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Time Flies and You Are Here 雁归西窗月 Episode 31 Recap

Zhao Xiaoqian married Xie Xiaoman in Shili Hongzhuang. Everyone was very happy that day, Yan Boyang and Zhong Ziyan were busy welcoming guests, and the house was full of joy. On the night of the bridal chamber, Zhao Xiaoqian asked Xie Xiaoman to remember that since she was married and came in, she didn’t have to be afraid of anything. Just presumptuous, he didn’t stay in the wedding room but took a cold bath under the pretext of leaving. Shi Deng’er saw that this scene was unclear, so she asked Uncle Liangji what was going on. Liangji didn’t speak but shook his head.

During the last dynasty, Xu Xiangyin and Yang congratulated Zhao Xiaoqian on his promotion to Fu Yin, and Zhao Xiaoqian said a few words with a blank expression on his face. The yin and yang congratulated Zhao Xiaoqian on his promotion to Fu Yin in a strange manner. ??????

Xu Xiang asked why Zhao Xiaoqian didn’t even want the marriage of Shen’s family for a girl of the people. Xu Xiang guessed that Zhao Xiaoqian didn’t want to fight for savings. Zhao Xiaoqian said that the accounts of Li Guangwen’s Qianzhuangjing two roads of Baichuankou 200,000 army pay were his intentions for these three items. On the public case. Xu Xiang walked two steps closer and asked if Zhao Xiaoqian was afraid to find out what shouldn’t be checked. Zhao Xiaoqian was not afraid to find the king of heaven and I fearlessly. All he wanted was for Xu Xiang to go down to hell to see his 10,000 brothers.

His Majesty asked the prince not to endorse him to test how to deal with a flood. The prince thought that people could be moved to avoid the water. His Majesty asked him if he knew how much it would cost for such a large project, and then he did not know how much money would be lost. . The prince was silent when he didn’t know what to answer, and the queen spoke out and asked how his Majesty had spoken this matter properly. Her Majesty looked at the Queen Road, Shirakawakou Liangjing Road, and she really thought he didn’t know. When the queen saw the situation, she knelt down and said that she didn’t understand what her Majesty meant.

Her Majesty said that she was fooling herself, but it was impossible for him to be a prince in the future and let him fool the world. His Majesty did not want to say that she had made her get up. His Majesty praised Zhao Xiaoqian in front of the prince, but said that the prince stayed in the palace all day long without the wind and rain, and the best master to lead the way. If he continues to be so chaotic, let him be a virtuous person in the Eastern Palace. The prince said that only Zhao Xiaoqian was in his majesty’s heart, and his majesty was furious and dizzy.

The queen sent someone out of the palace to inform Xu Xiang, Xu Xiang decided to get rid of Zhao Xiaoqian, he discussed with his confidants, and Shen Yan also stood by and listened to all their plans.

On the night of the bridal chamber, Zhao Xiaoqian did not stay overnight, and Deng Xiner gave Xie Xiaoman an idea for her to play games with Zhao Xiaoqian. She acted as a fox fairy and took the initiative to attack. Zhao Xiaoqian froze in place at a loss, and Xie Xiaoman left shyly when he saw this. Zhong Ziyan came over and told Zhao Xiaoqian that Li Guangwen had found him. Li Su personally went to Biandu in the past two days, but now Xu Huan is watching closely. He is a criminal and can only sneak into the city. Zhong Ziyan decided to pick him up in person. he.

Shen Yan came to Zhao Xiaoqian and told him that His Majesty fainted in the palace yesterday, and the eunuch sent the Queen Yi decree that the prince will supervise the country Xu Xiang to assist the government. Today, he has a will not to go to the court, and the four gates have also been imprisoned by Xu Xiang’s people. In a few days, the will of the prince Jianguo will be made. Shen Yan also told Zhao Xiaoqian of Xu Xiang and his plan, and several people discussed countermeasures.

Zhao Xiaoqian took Xiaoman back to Xie’s family today to explain that Zhong Ziyan will go outside the city tomorrow to meet Li Guangwen and leave with Su’s Xie family. He is ready for the house outside the city. If he does not return after three days, let Zhong Ziyan not wait for him to return directly. In Wujiang Mansion, Zhong Ziyan did not agree to enter the palace on the day. Zhao Xiaoqian had no choice but to confess these things he did to Xie Xiaoman. When Xie Xiaoman learned of these things, Xie Xiaoman was unwilling to leave, and the two of them rounded up the room.

When he was in the court, the prince supervised Xu Xiang to assist the government, and Xu Xiang slandered Zhao Xiaoqian for colluding with foreign enemies to mess up the political affairs. The officials asked the prince to order Zhao Xiaoqian to be killed, and the queen forced him to give up his place in his majesty’s palace.

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