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The Rebel 叛逆者 Episode 5 Recap

Just after ten midnight, the hallway on the second floor of the hostel was full of noise. The middle-aged man broke into the room without the consent of the owner, and then had a dispute with the other party. Taking advantage of the chaos, Fuan entered the building from the toilet on the second floor, walked through the corridor and then went to Room 213 where no one was staying. He knocked on the door lock and hid there.

Although Lin Nansheng remained vigilant, patrolling every pass from beginning to end, it was a pity that he couldn’t find Fu’an’s trail. Instead, a gunshot caught his attention. Originally, the action team had already sent people to guard the fire escape on the fourth floor. However, the “Chinese police detectives” deliberately made firearms, causing everyone to rush to help defend.

It is clear and windless tonight. The light source, visual effects and observation angle have created excellent conditions for Fu’an. He climbed up the roof of the fire stairs with great speed, waiting for the opportunity to wait for the next signal.

Since Lin Nansheng had no clear evidence to guess the identity of the detectives, they could only let them walk out of the hostel and stare at each other intently. The Chinese police detective looked back provocatively, deliberately looking for the keys in the car to delay time. When everything was ready, there was a loud noise from the exhaust pipe of the police car.

Fuan tied a rope around his waist and jumped directly to the fourth-floor window, adjusted the focus of his sight, transferred all his concentration to his arm, and killed the agent in the house with several shots, as well as Wang Zhi who fled in a panic. It is precisely because of the loud movement downstairs that the sound inside the house is covered up, so that everyone is unaware of it.

Wang Zhijing’s rescue was ineffective and died on the spot. Chen Moqun was disappointed after receiving the news. Lin Nansheng also made an analysis report afterwards, summarizing the Communist Party’s specific line of assassination, and voluntarily admitted his fault. Regarding this emergency, Lin Nansheng’s precise analysis can only show that he is good at insight, but he can’t offset the problems in the defense.

Chen Moqun reminded Lin Nansheng to distinguish the difference between the secret service department and the special training class. As a student, he can know his mistakes and make corrections. However, as a special agent, if he is not prepared for the lore, he will leave the opponent with the opportunity to kill himself, even Become the next corpse to fall in a pool of blood.

Now that the Communist Party’s key informant is dead and the arrest plan is in a dilemma, Chen Moqun will no longer use his normal thinking to overthrow this chess game, so he decided to stop the game in a static manner, and hold a temporary meeting in a constant response to changes. The internal meeting still used the name of Wang Zhi to implement the trap plan, and announced to everyone that Wang Zhi had rebelled, and that he had passed the dangerous period after being rescued, and waited for observation in the hospital.

Chen Moqun proposed a thorough investigation of the entire site and found out the internal Communist Party lurking personnel, starting with Gu Shenyan’s archives, and screening them one by one. Gu Shenyan took the lead in expressing his position and actively cooperating. The others are trying their best to clear themselves of their suspicions. In this seemingly “harmonious atmosphere” meeting, they each have the mind of a villain and save the belly of all the gentlemen present.

After the meeting, Chen Moqun called Gu Shenyan to the office to have a cup of tea. By the way, Lin Nansheng was transferred to the archives room on the grounds that Lin Nansheng guarded Wang Zhi’s negligence, and he “thinked about it” under him. Gu Shenyan knew Chen Moqun’s intentions and deliberately put on the embarrassment that he did not dare to accept but had to accept it, and finally reluctantly agreed.

In the afternoon, Lin Nansheng went to the archives to report in person. Gu Shenyan was amiable and exchanged a few words on his own initiative, and simply arranged for him to work under his nose. Chen Moqun ordered Xu Bin to withdraw the manpower from the cafe and no longer be the focus of surveillance. Lin Nansheng was a little lost, and the previously washed photos were completely waste paper.

Faced with Lin Nansheng’s doubts, Xu Bin truthfully relayed Chen Moqun’s instructions, claiming that the location of Wang Zhi’s detention was exposed, which was sufficient to show that the postman had contacted the Communist Party and would naturally choose another contact location. As expected by Chen Moqun, Gu Shenyan took out the old map again and marked several gathering places of the Communist Party on it, looking for more suitable areas.

Since Lin Nansheng came to work in the archives room, he has been working diligently every day. After running around, he really liked Gu Shenyan. In the past few days, Lin Nansheng has felt more relaxed than ever before, especially seeing Gu Shenyan being easy-going from the heart, and can’t help wondering whether he is a good man of Xianyunyehe or a fox with a scheming plan.

The Kuomintang Fuxing Society is a freak born in the distribution of power and checks and balances. The so-called weirdness is mainly reflected in the fact that revolutionary comrades can live and die differently. There is no fraternity, but they will often drug each other for petty gains. There is a saying that people eat too much poison, and people become nervous and extremely sensitive to things around them. As the deputy stationmaster, Wang Shian is also in this state, and even hesitates to suspect Gu Shenyan as “innocent and innocent.” He tried to find the suspicious points in his words, but lost to the opponent.

At the same time, Lin Nansheng took out his work notes and gave them to Chen Moqun, which recorded Gu Shenyan’s time of entry and exit, as well as the personnel and documents he had contact with. The rest were daily trivial matters. Since Lin Nansheng is in charge of the internal affairs of the Secret Service, Chen Moqun sent someone to follow Gu Shenyan.

Fortunately, the new contact point established by Ji Zhongyuan is located in a complex area, with a restaurant in the front and a barber shop in the back, which can successfully get rid of the surveillance of the agents. Gu Shenyan informed Ji Zhongyuan of the known information and asked him to find a way to verify Wang Zhi’s situation. If he really escaped, he still needs to discuss the next countermeasures as soon as possible.

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