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Fall in Love with Special Forces 爱上特种兵 Episode 15 Recap

Soon after receiving Chen Mengzhen’s cake, Zhang Yichi received the durian cheese roll that Li Juan had bought for himself. He saw that the two portions were a little tangled, so he took it to Xia Chu and asked her which one he would choose based on his feelings. Xia After some initial analysis, Zhang Yichi gave the durian cheese roll to Xia Chu. He took the mozzarella and left. He also said that he felt the durian cheese roll was too greasy, and that he was older and liked to eat light ones. Early Xia was eating durian cheese rolls and sent a message to Liang Muze, asking him which one he likes to eat, but Liang Muze did not reply for a long time.

Liang Muze is leading a team in the jungle at Velik to participate in training and compete with the local troops. The conditions in the jungle are difficult, which is a challenge for them, but they are very persistent, and it is the last item of the game. The two teams must compete for the incendiary bomb, to see who lights the torch first, and the two teams fought together. Fortunately, Liang Muze’s team cooperated tacitly and successfully ignited the torch and finally won the game. Early Xia also held his post in the hospital. He followed Zhang Yichi to perform surgery to gain experience.

He went to the emergency department to treat patients. This day, the emergency department admitted a patient. This patient had come to Zhang Yichi to see the heart. At that time, Zhang Yichi persuaded him to operate. Too busy, he asked Zhang Yichi to prescribe medicine for himself. Zhang Yichi reluctantly agreed, but this time he became ill and went to the emergency department. Zhang Yichi tried his best to rescue him, but he failed to save him from death. Xia Chu and Xiao Xiao, who participated in the rescue, saw the patient’s death, and both felt very depressed.

Zhang Yichi especially blamed himself. Early Xia saw that Zhang Yichi was in a bad mood, so he stepped forward to comfort him. Zhang Yichi said that he didn’t try his best to treat the patient, and blamed himself for not insisting on treating the patient any more, which tolerated the patient’s fluke. He was scared at the time. He was afraid that if he persisted, it would cause misunderstanding of the patient and cause trouble to himself and the hospital, but when he watched the cry of the patient’s family, he was extremely ashamed.

Xia Chu didn’t know how to comfort Zhang Yichi, but asked him whether he regretted it or not. Zhang Yichi was called by the director to perform the operation before he answered. No matter how he blamed himself, the patient came, Zhang Yichi still had to put his emotions away and treat the next patient. . Just after Zhang Yichi left, Xia Chu received a reply from Liang Muze. Liang Muze said that he didn’t like it, and he liked to eat the multigrain steamed buns made in Xia Chu.

Liang Muze ended the game and was drinking and chatting with the captain of the opposing team. The captain of the opposing team said that one of his former comrades, Pei Yu and Liang Muze, were very similar. Both let him taste a rare failure. The two chatted. Liang Muze went to the bathroom, but was attacked by the killer. Gunshots broke out. The team leader also went into the bar to help. Liang Muze wanted to stay alive for interrogation, but the team leader shot and killed the killer. Zhuo Ran was very angry when she learned that Liang Muze was not dead.

When Liang Muze drove back to the army, a parrot suddenly landed on Liang Muze’s car. Everyone got out of the car to check. The parrot walked directly on Tian Yong’s shoulder. It seemed that he had a good relationship with Tian Yong. Tian Yong had to take the parrot to gather first. , Dong Zhigang saw that the parrot was injured, so he asked Tian Yong to look for Military Doctor Wu before contacting the Forestry Bureau. Dong Zhigang left Liang Muze alone and asked about the assault by the killer, but the local government did not identify the killer.

New Year’s Day is approaching, and Corey asked if Xia Chu was on a one-day shift or a two-day shift. Of course, he would choose one day at the beginning of Xia, but if he had one day, he would have to go to the special forces brigade to conduct a medical examination for the troops. , He readily agreed. After Xia Chu got off work, he met Zhuo Ran again. Zhuo Ran wanted to invite her to dinner but Xia Chu refused.

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