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The Smell of Warmth 温暖的味道 Episode 37 Recap

Sun Guangming personally cooks for Yue Lan, and Zhang Zihao is not allowed to eat, and Zhang Zihao is also inconvenient to participate. Sun Guangming can’t wait to learn about the relationship between Yue Lan and Zhang Zihao. Yue Lan admitted that she was trying to date him. Sun Guangmingqiang reluctantly wished them happiness. Yue Lan urged Sun Guangming to find a girlfriend as soon as possible. Sun Guangming didn’t want to. Talk about it.

Grandpa suddenly came to the barn to look for Zhang Zihao. Zhang Zihao was very surprised. He couldn’t wait to let the assistant tell his grandpa about his distress in the cave. The assistant boasted and portrayed Zhang Zihao as a hero who sacrificed himself to save others. Zhang Zihao didn’t want to listen. He talked nonsense and hurriedly stopped him. Grandpa explained his intentions and persuaded Zhang Zihao to make additional investments cautiously. He first sought the support of 70% of the villagers, and then signed the contract together to avoid the risk. Zhang Zihao suddenly opened up the problem.

Standing on the balcony on the second floor, Sun Guangming heard Zhang Zihao’s conversation with his grandfather, and his mood became even more serious. In the middle of the night, Sun Guangming sat alone in the yard and felt sad. Xu Youyou saw that he was on his mind and encouraged him to snatch Yue Lan back. Sun Guangming deliberately changed the subject. Zhao Yuxi accompanied her grandma on a walk, and saw that all the people who worked outside came back to sign with Zhang Zihao. The grandma learned from the sweet-scented osmanthus brother Gui Yu that Li Jianan had called them back.

That night, Li Jian’an gathered all the people working outside for a meeting and showed them the grand blueprint of Zhang Zihao’s large farm. They unanimously responded and wanted to get the money back to the city as soon as possible. Li Jianan explained that 70% of the people in the village Only when people agree to sign the contract, it is clear that Sun Guangming is a stumbling block.

Gui Yu summoned all the people working outside to the barn. They sat together playing cards and drinking tea and chatting. Xu Youyou hurried out to stop him. Gui Yu insisted on seeing Sun Guangming. After hearing the news, Osmanthus came and urged Gui Yu to take everyone away. Gui Yu was determined not to do it. Liu Fugui hurried over to relieve the siege. Gui Yu took the opportunity to open his mouth and let Liu Fugui give out 500,000 gifts to marry Osmanthus.

Sun Guangming hurriedly rushed to comfort Gui Yu and those people, and asked Xu Youyou to make Haiqing tea for everyone. Gui Yu had a soft spot for tea, and he was full of praise for Haiqing tea. Sun Guangming personally cooks for them. Gui Yu doesn’t buy it. He wants to take everyone to eat and live in the barn every day until the signing is successful. Osmanthus is gritted with anger, and Liu Fugui hastened her to take her away.

Sun Guangming was not upset, and cooked the hearty meals by himself. Gui Yu and the others feasted, and Sun Guangming promised to let them taste the organic vegetables grown by the villagers in the evening. Gui Yu and others came to Li Jianan, and Li Jianan reminded them not to be fooled by Sun Guangming and continue to fight him to the end.

Gui Yu brought those people to the barn early in the morning, and Xu Youyou brought him other brands of tea. Gui Yu insisted on drinking Haiqing tea. Sun Guangming took him to Haiqing Village for a taste, and also asked him to visit the tea plantation. Gui Yu was deeply touched, and Sun Guangming took the opportunity to explain that the ecological Jianda farm should not be destroyed. Gui Yu felt that he had left the countryside, unlike the people who stayed in the village.

He only had to get the money. Sun Guangming thought that land was their root and could retain their homesickness. Gui Yu went back to tell his companions what he had seen and heard that day, and advised everyone to stop making troubles. They all agreed not to confront Sun Guangming. Li Jianan was anxious and tried to persuade Gui Yu, but he was determined.

Gui Yu came to Sun Guangming early in the morning and wanted to promote Haiqing tea in Shenzhen. Sun Guangming naturally couldn’t ask for it. Li Jianan went to work with households and only persuaded 47 households to sign the lease contract. Zhang Zihao was very dissatisfied. He went to Feng Jinbao personally. Feng Jinbao only gave him the words “the entrusted person” and asked Zhang Zihao. Hao went to persuade Zhao Yushan. As long as Zhao Yushan was willing to sign the contract, the villagers would sign it obediently. Feng Jinbao also claimed to be the next successor trained by Zhao Yushan. Zhang Zihao immediately decided to let Feng Jinbao be the core leader of the big farm.

Li Jianan came to talk to Sun Guangming, Sun Guangming was going to Zhao Yushan for dinner, Li Jianan went with him. Zhang Zihao went to the vegetable garden to find Zhao Yushan, and rushed inside without saying anything. Zhao Yushan forced him out and asked him to say hello to Cai Miao, but Zhang Zihao could only bite the bullet and do it.

Sun Guangming came and brought outdoor cooking stoves and pots. Zhao Yushan asked Li Jian’an to go to the river to catch fish with his bare hands. Li Jian’an was busy for a long time, but he didn’t catch a fish. Zhao Yushan picked up a bamboo pole. The force of blowing dust will tie a fish. Sun Guangming stewed the original fish soup, sliced ​​sashimi, and added Zhao Yushan’s organic vegetables as a match. Zhao Yushan was full of praise for his cooking skills.

Zhang Zihao and Li Jianan stood aside and looked carefully. They were surprised. Sun Guangming didn’t put any seasoning. Sun Guangming explained that the water in the river is good and the fish is very fragrant. The organic vegetables grown by Zhao Yushan himself are healthier. They took the opportunity to persuade Zhao Yushan. Keep your own land. Zhang Zihao strongly protested, ridiculed Sun Guangming, falsely accused Sun Guangming to take the interests of the villagers to realize his pastoral dream.

Sun Guangming repeatedly emphasized that he was for the sake of the villagers. Zhao Yushan could not make up his mind for a while, and he let Sun Guangming and Zhang Zihao Plant a piece of land each, and whoever grows good vegetables will support whose decision.

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