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Flourish In Time 我和我的时光少年 Episode 15 Recap

Lu Miao recovered and was discharged and asked her mother if Jiang Haoyue sent him to the hospital on the day it rained. Her mother replied that Shi Che carried her back. Lu Miao called Shi Che to express his gratitude and asked if Jiang Haoyue was there that day. Shi Che recalled that when Jiang Haoyue was late and rushed to the hospital that day, he hoped that he would not tell Lu Miao that he also came to the hospital, so he said on the phone. He lied and claimed that he did not see Jiang Haoyue.

Although he got a reply from the person involved, Lu Miao still believes that he saw Jiang Haoyue in the rain that day. After returning home, I didn’t see Jiang Haoyue for a few days. Maybe he was hiding from him, but he couldn’t understand why. After waiting for a few days, I finally found Jiang Haoyue who was feeding the chickens on the rooftop, and he talked about the question. come out. Jiang Haoyue said that she didn’t hide or send her to the hospital. Perhaps all of this was a dream of Lu Miao. Lu Miao thought Jiang Haoyue’s answer was personally emotional, and she was so angry that she turned and left.

At home, Lu Miao told her father that Jiang Haoyue was unwilling to pay attention to her and always said some strange things that she didn’t understand. Her father said that everyone would have something in their minds that they would not share with others, and Jiang Haoyue would not tell her. Maybe she didn’t want her to worry about it together, maybe it would be fine in a few days.

The winter vacation was over and on the first day of school, Lu Miao took the initiative to go to school with Jiang Haoyue, but the other party had already left the house alone. On the way to the school, he tried to walk quickly, but he still couldn’t do it with his legs. Lu Miao returned to the class and told Shi Che Xie Ziye about Jiang Haoyue’s recent anomaly. For this, his friends could not give a solution.

The second grade is coming soon. Lu Miao found Jiang Haoyue after school. His scores in liberal arts and sciences were not very good, but they were all balanced. I hope Brother Xueba can give some guidance as to whether to choose the essay or the rationale. However, Jiang Haoyue said that she had to choose her own way, and he could do nothing about Lu Miao’s request.

Lu Miao was irritated by his answer. The old brother, who had always been actively helping in his studies, was suddenly indifferent, and given him a period of time to calm down. He was still indifferent, which made people feel inexplicable. Jiang Haoyue then asked why everyone has a choice, but she alone has no right to choose.

With Shi Che’s unreliable help, Lu Miao finally decided to choose liberal arts. At this time, Shi Che finally couldn’t help telling the truth about Jiang Haoyue’s visit to the hospital that day. At this time, Lu Miao realized that Jiang Haoyue’s abnormality in recent days was probably because his father hurt him and lost half of his leg.

His thinking and life are simple when he is young, but when he grows up, the things he comes into contact with and his thoughts are gradually becoming more complicated and mature. He is a very good person, and he will inevitably feel sad about his legs. That being the case, I will never force him anymore from now on.

The school basketball team recruited again. Shi Che and his friend Guoguo signed up for the selection competition, but in the end Guoguo was selected and Shi Che was unsuccessful. Guoguo asked Xie Ziye for comfort. Xie Ziye found the lonely Shi Che in the small bookstore. She was a little surprised to see the rebellious boy who was once crying because he was not selected for the school team. Xie Ziye believes that since Shi Che has been training for the selection of the school team for a long time, and he is still unsuccessful, it may indicate that he does not have this talent.

Lu Miaojiang Haoyue had a complete cold war. Every time I took a bus after school, there was no communication at the front and the rear of the bus. That night Jiang Haoyue had a nightmare, dreaming that Lu Miao didn’t recognize herself.

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