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Time Flies and You Are Here 雁归西窗月 Episode 32 End Recap

His Majesty Regards the Queen’s love, even if he knew that she and Xu Sang’s party were private, he pretended not to know, but he didn’t expect that the Queen would do such a thing that afflicts the nine clans. He told the Queen that he had never thought of changing the prince and would not abandon her . Shen Yan led people into the harem, and Zhao Xiaoqian impeached Xu Xiang in the court for corrupting the Mexican army and conspiring to murder Zhongliang.

Li Guangwen appeared in the court as a witness, and Zhong Ziyan was caught by Xu Xiang’s people. Shen Yan rushed to take the queen down. It turned out that His Majesty didn’t have any major issues at all and he wanted to change his clothes. Xu Xiang threatened Zhao Xiaoqian and asked Zhao Xiaoqian to give him Li Guangwen. Zhao Xiaoqian hesitated, but Xu Xiang actually wanted to kill Zhao Xiaoqian on the spot.

During the fight between Zhao Xiaoqian and Xu Xiang’s people, someone stabbed Zhao Xiaoqian from behind and Zhong Ziyan was eagerly stabbed behind him. He fell to the ground and died on the spot. Zhao Xiaoqian was very sad. He beheaded the soldiers who besieged him in the palace, pointed at Xu Xiang with a sword to name the person who died because of Xu Xiang’s greed for the Mexican army, and begged the prince to investigate Xu Huan thoroughly.

His Majesty came with Shen Yan, and Li Guangwen impeached Xu Xiang to give a confession that Xu Xiang had held all the evidence in the government for so many years. His Majesty looked at the full volume of Xu Xiang’s criminal evidence. Before, he was only thinking that the doctor could not tolerate Xu Xiang and tolerate Xu Xiang, Xu Xiang actually committed so many heinous crimes. Xu Xiang knelt down and asked for forgiveness from His Majesty. His Majesty announced that he would take Xu Xiang to transcribe his home and thoroughly investigate the rest of the people involved in the case.

The queen took the initiative to bear all the guilt just to let her majesty not implicate the prince, and her majesty would not punish her and punish her to go out of the palace and practice spiritual practice. They would never see each other again in the future. His Majesty asked the prince why he couldn’t order Zhao Xiaoqian to be killed in the palace today. The prince said that Zhao Xiaoqian was his elder brother. His Majesty asked him why he still called her mother when he knew the queen was guilty. The prince said that the queen’s mother was his mother.

Zhao Xiaoqian entered the palace and met the queen. The queen said that he had won and avenged his elder brother, but Zhao Xiaoqian said that he did not come back for revenge. He came back to assist a Ming monarch in the future, and to live in peace and prosperity for the one he loved. After the prince asked if Zhao Xiaoqian really regarded him as his opponent and wanted to kill him as others said, Zhao Xiaoqian turned back and said that he is his brother and will not hurt him under any circumstances. The prince asked Zhao Xiaoqian what he should think of him, and Zhao Xiaoqian let him decide for himself as long as it is a correct decision.

Zhao Xiaoqian has done what his Majesty explained. His Majesty asked him what he wanted. He said that he was going to Shirakawaguchi to guard the frontier. His Majesty’s retention was fruitless. Before he left, he asked Your Majesty for two things. I asked for an imperative, and I also asked your majesty to make Xie Xiaoman the princess of the county, and your majesty agreed. His Majesty ordered Zhao Xiaoqian to garrison at Shirakawaguchi in the imperial decree, and also named Zhong Ziyan as a business man, and Xie Xiaoman as the wife of Wu, the princess of Julu County.

When Zhao Xiaoqian fell on the stairs, he seemed to see Zhong Ziyan. He had a conversation with the illusory Zhong Ziyan. The four of Zhao Xiaoqian went to the tomb of Zhong Ziyan to worship and bid farewell, and they were about to leave Biandu.

Minggu and Yan Boyang returned to Wujiang Mansion, they had their own children, and the Su Changji at Minggu’s family was getting better and better. Zhao Xiaoqian left Biandu and came to Shirakawaguchi and became the general he wanted to be. He was stationed at Shirakawaguchi, trained and trained in peacetime, and lived his ideal life. Xie Xiaoman also accompanied Zhao Xiaoqian to Baichuankou, and the two lived a sweet life.

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