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The Smell of Warmth 温暖的味道 Episode 36 Recap

Li Jianan promised to give Zhao Yuxi a part-time job. Zhao Yuxi wanted to succeed him as the CEO of a large farm. He was not interested in other positions. Li Jianan gritted his teeth with anger and cursed Zhao Yuxi. Zhao Yuxi sneered at him.

Xichun came to the village committee to look for Li Jian’an, and found that the office had wine and food. Li Jianan and Liu Fugui came to the village committee together, talking and laughing. Xichun couldn’t dodge, and hurried to the back room for a while. Li Jianan asked Liu Fugui to drink and persuaded him to be the first to sign a contract with Zhang Zihao. Liu Fugui offered him a condition to let Xichun out. Li Jianan was in a dilemma. Liu Fugui went away disappointed. Li Jianan hurriedly chased out and took the initiative. Offer to send him off.

Xichun heard clearly in the back room. She came directly to Liu Fugui for a showdown and asked Liu Fugui to sign the lease contract as soon as possible, and promised to marry him immediately. Liu Fugui was dumbfounded. He wanted to run in with Xichun first. , Xichun urged him to set a wedding date as soon as possible, Liu Fugui did not want to force her, Xichun forced him bitterly, Liu Fugui immediately decided not to marry her.

When Xichun went out to see Osmanthus, Osmanthus brought Xichun to the barn, Sun Guangming heard the news, Osmanthus told the whole story, Xichun tried his best to defend Liu Fugui, and then made an excuse to leave first. Sun Guangming took Liu Fugui’s approach with admiration. He felt that Liu Fugui had someone else in his heart, and Osmanthus decided to rectify Liu Fugui.

Osmanthus meticulously cooked a table of dishes for Liu Fugui. Liu Fugui had not eaten her cooking for a long time, and tears filled her eyes. Osmanthus repeatedly claimed that this was a break-up meal. Congratulations to Liu Fugui and Xichun for getting married early, Liu Fugui did not want to reluctantly. Chun, let alone a loveless marriage, he wants to make money with all his heart. Osmanthus took the opportunity to express her confusion.

She wanted to expand the scale, but the Zhao family’s old house was too small. Liu Fugui considered again and again to let Osmanthus move the workshop to his house. He could still eat the food made by Osmanthus, and Osmanthus promised to give it every year. Liu Fugui couldn’t ask for his rent of 20,000 yuan. The two of them went to Xu Youyi to sign a rental contract.

Osmanthus moved the workers early in the morning, and brought three large carts. That night, Liu Fugui bought a good bottle of wine and urged Osmanthus to cook as soon as possible. Osmanthus packed his luggage and asked him to move away overnight. Only then did Liu Fugui realize that he had been fooled by Osmanthus and he had nowhere to go. , Begged Osmanthus to take him temporarily, but Osmanthus forcibly drove him away.

Liu Fugui had no choice but to come to Sun Guangming. He vomited bitterness to Sun Guangming. Sun Guangming carefully reviewed the rental contract between him and Osmanthus. It was in full compliance with the legal procedures. Sun Guangming made chicken soup for Liu Fugui. He casually talked about the day when Liu Fugui drove the sweet-scented osmanthus out. Liu Fugui asked Sun Guangming to help him. Sun Guangming analyzed that sweet-scented sweet-scented osmanthus was true love to Liu Fugui. This time he deliberately fouled with Liu Fugui. As long as Liu Fugui talks to Osmanthus, she will definitely be touched.

Liu Fugui came to find Osmanthus, as long as there is a room to live in, Osmanthus made two conditions. He could not sign a contract with Li Jian’an, and had to do housekeeping to cover the rent. Liu Fugui complained, he came to Sun Guangming for help early in the morning, and Sun Guangming taught him To make Mapo tofu, he wanted to bring it back to sweet-scented osmanthus, and Sun Guangming asked him to make it himself.

Liu Fugui went home and made some dishes for sweet-scented osmanthus. Osmanthus thought the dishes were too unpalatable. He said that he had lost his meal and asked him to clean the yard. Liu Fugui had no choice but to do it. Mayor Zhao called Sun Guangming early in the morning to attend the commendation meeting for poverty alleviation, but Sun Guangming declined but had to agree. Liu Fugui hurriedly came to Sun Guangming to file a complaint and accused Osmanthus’s crimes one by one. He wanted to rebel against him. Sun Guangming persuaded him to bear with him for a few days, but Liu Fugui resolutely refused to do it.

Sun Guangming wanted to take Liu Fugui and Osmanthus to the commendation meeting, and let Liu Fugui speak on stage, and Liu Fugui hurried back to prepare a speech. The commendation ceremony officially began. Liu Fugui came to the stage to tell about his experience of making tofu, and he also described in detail the whole process of supporting the Osmanthus fragrans workshop with Sun Guangming. Guilan was very pleased to see his radiant spirit.

Sun Guangming admitted that he started to like Liu Fugui at that time. Liu Fugui had a good heart and gave her tofu every three to five. Liu Fugui’s wonderful speech received warm applause from the attendees. Osmanthus loved him.

Zhang Zihao saw Liu Fugui’s speech at the commendation meeting, and immediately decided to add another 30 million yuan to Li Jian’an to find the villagers to sign contracts. Li Jian’an felt that Sun Guangming was the biggest obstacle, and suggested that they should find migrant workers to fight against Sun Guangming and Zhang. Zihao sent him to contact him immediately. Yue Lan came to Zhang Zihao and persuaded him to give up building large farms in the countryside.

He didn’t understand the real ideas of the villagers. Zhang Zihao insisted on building a large farm in Houshigou Village. Not only did he have to prove himself in front of his grandfather, but also When this is a bargaining chip to propose to Yue Lan. Sun Guangming heard what Zhang Zihao said and advised him to give up as soon as possible. Zhang Zihao insisted on proposing to Yue Lan on the day when the large farm was built.

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