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Stray Birds 飞鸟集 Episode 14 Recap

Wu Yue and Su Xiaoman met by chance during a night run. Wu Yue laughed and said that Su Xiaoman was a female-born girl who killed and killed him. With her, life seemed to be traversing the rivers and lakes. Su Xiaoman said that in this social circle that gangs are used to, It’s hard to get justice, if you don’t help your friends, then you have to swallow, and she doesn’t want to.

Chai Qing and Lin Shaoting went out to play, thinking that the two would have another one-night stand, but Lin Shaoting didn’t want to touch her at all. Su Xiaoman saw Chai Qing returning to the apartment with a drunk, and found Lin Shaoting the next day, hoping that he would take Chai Qing less to drink, and give them more care and warmth. The conversation between the two happened to be seen by the distant Chai Qing. Thinking that Su Xiaoman pried his corner, jealousy radiated from the bottom of his heart.

Manager Chen came to the brain data to see Director Sun and gave him a tea box with bundles of hundreds of yuan in cash, saying that he would like to thank Director Sun for “that incident”, and Director Sun said that the two are now on the same boat. , No need to say thank you.

Su Xiaoman’s father, Professor Su Feng, was Wu Yue’s mentor. The two met to discuss the tendering of the school-run enterprise Su Feng is responsible for and the Brain Data Qianda Group. Su Feng seemed to have something to hide, Wu Yue keenly realized him Is not normal. After the meeting, Wu Yue received a call from the loan shark, and quickly called someone over the money he had saved in recent days.

That night, Su Xiaoman took the initiative to find Wu Yue while running at night, and informed him of Chen Dayuan’s visit to Director Sun today. Wu Yue hoped that Xiaoman would no longer participate in the investigation of this matter. The real reason is that perhaps Su Feng was also caught. Being involved in the incident was one of the enemies who killed his parents, and he would not be able to face Su Xiaoman. Xiao Man stupidly thought that Wu Yue didn’t want to be hurt, so he took the initiative to embrace him.

On the second day, the elder sister came to Edward’s restaurant to look for Wu Yue, saying that the “big news” Wu Yue had notified her could not be conducted in-depth interviews and exposure because of its extensive involvement and no solid evidence. Wu Yue gave a suggestion: do one thing Things don’t have to have existing evidence. True or false is also true.

Maybe it’s a good way to stir the water first and then investigate further. Upon hearing this, the senior sister suddenly became clear and asked whether Wu Yue’s little girlfriend Su Xiaoman knew him. Will do this, Wu Yue said, Xiaoman will never become his girlfriend.

Feng Zhengzheng at the front desk has always been Chai Qing’s enemy. This day, Chai Qing just ran into a private meeting between Feng Zhengzheng and Supervisor Sun. It turned out that she was the mistress of Supervisor Sun. The opponent’s handle was known to him, and Chai Qing turned around and spread the matter privately. During the lunch break, while everyone was away, Chai Qing made a living and sent an e-mail to Feng Zhengzheng using Su Xiaoman’s mailbox. The content was a photo of Director Sun. Killing two birds with one stone, the best friends and rivals who “pry one’s own corner” have been calculated.

In order to inspire Su Xiaoman’s determination to compete again, Ren Qianqiu specially gave the trainees tickets to the geek madman. In the last ten minutes of the audience’s interactive speech, Zhang Jiang introduced the confession software developed by several people, and Su Xiaoman was forced to As A turtle came to the stage again to introduce the design.

In the face of sharp cross-examination from the judges, Su Xiaoman, Zhang Jiang, Lin Shaoting, and Wu Yue took the stage one after another. This R&D team was completely established. Ren Qianqiu expressed his gratitude to this. satisfaction.

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