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Truth or Dare 花好月又圆 Episode 2 Recap

Xiaowanzi nodded and agreed to the marriage of Qinglongzhai. As long as he married out by himself, his father would be free. Xiao Wanzi looked at He Yizhi’s face and asked He Yizhi not to gamble anymore. So, Chifeng took the small balls to Ruyilou for the final refreshing. On the other side, the princess’s carriage came to Qingzhou, but no Mei’s sedan chair came to greet him. Jia Ding hurried to inform Mei Shiqing, but Mei Shiqing looked indifferent.

The princess had to live in the Ruyi Tower. When Mei Changyun learned, he hurriedly sent someone to pick up the princess. The princess accidentally learned from Qiao Yun that Mei Shiqing was suffering from an eye disease, and he was even more unwilling in his heart. Little Baoye’s wedding carriage arrived, Chifeng said that Xiaowanzi was in Linhai’s room, and Xiao Baoye went upstairs himself. But here, Qiaoyun walked into the room and saw Xiaowanzi with his hijab covered. She was pleasantly surprised that the princess had changed his mind and hurriedly picked Xiaowanzi into Mei’s carriage.

Xiao Wanzi came to Mei’s house and heard Mei Changyun’s voice. Xiao Wanzi reacted. It turned out that she ran into Lu Yingyao after taking a shower. Later, both of them ran into the wrong room. Xiao Wanzi wanted to resist, but he was afraid that his identity would be exposed, and he would be punished because he was not the princess. After this, Xiao Wanzi cried out even worse. Lu Yingyao woke up and found the little treasurer next to her, only then realized that she must have gone to the wrong room. But Xiao Baoye fell in love at first sight when he saw Lu Yingyao. After waking up, Lu Yingyao had to admit it. Little Baoye was excited to prepare dishes for Lu Yingyao, and Lu Yingyao couldn’t help crying as he watched the whole table full of ducks and pigs.

Xiao Wanzi looked at Mei Shiqing next to him. At this time, Mei Shiqing was still insisting on the blind man’s personality, indicating that the two can be well and keep the name of husband and wife. There will be no real husband and wife. Xiaowanzi tried to escape, but the door was heavily guarded, and Xiaowanzi had to give up.

Master Xiao Bao brought Lu Yingyao to see Nan Ba ​​Tian, ​​thinking that Master Xiao Bao would be subdued by marrying a busker. He knew that Lu Yingyao’s beauty was amazing, and he was envious of Nan Ba ​​Tian. Nan Xiang broke in at this moment, so angry that he wanted to do something, Xiao Baoye quickly took care of his shortcomings and brought Lu Yingyao back to the room. As soon as he returned to the room, Master Xiao Bao was sleepy. Lu Yingyao threatened Master Xiao Bao to go out to sleep. Seeing that Lu Yingyao was about to die, Master Xiao Bao had to agree temporarily. Lu Yingyao decided to think about how to escape in the rest of the time.

Mei Shiqing was awakened by the nightmare of his mother’s suffering, and turned the mechanism under the bed. Mei Shiqing changed into the costume of the night spirit man and went to the Ruyi Building to communicate with Arou. A Rou found out that a crazy Chen Laodian on the street mentioned the murder of the old lady, and also mentioned the beggar gang Lao Ba.

Mei Shiqing asked about the house of Chen Laodian and ordered A Rou to capture him alive. come back. Just when Mei Shiqing wanted to go back from the dark road, she found that Xiaowanzi was sleeping on her bed and jammed the mechanism. Mei Shiqing had to go back from the front door, and when he was about to pick up Xiaowanzi, Xiaowanzi murmured at Night Spirit Man, and grabbed Mei Shiqing, and their lips were pressed together again by coincidence.

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