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The Eternal Love 3 双世宠妃3 Episode 13 Recap

Qu Xiaotan accidentally kissed Mo Liancheng again. As soon as Mo Liancheng lost his memory, he heard about what he had refused, and felt that he always had trouble with him. Qu Xiaotan was very angry. It was he who asked her to marry Mo Liancheng, and he also asked her to divorce Mo Liancheng, but in the end he refused to give him even a reason. Jing Xin suddenly reported that a lot of people gathered outside the mansion, all because of the new policy.

It turned out that Mo Liancheng came back from the palace and the emperor promulgated the new policy. He heard that it was Mo Liancheng who came to thank him. Yu Hao’s elder brother was in dire straits, and he came to express his gratitude when he heard the news. Yu Hao’s wife came to question, but Qu Xiaotan stiffly took Mo Liancheng’s hand to support him. Mo Liancheng thought that the emperor’s sudden new policy had other meanings, and felt that she was using herself as an opportunity to deal with the Mo family.

Xiao Zhen discovered that not only Qu Xiaotan but also Mo Liancheng had changed his temperament, but today’s rebellion is not scheming to explain. The emperor knew that the Mo family was always ready to move, but the highlight of the play was not on them. Xiao Zhen worried that Qu Xiaotan and Mo Liancheng would join forces. Brother Yu Hao left the house to be sent by his father to become a monk. He came to Mo Liancheng for help.

Mo Liancheng realized that promulgating the New Deal would not change the fate of the man. The emperor once again called Mo Liancheng into the palace, and Mo Liancheng was full of doubts. Mo Liancheng believed that there were omissions in the New Deal, and the emperor asked Mo Liancheng to make sachets with her and presented them to the divorced men to represent their affirmation. Qu Xiaotan was asleep in the room, Jing Xin hurried in and said that Mo Liancheng had been called into the palace.

The emperor said that Mo Liancheng used to be very clever when making concentric knots with her, but now he is clumsy. After thinking about it, Mo Liancheng knew that it was before his amnesia. The emperor asked Mo Liancheng to draw up a divorce letter as a model. In order to save the emergency, Mo Liancheng could only write down the divorce letter.

After thanking him, he left. Seeing Mo Liancheng’s return, Qu Xiaotan became jealous, and then Xiao Zhen came to announce his decree and appreciated a lot of Mo Liancheng’s things. He also took out the divorce letter written by Mo Liancheng in the palace and handed it to Qu Xiaotan. Qu Xiaotan was heartbroken after seeing it. She had been telling herself that Mo Liancheng was sick, but when she saw this, she would think if it was him, he would definitely not do it!

Qu Xiaotan let go with anger, Mo Liancheng froze in place. Qu Xiaotan angrily wrote a few crooked characters on the paper and wanted to divorce Mo Liancheng. Jing Xin had to take it to Mo Liancheng, and tell him to keep it without signing. The sachet given by Mo Liancheng solved the urgent need of Yu Hao’s brother. Jing Xin learned that Mo Liancheng had written the divorce letter and wanted to take the divorce agreement back, but Mo Liancheng accepted it. Jing Xin turned her head to tell Qu Xiaotan the reason. Qu Xiaotan was still angry, but she still wanted to come back first, so she couldn’t bear to let go. Qu Xiaotan tried his best to get the divorce agreement back, and even sneaked into Mo Liancheng’s room, but unfortunately he didn’t get it.

Mo Yanchen was very happy when he heard that Mo Liancheng had received the letter of resignation and received a favor. He took out the softness he had accumulated for many years, thinking that he had to prepare something even when he entered the palace, but Mo Liancheng felt very uncomfortable in his heart. Never really thought about leaving. Mo Liancheng couldn’t do anything about it, if he could do something to let Qu Xiaotan know that he regretted it.

Qu Xiaotan deliberately avoided him in order not to divorce Mo Liancheng. As soon as Mo Liancheng came in, she saw her pretending to be asleep and poured a cup of sleeping tea to Qu Xiaotan. The two stood in a stalemate and misunderstood each other’s meaning. Mo Liancheng blew the tea in his hand a little, and waited for Qu Xiaotan to use the tea. Qu Xiaotan was depressed. He didn’t look like him, but he was also very awkward.

Mo Liancheng offered to change Qu Xiaotan again, and Qu Xiaotan asked awkwardly when to give her the agreement. Mo Liancheng told her that he would never try to push Qu Xiaotan away again. It was his fault to force her to let go. He had never felt this heart-wrenching feeling. Mo Liancheng confessed that he pushed Qu Xiaotan away because he had some concerns. He could commit the risk alone, but he didn’t want to involve Qu Xiaotan in it.

The two gradually became sweeter, Qu Xiaotan promised to keep Mo Liancheng, and Mo Liancheng also promised to void the contract. Mo Liancheng liked Qu Xiaotan, so he didn’t want to leave her. He thought he would dislike her if he escaped, but he couldn’t bear it after he escaped. Qu Xiaotan and Mo Liancheng expressed their hearts to each other, and she would definitely remind Mo Liancheng of the past. But Mo Liancheng became awkward again, eating his own jealousy without amnesia. Qu Xiaotan hugged Mo Liancheng and acted like a baby. Only when he was in her could he sleep soundly.

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