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The Smell of Warmth 温暖的味道 Episode 38 Recap

Sun Guangming and Zhang Zihao started to turn the ground, Zhao Liying and others all came to cheer for Sun Guangming, Li Jianan sat aside to cheer for Zhang Zihao, Liangzi held an umbrella for Zhang Zihao, and Xu You alone carried a huge sunshade The umbrella blocked Sun Guangming from the sun, and Sun Guangming was so angry that she couldn’t laugh or cry.

Zhang Zihao has been dignified since he was a child, and he started to complain after a while. He wanted to take a break, but Sun Guangming didn’t mean to stop. Zhang Zihao had to bite the bullet and persevere. In the end, he was exhausted. There was also a large blood bubble. Liangzi asked Xu Youyou to come to the first aid kit to bandage Zhang Zihao, and he yelled in pain. Sun Guangming was also exhausted and uncomfortable, Xu Youyi humbled and asked him warmly.

From that day on, Zhang Zihao and Sun Guangming fought openly and did not give in to each other. They came to the field to sow and water early every day. Liangzi stood by Zhang Zihao to pour the tea and Sun Guangming moved the tea table to the ground. , And invited Zhang Zihao to drink tea together. Zhang Zihao is eager to win, and asks Yue Lan to help collect information about growing vegetables, and wants to defeat Sun Guangming as soon as possible.

Zhang Zihao learned that Sun Guangming was not in the room. He came to the ground overnight and saw Sun Guangming lying on the ground listening carefully. Zhang Zihao leaned forward curiously. Sun Guangming repeatedly claimed that he was listening to the growing sound of vegetable seedlings. What is Zhang Zihao? He couldn’t hear his voice, he ridiculed Sun Guangming and made fun of him as a lunatic, so he couldn’t get married so far. Sun Guangming was so angry that he didn’t want to argue with him, so he hid aside and continued to observe the growth of the seedlings.

Zhang Zihao felt that he was too serious, so he took the initiative to apologize to Sun Guangming and asked him about Yue Lan’s preferences. Sun Guangming persuaded him to give up as soon as possible, but Zhang Zihao did not marry Yue Lan, so Sun Guangming told him. Once he talked about Yue Lan’s preferences and habits, Zhang Zihao realized that Sun Guangming had true love for Yue Lan, and felt a pity for the two of them. Sun Guangming didn’t want to explain too much. Zhang Zihao lay down on the vegetable field again, and he really heard the growing sound of the vegetable seedlings, and called Sun Guangming to listen.

Xu Youyi and Yue Lan came to Zhang Zihao and Sun Guangming, and they saw them lying on the ground listening to the growth of vegetable seedlings. They both sat on the ridge and waited patiently. Xichun came to Sun Guangming for help, Zhao Xinlong repaired the old furniture for Sun Guangming, and now shut himself in the room.

Sun Guangming called Zhao Xinlong to the barn and made him a bowl of super spicy porridge. Zhao Xinlong was so spicy that he complained so much. Sun Guangming forced him to drink it all, otherwise he would not be a man. Zhao Xinlong picked it up and drank it. He was yelled and yelled so hot. Sun Guangming exposed to his face that he had been pretending to be stupid, but he did not dare to face his family. Zhao Xinlong’s scars were uncovered, and he was sad to cry.

Zhao Xinlong admitted that his body had healed a long time ago, but he dared not face his father, so he could only continue to pretend. Sun Guangming encouraged Zhao Xinlong to face his family bravely and get Li Qinghe back as soon as possible. Zhao Xinlong plucked up the courage to come to Haiqing Village and saw Li Qinghe working in the tea garden. Zhao Xinlong took the initiative to help. Li Qinghe was shocked. Zhao Xinlong repeatedly apologized to Li Qinghe and promised to face her together. Zhao Xinlong took out his own elaborate carving. The wooden statue of Li Qinghe confided to her the bitterness of lovesickness. Li Qinghe was excited with tears in his eyes and hugged Zhao Xinlong tightly. The couple cried in each other’s arms.

Liu Haitang and Li Jianping discussed going to work, not wanting to be caught between Li Jianan and the villagers. Liu Haitang came to Sun Guangming to say goodbye. Sun Guangming worked hard to stay, and asked her to represent Houshigou Village to participate in the new countryside inspection group and learn from those villages. With advanced experience, after returning to the village, Liu Haitang was worried that she would not be competent, and Sun Guangming firmly believed that she would do well.

Grandpa visited Houshigou Village and saw Zhang Zihao working in the vegetable field from a distance. He was very pleased. He wanted to visit the vegetable field. Zhang Zihao asked him to say hello to Cai Miao. Grandpa had no choice but to do so. Secretly took a few photos of Zhang Zihao watering the seedlings. Grandpa was very satisfied with Zhang Zihao’s changes and reminded him to pay attention to his body and not to build a big farm. But Zhang Zihao’s heart was decided, and his grandfather no longer reluctantly.

Li Jianan sent Zhang Zihao wolfberry tea. Zhang Zihao didn’t appreciate it and asked him to persuade the villagers to sign a contract. Li Jian’an touched his nose and sat alone in the village committee drinking alcohol. Xichun heard the news to comfort him, Li Jianan was worried about Zhang Zihao’s change, but he didn’t know how to persuade the villagers to change his mind. Xichun advised him not to go against everyone’s wishes. In the end, the gains outweighed the losses. Li Jianan was very impatient and forced Xichun out.

Xichun sat under the big locust tree and felt sad. Sun Guangming passed by and saw her and took her to the barn for dinner. Sun Guangming made two Sichuan dishes specially. After Xichun had the taste of his hometown, he suddenly began to miss his son, I don’t know. Where is the son now? Sun Guangming persuades her to persuade Xichun to open up to Li Jianan. Xichun does not want Li Jianan to be upset, and Sun Guangming gives her a family-finding website.

Today is the 31st, Sun Guangming gave Xu Youyi three months’ salary and agreed to find another job. Xu Youyi didn’t want to leave, she clung to Sun Guangming hard.

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