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The Rebel 叛逆者 Episode 6 Recap

All night long, Lin Nansheng stayed on the table, carefully observed each photo, repeatedly compared and zoomed in on the details, and finally let him discover that the guests riding the rickshaw outside the cafe, even if they covered up their descriptions, they were still exposed. Out of that pair of leather shoes that can only be customized inside the secret service.

Based on this inconspicuous clue, Lin Nansheng started with the rickshaw and looked for the traces of the driver. It turned out that there was a little beggar beside the driver who was begging for food. Later, he had contact with Zhu Yizhen. In the end, dozens of photos disrupted the screening and locked Zhu Yizhen’s entire movement, and then determined that she was the person who was going to connect with the postman that day.

In order to confirm the speculation, Lin Nansheng took the initiative to find the little beggar and used food to induce the other party to tell the truth, claiming that someone had asked him to pass a message to Zhu Yizhen. However, because time passed, he had forgotten the appearance of the entrusted man and could not give a definitive answer.

Because there is no direct evidence to indicate the identity of the postman, Lin Nansheng first reported the clues he found to Chen Moqun, and drove him to the vicinity of Shenjiang University, seeing Zhu Yizhen walking out of the school gate and taking a car away. Considering that Zhu Yizhen is the daughter of the famous Shanghai financier Zhu Xiaoxian, with a strong identity and background, she cannot act rashly for the time being.

Ji Zhongyuan visited three hospitals close to the Chase Hotel, and when he saw the action team guarding the ward at Renji Hospital, he guessed that Wang Zhi was inside. Xu Bin saw that Ji Zhongyuan looked suspicious, and when he thought about it, he actually saw this person outside the bookstore. Chen Moqun was unable to start with Zhu Yizhen, and simply summoned Wang Shian temporarily, saying that Wang Zhi had now woken up and needed to be transferred to Nanjing, and he was appointed to be responsible.

Gu Shenyan thought it was true when he saw the letter, and hurried to inform Ji Zhongyuan, and the two negotiated to kill him as soon as possible before the transfer, otherwise there will be endless troubles. After discussing the plan, Ji Zhongyuan came to Jiren Hospital again. He met Fu’an to find a chance to start, but Xu Bin was more alert and could not approach directly, so he could only find another way.

In the Secret Service Building, Chen Moqun made a special trip to go to Gu Shenyan to play chess to delay. The two competed on the chessboard, and the wins and losses outside the chess game were vaguely revealed between you and me. Chen Moqun deliberately disclosed the news of Wang Zhi’s death. The reason why he would conceal the news of Wang Zhi’s death was to make arrangements to attract the Communist Party to the bait.

However, Xu Bin, who was guarding in the hospital, never saw the Communist Party. He did not know that Ji Zhongyuan saw through Chen Moqun’s strategy through the iron torture traces of the fake Wang Zhi’s ankle and immediately notified everyone to evacuate. Wang Shian didn’t know it yet. He just thought about how to handover to Nanjing. It was convenient for him to park on the way to the bushes, and found that the so-called Wang Zhi was actually a spy.

Knowing the causes and consequences, Wang Shian suddenly realized that he was so angry that he drove back to the secret service, and was alone in the office drinking alcohol. As long as he thought of Chen Moqun using himself as a shield, the anger in his heart could not be calmed down. Gu Shenyan took the opportunity to inquire about the news from Wang Shi’an. After hearing that the Communist Party did not appear, he was finally relieved, put on a smiling face, and hurriedly comforted the other party.

After a few words of greeting, Gu Shenyan went to see Ji Zhongyuan alone, and at the same time apologized for the impulse he had committed earlier, which almost caused the organization to suffer losses. Fortunately, Ji Zhongyuan saw through the trickery in time and was able to understand both Gu Shenyan’s feelings and the situation he was facing. Therefore, the two reached a consensus and tried to avoid frequent use of the same contact point in the future, so as not to be mastered by Chen Moqun.

After this defeat, Chen Moqun’s desire to win and lose was aroused again. He still couldn’t figure out where the problem was, but about Wang Zhi’s matter, someone still needs to come back. Wang Shian took the initiative to conceal the news of Wang Zhi’s death, and promised to personally write a report and submit it to Nanjing to solve the current troubles.

In the next few days, Lin Nansheng disguised as a student and entered Shenjiang University under Chen Moqun’s appointment to observe Zhu Yizhen’s movements and her daily contacts at close range. After a period of tracking, Lin Nansheng could not find any abnormality of Zhu Yizhen. The daily activity track is extremely regular. The only thing that is suspicious is the frequent entry and exit of the school library.

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