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The Smell of Warmth 温暖的味道 Episode 39 Recap

On the day when Zhao Liying B&B opened, Ding Xiaoqiang was sent to the hospital due to drunkenness and coma. After he recovered, he returned to Houshigou Village again. He was deeply attracted by the beautiful scenery and simple customs here. He and Zhao Liying gradually fell in love and returned to the city decisively. I resigned and would rather stay with Zhao Liying in Houshigou Village. Zhao Liying introduced Ding Xiaoqiang to the beauties in the village, and they were all happy for Zhao Liying.

Xu Youyi started to pack her luggage early in the morning, and Sun Guangming took the initiative to help her. She politely declined. Xu Youyou spent a whole day packing up the shoes before finishing the shoes. Sun Guangming was anxious for her and persuaded her to learn to leave. Xu Youyi was busy all night before packing his luggage. Sun Guangming helped her load her luggage into the car early in the morning. Feng Jinbao hurried over to see off Xu Muyi. Xu Muyi suddenly changed his mind and did not leave. She made an excuse to see the final outcome of the competition between Zhang Zihao and Sun Guangming. Sun Guangming was frustrated by her. Confused.

Yimin recovered from his injury and was discharged from the hospital, and he came to see Sun Guangming the first time. Yimin publicly supported Sun Guangming at the meeting of the two village committees and disagreed with Zhang Zihao’s investment in building a large farm. He also publicly exposed that Li Jianan’s destruction of the star village selection was to open the door to Zhang Zihao’s convenience.

Li Jian’an and him The two people argued hard for reason. Yimin suggested to re-elect the village director. Let the candidates explain their investment position directly to the villagers, and let the villagers vote to decide the candidates. Sun Guangming and other village committees also made the same suggestions. .

Zhao Yuxi couldn’t wait to come to Liu Fugui to discuss countermeasures. Liu Fugui was not interested in this. Osmanthus did not allow Zhao Yuxi to confuse Liu Fugui and went to Guilan to complain. Liu Fugui immediately came to the spirit, and he promised to join hands with Zhao Yuxi to overthrow Li Jian’an and let Zhao Yuxi persuade Zhao Yushan to come out again.

Zhao Yuxi came to persuade Zhao Yushan early in the morning. Zhao Yushan knew that he was old and did not want to compete for the village director anymore. He wanted to recommend people from the old Zhao family to run for the election. Subsequently, Zhao Yushan obtained Sun Guangming’s consent, and he wanted to take the old Zhao family to worship the god of valley. Sun Guangming, Li Jian’an, Zhang Zihao, and Xu Youwei all came to attend the worship ceremony.

After the ceremony, Zhao Yushan publicly stated that he did not support Li Jian’an as the village director. He wanted to nominate Feng Jinbao as a candidate, hoping that everyone in the old Zhao family would be Supporting him, Feng Jinbao was grateful and vowed to never let up Zhao Yushan’s expectations. Zhao Yuxi and Liu Fugui were dumbfounded.

Zhao Yuxi complained that Zhao Yushan did not support him, and went away in anger. Zhao Yushan dismissed the old Zhao family and assured Sun Guangming that Feng Jinbao would support his work. Sun Guangming wanted to wait for the election results to come out. He also reminded Zhao Yushan to be fine. Save the plaque on the door. Zhao Yuxi was angry and borrowed wine to pour his sorrow, Gui Lan kindly persuades him, Osmanthus brought Liu Fugui to Guilan, Liu Fugui privately persuaded Zhao Yuxi to appoint, Zhao Yuxi was not reconciled.

Feng Jinbao was proud of the spring breeze, and Zhao Meifeng was also happy for him. The two of them imagined the day when they were proud in the village. They both closed their mouths from ear to ear happily. Feng Jinbao asked Xu Youyou to record a campaign propaganda video. Sun Guangming did not allow Xu Youyou to mix the matter. He also asked Xu Youyou to build a WeChat group for the whole village. All major and small things were posted in the group to achieve transparency in government affairs.

Sun Guangming came to Feng Jinbao overnight. Feng Jinbao was fully aware of the results of the election for the village director. Sun Guangming reminded him not to just shout slogans, but to do practical things for the villagers and win the support of the villagers. Feng Jinbao mistakenly thought that Sun Guangming reminded him to stand on the team and didn’t take it seriously.

Xu Youyi came to Feng Jinbao to re-record the video and wanted to send it to the group of all the villagers. Zhang Zihao suddenly called Feng Jinbao to meet and talk in detail. Feng Jinbao pretended not to hear clearly and interrupted indiscriminately, and then hurried to see Zhang Zihao with the excuse of sending a drink.

Xu Youyi followed Feng Jinbao, Zhang Zihao tried his best to win over Feng Jinbao, promised him to replace Li Jian’an, and promised to give him a million in annual salary. Xu Youyou was able to hear clearly when she hid under the pavilion. She reported to Sun Guangming for the first time. Sun Guangming didn’t care about it, and firmly believed that the villagers could choose a village director who could really do things for everyone.

After Liu Haitang returned from the inspection, she used the village loudspeaker to inform the villagers to meet under the big locust tree at 3 o’clock in the afternoon. The villagers came to the big locust tree early, Feng Jinbao changed into brand-new clothes, specially put on sunglasses, and enthusiastically shook hands with everyone.

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