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Truth or Dare 花好月又圆 Episode 4 Recap

Mei Changyun ordered Mei Shiqing to tear down the wall. In order to prevent Mei Shiqing from being beaten again, Xiao Maruko grabbed Mei Changyun’s hand and asked Mei Shiqing to tear down the wall, but Mei Shiqing was still stiff. Mei Changyun raised her head angrily, raised her hand, Xiaowanzi was pushed against the wall, turning his head and falling steadily, Mei Shiqing rushed over, protecting Xiaowanzi in his arms, but he was hit by a brick on his forehead. Xiao Wanzi’s heart was overwhelmed, but she still doubted whether Mei Shiqing was really blind. Fortunately, Mei Shiqing explained in a few words, which eliminated Xiao Wanzi’s wariness.

Xiao Wanzi still wanted to test whether Mei Shiqing was really blind, so she used hot water to scald Mei Shiqing with hot water as the excuse of soaking her feet. Mei Shiqing was so hot and sweaty that she had to let Xiaowanzi go Add some cold water, Xiaowanzi is holding the basin, wondering how Mei Shiqing knows that the cold water has run out…

Nan Batian and Xiao Baoye have a drink and discussion, Xiao Baoye is anxious to let Nan Batian hold the marriage between the two, but Nan Batian is attracted to Xiaowanzi, and proposes to marry Nanxiang to Xiaobao and marry Lu Yingyao by himself. Seeing through Nan Batian’s sexual desire, Xiaobao Hu Xu and Lu Yingyao have already had a bridal chamber. Who knows that Nan Batian is still willing to give up, Xiao Bao pretends to go back to the room and let Lu Yingyao clean up and send it to the guest room for Nan Batian, but he actually goes back. Discuss countermeasures with Lu Yingyao. Lu Yingyao thought that she would have a rash all over her body if she applied a herbal medicine called C. chinensis. Xiao Bao decided to find this herbal medicine anyway.

Xiao Wanzi remembered that Si Heng had mentioned that Mei Shiqing was afraid of spiders and had a cleanliness, so she decided to test Mei Shiqing in a special way. Sure enough, the next day, Xiaowanzi took a pair of strangely smelly prescriptions and spread it out in front of Mei Shiqing. Mei Shiqing deliberately moistened her with water, and Xiaowanzi was even more uncomfortable. He took out a spider. Mei Shiqing held his heart. After Xiaowanzi got rid of his disgust, he let out a sigh of relief.

The second wife found Xiao Wanzi and mentioned Ah Ruan Mei Shiqing’s relationship in front of Xiao Wanzi. She wanted to arouse Xiao Wanzi’s jealousy, but Xiao Wanzi didn’t care at all. The second lady took out a pair of expensive hairpins, and Xiaowanzi happily accepted it after seeing the money. After the second wife left, Mei Shiqing appeared and ordered Xiaowanzi to throw away the hairpin. Although Xiaowanzi agreed, she secretly hid the hairpin.

Mei Shiqing knew that the second lady was only to win over the princess, and today even invited the acrobatic troupe to relieve the princess. Everyone came to the table and the acrobatic troupe began to perform. The performance was wonderful, but Xiao Maruko thought of his father when he saw this scene. , I can’t help but feel sad.

At the end of the performance, a big stone was broken in his chest, Xiao Maruko couldn’t help but volunteered, and rushed to the stage under the shocked expressions of everyone, and smashed the slate with a hammer that an adult man could not hold. Mei Shiyuan, who hadn’t smashed the slabs just a few times, felt that his face was too much, and rushed back to his seat.

Mei Shiqing in the audience watched Xiao Wanzi’s rude behavior, and then doubted Xiao Wanzi’s identity. Back in the study, Mei Shiqing deliberately asked Xiaowanzi to read to herself. Xiaowanzi immediately pretended to be sick. Mei Shiqing mentioned that Xiaowanzi asked Xiaowanzi to write a letter to his teacher. Xiaowanzi felt that Mei Shiqing was blind and felt relieved. When she started writing, Mei Shiqing hid quietly behind Xiaowanzi, and she saw that there were only a few words on the paper with broken boulders on her chest.

Xiaowanzi immediately ran to the kitchen to find Qiaoyun for help, and asked Qiaoyun to write a letter to replace the letter in Mei Shiqing’s hand. Qiaoyun hurried back and let Xiaowanzi look at the boiler. At this time, the second lady’s men came with supplements, and Xiaowanzi put them all into the pot. When Qiaoyun came back, Xiao Wanzi took the letter and food and came to the study. Qiaoyun looked at the empty bottles and cans in front of her and felt puzzled. After smelling it, she realized that the big event was not good.

Xiaowanzi greeted Mei Shiqing to drink the porridge, and secretly replaced the letter. Mei Shiqing saw all this. Taking the soup leisurely, Qiaoyun hurried to the study and whispered a few words with Xiaowanzi. It turned out that there was something wrong with the soup, but it was too late. Mei Shiqing was already carrying his rice bowl and was ready to drink porridge.

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