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The Trick of Life and Love 机智的恋爱生活 Episode 18 Recap

Yu Qingqing and Li Qian were discussing the future development direction of Stellar, but inadvertently heard that the assistant said that Gu Zhe wanted to sell the company to Li Rong, which made Li Qian very angry. Although Stellar was named Gu Zhe in name, in fact, It is her Li Qian and Yu Qingqing who have worked so hard to have today.

Ning Chengming insisted on seeing Li Jingfan, and found Li Chen and Li Jun to spread the word. The two called and informed Li Jingfan. Li Jingfan angrily thought that Ning Chengming was a person who didn’t understand the rules. He clearly said that if he didn’t see him, he had to I was entangled in the meeting, so I avoided seeing him, and simply didn’t go to the company. He turned to find Li Qian, just to teach Ning Chengming what the rules are.

Cao Mei wanted to go to dinner with Ning Chengming but was refused. This made Cao Mei feel uncomfortable. He also began to think about Li Qian, the woman next to Ning Chengming, and asked someone to investigate Li Qian’s background.

Li Qian went to Gu Zhe angrily and asked why he wanted to sell the company to Li Jingfan in the first place? Gu Zhe was so scared that he didn’t dare to speak, Yu Qingqing also guilty of not daring to look at Li Qian, Li Qian turned around so angry, and met Ning Chengming at the crossroads, Li Qian happily stepped forward and wanted to say hello. But I didn’t expect that Ning Chengming’s cold eyes swept across Li Qian, and there was no reason at all.

This made Li Qian sad, but he still wanted to explain the misunderstanding clearly. Ning Chengming just gave Li Qianwu in a business-style cold tone. In minutes of explanation, Li Qian apologized for not deceiving at the time, but the starting point was for Ning Chengming. He also thought that he would tell Ning Chengming everything as long as the danger was completely eliminated. It happened that Li Jingfan and Li Jun drove. Coming over, Li Jingfan asked Li Jun to go up and overhear the conversation between the two.

Li Qian believed that although she was deceived at the beginning, she had saved many times later. If she hadn’t saved Ning Chengming, Ning Chengming would have died many times, but Ning Chengming told Li Qian that she was actually in the same place. He had known Ma Hao’s plan a month ago, and arranged for Qi Wei to deal with some things for the kit. If it hadn’t been for Li Qian’s appearance, he would definitely be able to see Qi Wei on the second day of the car accident, and it would not evolve into what it is today, and even Ma Hao would not be able to escape at all.

Even if Ning Chengming really had an accident and died, Qi Wei could complete the task according to the tips left, but he did not expect that Li Qian’s appearance would ruin all plans. Li Qian was also a little agitated and asked if Ning Chengming had calculated her. If Ning Chengming had an accident, those who cared about him would be sad, but Ning Chengming told Li Qian that everything that happened between the two of them would be sad.

It was not equal, and nothing else would happen between the two of them from now on, and at the same time warned Li Qian not to try to be with him again. Ning Chengming’s attitude is vocal, and his words are like the ice of the North Pole, showing that he has no feelings with Li Qian. Li Qian laughed at herself and reminded Ning Chengming that she was not the one who directed the scenes of the two people together, and she was definitely not the only one who entered the scene.

Yu Qingqing was jealous of Gu Lan and Li Chen being together, and angrily went to find Gu Lan’s car with Gu Zhe, and put lipstick on her car, just in time Gu Lan came over and grabbed Yu Qingqing angrily, and Li Chen stopped him. An angry Gu Lan asked Yu Qingqing to leave. Yu Qingqing was afraid of being misunderstood and quickly apologized. She lied that she accidentally put on lipstick. Gu Lan thought Yu Qingqing was Gu Zhe’s girlfriend and forced Gu Zhe to take Yu Qingqing. go.

Seeing his daughter being wronged, Li Jingfan felt uneasy. Then he asked Ning Chengming to be taken to the office to talk, and blamed Ning Chengming for dumping Li Qian, but Ning Chengming spoke out about his performance, thinking that Li Jingfan was one of them. A good investor should value things with a large return on a large project, rather than personal matters. It also showed that the relationship with Li Qian was only wishful thinking of Li Qian. He was in a state of amnesia at the time, and all his actions were not from his original intention.

When I was a teacher, Ning Chengming knew about Li Qian and his mother Ren Yue. He also met Ren Yue. He also knew that Li Qian and Li Jingfan’s relationship was not good. Therefore, Ning Chengming promised that if we cooperate, it will be more than okay. Let Li Jingfan get rich returns, and let Li Jingfan repair the relationship with Li Qian

Cao Mei also found out about Li Qian’s affairs. He knew that Ren Yue gave birth to Li Qian, and that Li Qian didn’t know that he had a father until he was eighteen years old, but in fact he was not Li Jingfan. On the contrary, Li Jingfan loves Ren Yue very much. At the beginning, Ren Yue had a relationship with her family when she was unmarried and she was pregnant. She lived in a house in the east of the city by herself, but now Li Qian lives in the place left by her mother Ren Yue.

Li Jingfan once proposed to marry Ren Yue but was rejected. It may be because Ren Yue had frostbite and therefore rejected his lover’s proposal. However, because he loved Ren Yue, Li Jingfan had nothing but guilt and love for Li Qian. , But Li Qian has been rejecting people thousands of miles away.

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