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Truth or Dare 花好月又圆 Episode 3 Recap

Qiaoyun took the washbasin and waited for the two to wash, looking at Xiaowanzi’s face, Qiaoyun was so scared that the basin fell to the ground. Seeing that Qiaoyun was about to tell the truth, Xiaowanzi hurriedly dragged Qiaoyun away. Qiaoyun listened. After Xiao Wanzi’s explanation, she understood that it was the princess who had escaped from the marriage. Now she was burdened with the crime of bullying the emperor, and Qiaoyun was forced to die. Xiao Wanzi had to nod her head, but she also proposed that she wanted to find his father He Yizhi. Qiuhua and Qiaoyun nodded in satisfaction.

As soon as Xiao Wanzi came back, he took the initiative to help Mei Shiqing wipe her face, mainly because of Qiaoyun’s instructions, I hope Xiao Wanzi will take the initiative and act well. When Mei Shiqing thought of what happened between the two last night, her face burned. Deliberately borrowing the name of changing the belt to torture Xiao Wanzi, who knows that he turned around and was bullied by Xiao Wanzi.

There was a message from Mei Changyun that when the afternoon was at the dinner table and tea was served, Qiaoyun began to give Xiaowanzi a special training on the princess etiquette. Under Qiao Yun’s soft and hard foam, Xiao Wanzi still obeyed the instructions. Qiuhua went to the casino to investigate, but he didn’t find He Yizhi’s whereabouts. Xiao Wanzi was very sad when he learned about it.

The family banquet was about to begin. Xiaowanzi deliberately helped Mei Shiqing to come to the table. After the tea ceremony, Xiaowanzi couldn’t stand the table full of dishes. She wanted to pick up dishes for several times, but could only find a free time to eat. Mei Shiqing mentioned being self-reliant, Mei Changyun really started to be angry, not allowing her son to take a half-step out of the house, Mei Shiqing’s persistent appearance made Mei Changyun move out of the family law again, watching the whip again and again in Mei Shi Xiao Wanzi couldn’t bear his heart on Qing, and rushed to Mei Shiqing to protect him. Fortunately, the princess was protecting him, and Mei Changyun was relieved.

Xiao Wanzi now saw Mei Shiqing’s experience at Mei’s house. Seeing Mei Shiqing’s wounds all over her body, Xiaowanzi couldn’t help accusing Mei Shiqing of her mouth, but Mei Shiqing just told Xiaowanzi to shut up. Don’t do more in the future. Nosy. Qiaoyun and Si Heng couldn’t help but ease the atmosphere between them. Mei Shiqing wanted to split the family, Xiao Wanzi suggested that it would be better to just build the wall to separate the house.

Mei Shiqing sounded funny, and the two simply got up and bet on the wall. Xiao Wanzi even found the housekeeper Tao Ju and was about to build the wall. Tools, Tao Juzheng proposed to fix it tomorrow. Turning around, they told the second lady the news. The second lady and Mei Shiyuan wanted to watch the show, so Tao Juzheng met all the needs of Xiaowanzi.

Xiao Baoye returned to the room drunk. Lu Yingyao saw a rare opportunity. Xiao Baoye fell asleep on the bed, so he stole all of Xiao Baoye’s clothes and tried to escape, but he was seen by the guards, and he saw that he was going to be overtaken. , Xiao Baoye hurriedly caught Lu Yingyao who was in a hurry, and only then escaped. Little Baoye was angry at Lu Yingyao’s waywardness and worried about Lu Yingyao’s safety. Seeing Lu Yingyao’s insistence on fleeing, Little Baoye had no choice but to stick to the promise between the two.

Early in the morning, Xiao Wanzi led a group of people to start building the wall, and Mei Shiqing stood behind him, sighing in his heart Xiao Wanzi’s character of doing what he said. The second wife deliberately brought Mei Changyun to the garden and saw the workers building the wall. The second wife added fuel and jealousy to fan the flames, which really made Mei Changyun’s heart anger ignited. He found Mei Shiqing and asked about building the wall. Mei Shiqing turned out to be all. On the shoulders, Mei Changyun’s son’s stinky temper made Mei Changyun angry. In front of everyone, she slapped Mei Shiqing’s face with a resounding slap, frightening Xiao Wanzi.

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