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The Rebel 叛逆者 Episode 8 Recap

Everyone can see Lin Nansheng’s ability in work, but Chen Moqun is worried that he is too indecisive and will easily affect his plan to enter the Communist Party. Therefore, he urges Hu Dao to keep an eye on Lin Nansheng and report in time if there is any situation. .

Now that Professor Shen Yuchang made a special trip to Shenjiang University to give a lecture, Zhu Yizhen was very happy. Unexpectedly, Lin Nansheng was actually the host of this lecture, and he removed a lot of guards. After the lecture, Lin Nansheng noticed that Zhu Yizhen’s attitude had changed, especially when he saw that the university was about to hold a dance party, so he took the initiative to find Lan Xinjie to learn to dance.

Knowing Lin Nansheng’s true intentions, Lan Xinjie inspired Lin Nansheng with his own experience of love between men and women, suggesting that instead of pleasing each other, he should show his true self. Only by impressing the girl first can he win his heart. Lan Xinjie admires Lin Nansheng most because he has not been contaminated by the world and still maintains his original intention.

Lin Nansheng seemed to understand what was wrong, and was full of anxiety about what to do next. Lan Xinjie was very calm, expressing Lin Nansheng’s future in an affirmative tone. Perhaps at some stage, he will also have an unforgettable memory. There are people in the city that make him care about.

On the day of the prom, Zhu Yizhen matched her good sister Hu Xiufen on a date with her boyfriend, and then discussed the specific matters of the demonstration with her classmates. After Lin Nansheng came to the venue, he found various ways to get close to Zhu Yizhen. At first, the atmosphere between the two was embarrassing, until he saw men inviting girls to dance, and then he found a suitable topic.

Zhu Yizhen claimed that the reason for her refusal to participate in this kind of occasion was that she did not want to be a passive choice, and hoped that she could have the right to do things on an equal footing like all men. Lin Nansheng believes in this, supports women’s freedom and independence, and dares to break the shackles of feudal society.

Because of this, Zhu Yizhen’s affection for Lin Nansheng soared. The two recited the chapters of “The Collection of Leaves of Grass” unanimously. They gained ideological resonance on the topic of personal choice and gender equality, and quickly narrowed the distance between each other. Zhu Yizhen took the opportunity to invite Lin Nansheng to dance a song. The original three-point interest has been contrasted to the full by the atmosphere of the scene, and her face was filled with a happy smile that she had never had before.

In the days that followed, when Zhu Yizhen was preparing for the demonstrations, she accidentally discovered that Lin Nansheng had joined them. As everyone proceeded in an orderly manner, unexpectedly the police made another inspection. The students evacuated from the back door. Lin Nansheng dragged Zhu Yizhen away and hurried away, but finally escaped the search.

After this incident, Zhu Yizhen sincerely thanked Lin Nansheng for his help, and even offered to help him find the rare copy of “Leaf of Grass”. She did not know that not long after the two left, Hu Daoyi took the money to send the police away. Inspection is just a premeditated arrangement.

Even though Lin Nansheng succeeded in gaining Zhu Yizhen’s trust, he was saddened by the hurdle of his conscience and couldn’t bear to use other people’s feelings to achieve the goal of the task. Chen Moqun reminded Lin Nansheng to recognize his responsibilities as an agent. Secondly, he must know that Zhu Yizhen is the Communist Party. Standing on the opposite side of them, he must not be treated as an ordinary person.

Zhu Yizhen put on the issuing card and came to the library according to the secret code of the joint. She was originally going to meet Ji Zhongyuan. Unexpectedly, Hu Xiufen suddenly appeared and picked off the issuing card, which almost made her lose her attitude on the spot. Fortunately, Zhu Yizhen made an emergency, but Lin Nansheng was aware of it. The next day, Zhu Yizhen received a call from the tailor’s shop and went to get a customized cheongsam according to the previous agreement, thus getting the note left by Ji Zhongyuan.

After getting the clothes, Zhu Yizhen met with Ji Zhongyuan in the cinema to truthfully inform the recent incidents and Lin Nansheng’s situation, and wanted the party organization to investigate this person and strive to be offline. Ji Zhongyuan readily agreed and got the information that Zhu Yizhen had already deciphered before leaving.

Chen Moqun installed wiretapping at Zhu Yizhen’s home. To ensure that Lin Nansheng successfully captured Zhu Yizhen’s heart, he specially planned a scene of patrolling and beating students so that he could be a hero to save the United States. Sure enough, Lin Nansheng took the opportunity to stand in front of Zhu Yizhen and carried a dozen sticks abruptly until he was comatose and sent to the hospital for rescue.

Because Lin Nansheng’s injury was too serious, the doctor was not sure about it, and Zhu Yizhen blamed herself for this. Hu Daoyi was worried that Lin Nansheng would not be able to make it. Chen Moqun was stunned when he heard the words. Even if he tightened his hand holding the newspaper for a moment, he still pretended to disagree, indicating that as a party-state agent, sooner or later, there would be a moment of giving his life.

Gu Shenyan heard that the Secret Service had participated in the student parade, and was very confused, so he took the initiative to find Ji Zhongyuan to explain the situation. Especially when he learned that Lin Nansheng had not returned to his hometown, he even believed that Chen Moqun was secretly plotting. At the same time, Zhu Yizhen stayed in the hospital ward to take care of Lin Nansheng. Just after sending the servant away, Lin Nansheng woke up quietly.

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