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The Smell of Warmth 温暖的味道 Episode 34 Recap

After the village meeting ended, Li Jian’an was malicious. The villagers surrounded him and asked questions. Li Jian’an promised to let everyone live a good life. Liu Fugui also went up to show his good to Li Jian’an. Zhao Yu was so angry that he was a traitor. , Li Jianan took the initiative to greet Sun Guangming, posing as a winner.

Sun Guangming arranged for Zhang Zihao to live in the barn. Zhang Zihao triumphantly demonstrated to him. Sun Guangming opposed his plan for a large farm and found it unrealistic. Zhang Zihao refused to listen to persuasion at all, and insisted on going his own way. Many years ago, Liu Fugui rented the land to Zhao Yushan to grow vegetables.

He wanted a compensation, so he came to Zhao Yushan to get the land back. Zhao Yushan firmly disagreed. He signed a ten-year contract with Liu Fugui, but there is no one yet. maturity. Liu Fugui took out the IOU that Zhao Yushan had made for his wife’s treatment, and tore it to pieces on the spot, forcing Zhao Yushan to return the land to him, Zhao Yushan gritted his teeth with anger.

Liu Fugui asked Zhao Yushan to return his land. People who worked in the city heard that Zhang Zihao was going to requisition the land, and they rushed back to recover the land that was transferred out. They all wanted to rent it to Zhang Zihao. The villagers had no intention of farming, and would rather let The land is deserted, and I am all looking forward to Zhang Zihao’s requisition as soon as possible.

Zhao Liying was worried that the homestay had no prospects, so she pinned all her hopes on the land. She had no intention of running the homestay. She asked someone to measure the land and calculated how much compensation she would get. Guilan accompanied Sun Guangming around the land. Sun Guangming Witnessing all this with my own eyes, my heart is extremely heavy.

Sun Guangming was upset, so he had to do what he wanted to make crayfish of various flavors. He had to have a good talk with Zhang Zihao. Zhang Zihao wanted to open a crayfish shop in the big farm. Sun Guangming persuaded him to abandon the big farm plan. Zhang Zihao repeatedly claimed that he could make the villagers live a good life. Sun Guangming exposed to his face that he wanted to use the village’s land to make a fortune, regardless of the future life of the villagers.

The villagers had no land and their backbone, and Sooner or later, when the compensation money runs out, the villagers will return to poverty. Zhang Zihao would not listen at all. He wanted to take the land at once. Sun Guangming and him fought hard, and the two of them would disagree. It was too noisy, and Sun Guangming vowed to do everything possible to stop Zhang Zihao.

Li Jianan persuaded Li Jianping to lease the land to Zhang Zihao, and promised to get him tens of thousands of yuan in compensation. Li Jianping didn’t want to rent it to Zhang Zihao, so he liked to grow vegetables, and Li Jian’an promised to find a piece of land for him in the large farm. Li Jianping just wants to grow vegetables in his own field. Li Jianan was speechless, so he had to persuade Liu Haitang and asked Liu Haitang to help persuade the villagers to sign a contract with Zhang Zihao.

Liu Haitang made the excuse that the pancake house was too busy to leave. Li Jianan promised to give her an official and a half post after the matter was completed, Liu Haitang Just not letting go, she didn’t want to rent the land to Zhang Zihao. Li Jian’an was very sad, and wanted to do the work on her own. Before leaving, she uttered cruel words and didn’t allow anyone to stand in his way.

Sun Guangming came to Secretary Yu for help. Secretary Yu was very busy at work, so he waited patiently. He waited until 12 noon when Sun Guangming offered to go home to cook for Secretary Yu. Secretary Yu promised to take Sun Guangming home. He personally cooks, Sun Guangming praises his craftsmanship. Secretary Yu asked casually about the election of the star village. Sun Guangming repeatedly admitted his mistakes and took the opportunity to explain his intentions.

He opposed Zhang Zihao’s investment in Houshigou Village. He also listed the negative consequences and vicious circle caused by this incident. Secretary Yu There is nothing to do. If Houshigou Village evaluates the star village, there will be restrictions on capital injection. Sun Guangming finally understands why Li Jianan wants to destroy the star village selection, just to open the door to Zhang Zihao’s convenience.

Secretary Yu gave an idea for Sun Guangming to win the support of the villagers. As long as the villagers realize that he is the one who really thinks for everyone, Secretary Yu also encouraged Sun Guangming to win the selection of the beautiful countryside, and Sun Guangming immediately opened the door. That night, Sun Guangming called Guilan, Zhao Liying, Osmanthus and Li Qinghe and asked them to notify the party members in the village, the bosses who opened the homestay, and the girls who went to study in Haiqing Village to come to the barn for a meeting tomorrow morning.

Xu Youyou desperately to please Sun Guangming, Sun Guangming is very cold towards her, and Xu Youyou is very sad. Xichun came to see Li Jian’an, and when he saw him drinking alone, she greeted him with warmth. Li Jianan invited Xichun to accompany him to drink with him, and took off the cover and put on Xichun.

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