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Flourish In Time 我和我的时光少年 Episode 16 Recap

Chen Guoguo originally liked basketball because of Shi Che, and participated in the selection of the basketball team. Now that the good brothers have lost the election, there is no point in staying alone in the team. It is better to quit. He informed Shi Che of this idea, but Shi Che said that now Guoguo can easily win in basketball with himself. This is the level of the school team. I hope he can practice hard and don’t shame himself. Lu Miao Xie Ziye realized that perhaps Shi Che’s pattern was not as small as he had imagined.

Xie Ziye used the poems from “Returning to the Garden” to comfort Shi Che during class, “The past is not admonished, and the one who knows the past can be chased.” Now that he is frustrated in basketball, why not have another opportunity to prove himself? A new class teacher named Di Ren came to Jiang Haoyue’s class. The new officer took the post of three fires.

The first fire moved Jiang Haoyue’s class from the first floor to the second floor. The second fire burned Jiang Haoyue’s body. Haoyue had never participated in physical exercises between classes due to physical reasons, but Di Ren asked him to take such outdoor courses from now on. Facing the tough demands of the class teacher, Jiang Haoyue did not resist.

Lu Miao saw Jiang Haoyue doing inconvenient exercises on the playground, thinking that the new head teacher was deliberately embarrassing him, so he “informed a letter” and wrote Di Ren’s embarrassment to Jiang Haoyue as a report letter and sent it to the principal’s office. Facing a classmate’s complaint, Di Ren said that he understood Jiang Haoyue’s situation, but he had consulted the school doctor.

His situation could still participate in light exercises such as inter-class exercises and physical education. On the contrary, the special treatment in the past pushed him gradually. Leaving the class collectively, the test scores are certainly important, but for a student, how to find their own position in the collective and learn to cooperate with others, so that his life is more meaningful. President Shi agreed with this.

Jiang Haoyue worked hard to successfully participate in the sports meeting. Outside the school, accompanied by Qu Wei, he practiced brisk walking and running. This scene was seen by Lu Miao’s father who was driving by. Jiang Haoyue did not participate in the queue for the class practice sports meeting, and Di Ren said that he must wait for the class to be ready to practice. Jiang Haoyue’s reluctance to participate caused dissatisfaction among some of the class members, and he targeted them during the break.

Lu Miao saw all this in his eyes, and decided to “work with” Shi Che Guoguo to teach the classmates who targeted Jiang Haoyue. So during the class physical examination, he secretly took one of those classmates’ shoes and pretended to be the green forest. The hero used this to warn these people and help Jiang Haoyue vent her anger. These classmates were still not convinced and planned to sue the teacher. Qu Wei appeared at this time and severely criticized these people for their targeting and rejection of Jiang Haoyue.

Lu Miao’s father gave Jiang Haoyue’s father a bank card, hoping to use the money to help him buy a new prosthesis. After Jiang Haoyue put on the new prosthesis, the practice between classes improved a lot, and the classmates saw him practicing hard alone. The appearance of the queue gradually realized the wrong mentality and practices against him before, so he all joined the training of the queue. Di Ren was very satisfied with it.

After school, Lu Miao and Jiang Haoyue met. Lu Miao apologized. He shouldn’t have been forcing him to do things that he didn’t like and didn’t want to do. Jiang Haoyue also apologized for his anger over the past few days. The two brothers and sisters finally ended after this conversation. This cold war. Lu Miao twisted her ankle because of the bicycle that passed by suddenly, and Jiang Haoyue took the initiative to carry her home.

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