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The Smell of Warmth 温暖的味道 Episode 35 Recap

Xichun saw that Li Jianan raised his eyebrows again, and his hanging heart came to the ground. Li Jianan admitted that she was a good girl and was willing to treat her like a sister. He also went on describing the bright future to Xichun. Xichun was very moved. , Taking the opportunity to open up to him, Xichun admitted that she was a released prisoner, married in her hometown, and gave birth to a son. Her husband was addicted to gambling and sold her two-year-old son to a trafficker. Xichun and her husband fought. , Angrily pushed him onto the road, her husband was hit and killed by an oncoming car, so Xichun went to jail because of this, Li Jianan promised that winning would make her live a good life.

Guilan, Li Qinghe, Osmanthus and Zhao Liying respectively called the villagers to the barn for a meeting. Li Jian’an then rushed over, and Sun Guangming asked him to sit down and listen. Sun Guangming first listed the impractical aspects of the big farm plan, and advised everyone to think twice. Xu Youyou stood up and reminded everyone not to be confused by the big pie drawn by Zhang Zihao, and don’t do a one-off sale, otherwise they will regret it, Sun Guangming Hurry to stop her.

Li Jianan stood up and argued that Zhang Zihao had promised to let the villagers go to work at the large farm. Xu Youyi showed up and accused him of the difficulty and pain of losing his autonomy to work for others. Sun Guangming didn’t want to say too much, but just advised everyone not to leave the land unused and continue to devote themselves to their current work with full enthusiasm. Guilan, Li Qinghe, Guihua and Zhao Liying all promised to do their jobs well.

Xu Youyou had a showdown with Sun Guangming and wanted to leave Houshigou Village after finishing this month. Sun Guangming persuaded her to think clearly before saying that Xu Youyou had decided, and Sun Guangming had to agree. Guilan came to Sun Guangming to report to her work overnight. She wanted to open a Taobao shop to promote the vegetables in Houshigou Village. Sun Guangming had this intention and gave her many feasible suggestions.

Sun Guangming also wanted to cook the vegetables herself. She cheered, Xu Weiyi came up with an idea to photograph Zhao Yushan’s intensive cultivation of organic vegetables and post it on the Internet, as well as engage in hunger marketing. Sun Guangming praised her ideas, and Guilan wrote them down, thanking Xu Weiyi again and again. Xu Youyi went back to the house in anger.

Xu Meiyi came to the vegetable field early in the morning and photographed Zhao Yuxi’s entire process of planting and harvesting vegetables and posted them on Weibo and official accounts, which immediately attracted many tourists rushing to buy. Zhao Yuxi had nothing to do at home all day long. Gui Lan encouraged him to cheer up and bought him a tricycle for delivery. Zhao Yuxi was reluctant, but couldn’t stand Guilan’s hard work. From that day on, Zhao Yuxi went out every morning and evening and returned to Guilan’s Taobao store to deliver goods. Sun Guangming was impressed by his changes.

Soon afterwards, Sun Guangming once again called Guilan, Li Qinghe, Guihua and Zhao Liying for a meeting. He learned that the work under their jurisdiction had improved and the villagers had settled down. He was very pleased that Zhang Zihao would not invite him. Since then, he has demonstrated to Sun Guangming and threatened to get villagers to sign with him soon.

Li Jian’an took Zhang Zihao to persuade from house to house. The villagers didn’t want to sign the first copy. Zhang Zihao promised to give the first 20,000 yuan more, and they would not buy it. Li Jianan took Zhang Zihao into the dark, and did not sign a contract. Zhang Zihao pushed all the guilt on Li Jianan. Li Jianan suggested to find influential villagers first, and then lead others, Zhang Zi Hao urged him to do it as soon as possible.

Xu Youyou made up her mind to leave Houshigou Village. She carefully made sad jelly. Sun Guangming told her the origin of the name. He also tasted a bite and gave her a lot of opinions. Xu Youyou was very angry. Wanting to make a midnight snack to fill up her stomach, Sun Guangming struggled to keep her, Xu’s only brain said all the grievances in his heart, and Sun Guangming no longer reluctantly.

Li Jianan was the first to come to Feng Jinbao to sign the lease contract, and promised to let him be the chief financial officer of the large farm. Zhao Meifeng coughed loudly to remind him to sign the contract. Feng Jinbao still found various excuses and asked Li Jianan to persuade him. His opponent Zhao Yuxi, Li Jian’an had no choice but to leave. Zhao Meifeng complained to Feng Jinbao for not signing. Feng Jinbao didn’t want to be the first person to be the first, and he also explained the stakes to Zhao Meifeng. Li Jianan bit his head and came to Zhao Yuxi to persuade him to be the first to sign a contract with Zhang Zihao.

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