of the bed angrily. Carefully opened the secret mechanism, Huang Tian paid off, Xiao Wanzi finally escaped from the secret road. On the other side, Arou, Si Heng, and Mei Shiqing were asking Chen Laodian about the killer back then. Under the temptation, Chen Laodian finally revealed that he and Chen Laodian worked as a gangster as a killer.

Pawn shops opened in the west of the city. After hearing this, Mei Shiqing changed into the costume of the night spirit man and came to the door of the pawnshop. The boss Yan in the pawnshop saw that the visitor was unkind and immediately drew his sword to deal with it. The passing Xiaowanzi saw that the person in front of him turned out to be his idol. Ling Xia, so he tried to help Night Ling Xia with a wooden stick, but was kicked by the family. In order to save Xiao Wanzi, Mei Shiqing had to fly to pick him up and let the Yan boss escape.

When the guards fell asleep, Lu Yingyao began to flee. Xiaobao went back to the room and found that Lu Yingyao was nowhere to be seen. She hurried out to chase her. Faced with Xiaobao’s retention, Lu Yingyao shook her head and refused. Hug into a ball, both fell down the hillside.

Xiao Wanzi asked Ye Lingxia to have a drink with him. In order to find out what happened to the princess, Mei Shiqing nodded and agreed. Under the courage of the drink, Xiao Wanzi boasted of his technique of crushing boulders in his chest and mistakenly entered Mei Mansion. Mei Shiqing understands the mystery in its entirety, and Mei Shiqing starts to explore Xiao Wanzi’s impression of “Mei San Shao”.

Who knows Xiao Wanzi devalues ​​himself and suddenly misses Ho Yizhi Xiaowanzi burst into tears, Mei Shiqing couldn’t bear it, so he agreed to take the Xiaowanzi to find He Yizhi’s whereabouts, holding the Xiaowanzi and flying in the night sky, in the breeze, Xiaowanzi looked at Ye Ling Xia’s profile face was trembling. After spending a night with an idol, Xiao Maruko was very happy, but she still had to return to Mei Mansion and had to say goodbye, but Mei Shiqing stopped Xiao Maruko…

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