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The Good Times 美好的日子 Episode 11 Recap

Qi Xiangqian plunged into the boiler, He Feng could only adjust an air compressor to ensure the air inside. Qi Xiangqian repaired in the boiler, while Yu Deshui, Zhao Duofu, Shengjie and others were worried outside. Liu Guiqin was also worried about Qi Xiangqian, but he was not afraid of anyone, and he could not be persuaded to come out.

Four hours later, Qi Xiangqian had been inside for too long, and he had to come out for a breath. After discussing and deciding to replace him, Zhao Duofu wanted to drag him out, but Qi Qianqian untied the rope. Qi Xiangqian yelled that he was not trying to be a hero, let them rest assured, and give him a little more time to fix it.

Qi Xiangqian held back in the boiler with no air circulation for a long time, and finally fainted. When Shengjie saw this, he cried and called an ambulance. Qi Xiangqian slept for three days and three nights before waking up. As soon as he woke up, he asked what happened to the Somerset Locomotive. Fortunately, the fault was solved and the speed would not be affected. Somerset carefully fed Qi Xiangqian with water. She was specially transferred from the factory to accompany Qi Xiangqian. Qi Xiangqian heard a spit of water, and the clothes on his body were changed by Somerset.

Qi Xiangqian has now become a public figure and a great hero, but he wants the doctor to give him another escort. Somerset is not happy when he hears this. Zhao Duofu came to the hospital to meet Qi Qiang, and brought some food, but Somerset and the doctor strictly prohibited it from eating. Somerset and the doctor went out to talk, Zhao Duofu took out food to greet him, and was kicked out by the two after being discovered by Somerset.

When Yu Deshui heard that Qi Xiangqian woke up, he filled the lunch box and planned to send it to him. Cao Dehe said that Kong Shiju had stewed chicken soup and asked Yu Deshui to bring it with him. Wang Sulan and Qiushi also took a lot of things and let Yu Deshui pass over them. Qi Xiangqian asked if Somerset hadn’t been home for a long time. Somerset said that she hadn’t returned home for more than ten years since she served as a soldier. He also said about his family’s situation, and even directly sat on Qiqianqian’s bed. Yu Deshui and Qiushi came carrying things, saying that everyone had sent them to sympathize Qi forward.

He Feng met Bai Ruoxue during a meeting. He mentioned her and Qiushi and Qi forward. He wanted to hear Bai Ruoxue’s true thoughts. Bai Ruoxue confessed to the truth. He Feng said that the most important thing is the reliability between the heart and the heart. That heart can make Bai Ruoxue feel the power that she can rely on, so that heart is hers, but fish and bear’s paw can’t have both. Bai Ruoxue asked about the recent situation of Qiushi and Qi Xiangqian.

She hadn’t contacted them for a long time. Hearing that Qi Qiangqian was poisoned by carbon monoxide, Bai Ruoxue came to visit him with something. Qi Xiangqian was about to leave when he saw Bai Ruoxue coming, and his momentum weakened in an instant. Somerset welcomed Bai Ruoxue warmly, rushing to answer Qi Xiangqian, but Qi Xiangqian couldn’t say a word.

The atmosphere in the ward was a little strange, and Somerset went out quickly. Qi Xiangqian scratched his head and said thank you to Bai Ruoxue. He didn’t expect Bai Ruoxue to come. Bai Ruoxue refused Qi Xiangqian and thought that he would come to her again. He didn’t expect to come. Qi Xiangqian explained that the factory had to complete the task ahead of schedule, so he didn’t go. Bai Ruoxue has never understood what Qi Xiangqian asked Qiushi to tell her about the withdrawal, and Qi Xiangqian could not say clearly.

Bai Ruoxue hurriedly explained that she was not the one who raised the teacher to inquire about the crime. She wanted to help Qi forward to go to bed and lay down, and Qi forward hurriedly climbed up on her own. Seeing that Qi Xiangqian had always been wearing the cloth shoes made by her mother, Bai Ruoxue sighed that she was a clever person. Bai Ruoxue hoped that Qi Xiangqian would return to the regiment to give a report and let him rest before leaving.

Director Ma had offended Liu Guiqin, always curling his face when he saw him. After drinking the red bean soup for several days, everyone couldn’t drink it anymore. Liu Guiqin wanted to put some brown sugar in it, but because of the actual conditions, only some white sugar could only be added. The progress of the factory gradually caught up. Morosov completely believed in Qi Xiangqian, and Qi Xiangqian did not hold any grudges. The two had a very happy chat, and they agreed to drink together on the day of the ribbon cutting.

After the hard work of the workers, Dabei Factory finally built the first train, fulfilling the long-awaited dream. Looking at the locomotive he had built, Qi Xiangqian was full of emotion. He chanted Ronaldinho’s name as he had contributed to this big iron bull and fulfilled his wish. Morosov took the wine to look forward together, it was their agreement. Morosov heard He Feng say that Qi Xiangqian was a very legendary person, but Qi Xiangqian felt that their country was even more legendary.

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