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New Horizon 壮志高飞 Episode 24 Recap

Wu Di planned to go to Li Teng for peace talks, and declined Du Wei’s company. The next day, Wu Di apologized to Xia Yu. Xia Yu said that he was not for her, but for the entire Midsummer Airlines staff. Soon, Wu Di went to talk to Li Teng for a peace talk. Li Teng came up and asked her to drink a full bottle of wine before he was willing to talk to her. Wu Di hesitated.

Xiao Mo pulled her out and gave her a training. Xiao Mo said that Xia Yu’s matter was investigated by the police. Not only was she unable to help if she acted without authorization, she might also complicate matters even more. Han Liwei looked at the blue sky from the top of the building, and Xia Yu came up to see him and chatted with him.

Han Liwei said frankly that Xia Yu is different now from when he was in school. If he really likes flying, he must stick to it. Xiao Mo went to Du Wei about Wu Di and Xia Yu to find out about the situation. He accidentally learned that Xia Yu and Li Teng didn’t touch his arm when they were fighting. Li Teng was probably framing him. Xiao Mo went to check the security surveillance at the airport, but the evidence was not enough. He found Tong Yuan and Du Taotao and asked them to help investigate Li Teng online. The two lived up to Xiao Mo’s entrustment, and quickly found Li Teng’s Weibo and saw his activity, and found evidence that he framed Xia Yu.

Xiao Mo took the evidence and went to Li Teng, persuading him to withdraw the accusation against Xia Yu instead of being conceited. Gao Kai told Xia Hang and Xia Yu that Li Teng dropped the charges against Xia Yu. Xia Yu immediately went to Du Wei to ask clearly, he was worried that Wu Di was involved in it. Du Wei told him the cause and effect of the incident, and Xia Yu went to Wu Di and Xiao Mo to thank him. After this incident, the relationship between Xia Yu and Xiao Mo eased. Du Taotao and Tong Yuan began to record promotional videos for Aifeimeng. Ren Yuan, Xiao Mo, Xia Yu, and Wu Di were all in the scene. Yu Jie suggested to interview some relatives of students and put the videos on the Aifeimeng website.

Ren Yuan and Hua Hin came out of the hospital. He was very happy. The result of the previous pregnancy test was wrong and Hua Hin was not pregnant. Hua Hin remembered that the pregnant woman Bai Xiaoyun, who gave birth on the plane, was in this hospital, so he and Ren Yuan went to see her together, but accidentally learned from the nurse that Bai Xiaoyun had passed away due to postpartum complications.

The child she left behind had a congenital metabolic defect. Illness, the condition is not stable. But the child’s illness is not difficult to treat, but it is difficult that no one will adopt it after the cure, and the family cannot be contacted. That night, Hua Hin felt sad for the child’s tragic situation, and shed tears on the sofa.

Yu Jie and Xia Yu have been very close recently, and Xia Yu also took the initiative to form a team with Yu Jie to take charge of the outreach work. Everyone thought they were in a situation. Du Taotao took the initiative to ask Yu Jie, and Luo Dong happened to be beside him. Yu Jie gave an ambiguous answer, making Luo Dong mistakenly believe that Yu Jie really likes Xia Yu.

Luo Dong went to Xia Yu again and confirmed that Xia Yu did not like Yu Jie. He reminded Xia Yu not to misunderstand Yu Jie, so as not to like him. After he reminded him, Xia Yu wanted to keep a distance from Yu Jie, but Yu Jie didn’t know it, and took the initiative to invite Xia Yu to eat together. Xia Yu couldn’t refuse, so he pulled Luo Dong to accompany him.

As a result, when Yu Jie saw Luo Dong present, she deliberately regarded him as transparent and talked to Xia Yu through him. Luo Dong mumbled a few words, and Yu Jie quarreled with him, and Xia Yu simply said that he would pay the bill and let them not quarrel. Lei Chen called Lu Qiwen to drink with Li Teng. Li Teng was very dissatisfied with Xiao Mo and Xia Yu. Lei Chen inadvertently revealed that Xiao Mo had Xia Boyang’s support. The speaker was interested and the listener was interested. Lu Qiwen noted this incident Up.

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