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The Good Times 美好的日子 Episode 12 Recap

Qi Xiangqian drank with Morosov, feeling the changes in China in recent years. Tomorrow Dabei Factory will leave the car. The ups and downs are the same as the Chinese New Year, but Qiushi is absent-minded. Liu Guiqin understands that he is because of Bai Ruoxue, and Qiushi can be worthy of Bai Ruoxue on the subject of appearance, and she gave him an idea. Up. Liu Guiqin said that if Bai Ruoxue’s flower was planted in Qiqianqian’s pot, it would have been ruined, but it would get better and better when it was planted here in Qiushi, not to mention that Qiqianqian has Shengjie’s partner.

After all, Shengjie is in the hospital waiting for Qi Xiangqian. Months. Liu Guiqin bitterly persuaded Qiushi to take the initiative and asked him to take the initiative to say to Bai Ruoxue that he wanted to marry her. Qiushi thought about it and decided to do it. Qi Qiangqian and Morosov had a drink, thinking that the locomotive they built would drive all over China, and there would be such a day!

Yu Deshui, Qi Xiangqian and the others wore big red flowers, Dabei Factory beat the drums and danced, sending off the first train from Dabei Factory and it officially set off. Qi Xiangqian yelled excitedly in the car, this is a big iron cow they made by themselves! At this time, Cao Dehe and Kong Shiju’s child was born. Liu Guiqin lamented the significance of this child. Kong Shiju named him Kong Weixin. At the commendation meeting in the city, Qi Xiangqian and Bai Ruoxue were both commended, and Qi Xiangqian’s deeds were specifically mentioned. Qi Xiangqian spoke and said that he cherishes his preciousness, because now he is really doing it for himself, for himself and for the country, everyone should do their best for their lives!

Somerset put out the photo of He Qi Qiang again, dressed up and looked for Qi Qiang, but he didn’t expect him to be there. Somerset put the two peaches on the table carefully. Liu Guiqin passed by and saw her in it, saying that Qi Xiangqian had gone to the model worker conference early in the morning. This time, Qi Xiangqian has been receiving awards everywhere and giving reports. Liu Guiqin sighed what would happen if people were lucky. Can’t stop it. Somerset quickly maintained it, and Qi Xiangqian did it on the ground.

After the model worker meeting, Bai Ruoxue specifically stopped Qi forward and offered to walk together. When the two came to the lake, Qi Qianqian nervously didn’t know what to say. Qi Xiangqian said that he had been everywhere in the world, and now he was in Dabei factory, and he didn’t know where to go next, so he didn’t dare to say that he was from Dabei. Qi Xiangqian sighed that he enjoyed the benefits brought by the new China, but some people did not enjoy it, and he could not forget it. Qi Xiangqian kept looking at the lake and talking, Bai Ruoxue offered to go boating, and he bluntly agreed. Qiushi came to Bai Ruoxue and was told that she had gone to the commendation meeting, so Qiushi waited for her in the dormitory.

Bai Ruoxue said that Qi Xiangqian had changed a little. This time he was different from his previous passion and impulse, but he was much calmer. Bai Ruoxue said again that when He Feng mentioned that he would not build a locomotive or get married, Qi Xiangqian quickly explained that he was just talking casually. Bai Ruoxue said that the locomotive was built. What did Qi Xiangqian think about?

Qi Xiangqian quickly lowered his head and thought, saying that he liked one person but the other person didn’t like herself, but she didn’t feel the other person, but she liked him very much. Bai Ruoxue knew that Qi Xiangqian was talking about him, and Qi Xiangqian listed a lot of his shortcomings. He was hard-tempered and stubborn, and he didn’t pay attention to personal hygiene. He didn’t know how to write poems and understand romance. Bai Ruoxue is a little shy, what if some people don’t care about it? Qi Xiangqian was excited and silly when he heard this, fell into the river and thumped happily.

Qiushi accidentally flipped through a book in Bai Ruoxue’s dormitory, which contained a forward-looking picture with his name written all over the back. Somerset could not wait for Qi to return, so he went back first, and Qiushi also left the dormitory reluctantly. After Qi Xiangqian got on the boat, looking at Bai Ruoxue smirking, the two embraced. Not long after, Qi Xiangqian and Bai Ruoxue got married. He was wearing his most important military uniform. He had no money and no savings. Everyone helped to gather the furniture at home. After thinking about it, Qi Xiangqian would go forward and take the second part of his victory in the Battle of Huaihai.

The medal of merit was given to Bai Ruoxue as a wedding gift. Bai Ruoxue took out the ring her mother had made a long time ago, one for her and the other for the ring. The two helped each other put on the ring, and Qi Qiangqian was a little small. When the two were stuffing in, Zhao Duofu led the group in and Bai Ruoxue hurriedly distributed wedding candy and wedding cigarettes to everyone. Qi Xiangqian thanked everyone, Yu Deshui and Liu Guiqin said they would support Bai Ruoxue, after all, Qi Xiangqian had a bad temper. Everyone booed and asked Bai Ruoxue to sing a song. Before singing, the accordion sounded downstairs.

It was Molossov. He Feng couldn’t participate in Beijing, so he entrusted them to give them a gift, which represents the happiness and happiness of the United States and the United States. He Feng’s letter wrote that the little bit who kept his nose and cried and shouted to avenge his parents will also start a family and start a business. I hope they can cherish this beauty. Everyone danced with the accordion in the yard, while Somerset sat alone in the house and did not participate in the noise. Qiushi was equally depressed in the house alone, playing the harmonica alone.

Bai Ruoxue put the ring on Qi Xiangqian’s neck. Seeing Qi Xiangqian’s injury, Bai Ruoxue felt a little distressed. Qi Xiangqian comforted her and passed away, nothing happened. Bai Ruoxue wanted to help him wash his feet, and Qi forward quickly stopped it. The two sat on the bed and watched the moon. Bai Ruoxue said that her parents and the separated brother would be very happy if they knew that today was her great day.

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