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The Rebel 叛逆者 Episode 3 Recap

Under Lin Nansheng’s reminder, the agents squeezed out the cigarettes in their hands, but they did not know that they had already been seen through by Gu Shenyan. Chen Moqun led a team to surround the bookstore. Lin Nansheng found a suspicious vehicle following through the rearview mirror, so he cleverly threw it away and stopped at the bookstore across the street. Through Chen Moqun’s recommendation, he met Xu Bin, deputy head of the investigation of the Songhu Police Command .

According to the agreement on the phone, Ji Zhongyuan, the person in charge of the party organization in Shanghai, went to the bookstore to verify the situation with Amu, and notified Nanjing as soon as possible to investigate whether Wang Zhi had successfully arrived in Xinyang, so as to be foolproof. However, as soon as he walked out of the store with his front foot, Xu Bin sent someone to follow him, and other subordinates continued to monitor the surrounding movement.

Lin Nansheng walked into the bookstore according to Chen Moqun’s instructions, picked up a copy of “Hunter’s Notes” and pretended to read it. Amu was suspicious of Lin Nansheng and deliberately used words to try, but he didn’t expect the other party to get the correct answer, so he put down a little vigilance. Gu Shenyan speculated that Chen Moqun was about to be arrested based on the actions of the agents.

However, in order to protect the Central Plains from being implicated, Amu was already determined to die. He detonated the grenade and prepared to die with the enemy. Lin Nansheng stopped fruitless, so he could only rush out at a critical moment and pounce directly on Chen Moqun. As the explosion sounded behind them, everyone was too late to react, and instantly fell to the ground, watching the bookstore and Amu burned into the fire.

At this moment, Gu Shenyan had quietly settled a spy. He was thinking about responding to Amu’s evacuation from the back door, but it was too late. Chen Moqun observed the fatal wounds on the secret agent’s body and determined that the murderer had absolutely received orthodox training. Among the suspects, only one person made him suspicious.

It happened that the driver Huang’s confession confirmed that Gu Shenyan had a problem. Chen Moqun went to the apartment to question the registration staff, and learned that Gu Shenyan had moved home a few hours earlier. Gu Shenyan changed the license plate in time and hurried to his residence, only to see Chen Moqun’s whereabouts at the front door, so he had no choice but to enter through the back door.

Lin Nansheng, who was in charge of staying in the car, saw the suspicious car at this moment, although the license plate number was different from before, he was still suspicious. Chen Moqun knocked on the door of the room, and did not see the other person for several consecutive times. Just when his patience was about to run out, Gu Shenyan appeared in pajamas, his face looked tired, and seemed to be sick.

In the face of Chen Moqun’s sudden visit, Gu Shenyan did not reveal any flaws. The two old foxes tentatively dealt with each other. On the surface, they were peaceful, but in reality they were eccentric and thoughtful. Chen Moqun was unable to extract useful information from Gu Shenyan, so he said goodbye for the time being, and turned and walked out of the apartment. His face filled with smiles instantly turned cold.

No matter how Gu Shenyan pretended to be, when Chen Moqun became suspicious, it would be difficult to take it back again. Lin Nansheng took the car license plate to the Transportation Bureau to investigate the owner. Sure enough, the license plate was not recorded, which means that someone used a fake license plate to make smoke bombs. After Ji Zhongyuan left the bookstore, he had noticed that someone was stalking, so he threw away the opponent while riding the tram.

Since Amu is the only contact person, it will inevitably affect the transmission of information between the postman and the party organization. Now the bookstore burns down, which is enough to show that the postman lurking inside the secret service is like a lone boat drifting in the depths of the sea at this moment. Apart from the new lighthouse, there is no other way to return to the pier. Because of this, Chen Moqun decided to take the opportunity to unearth the inner ghost. In a row of personnel, he took the lead in picking up Gu Shenyan’s files and carefully examining the photos above, as if he had never seen through this old classmate who had been in contact for many years.

Ji Zhongyuan arranged for manual deciphering of the cipher text, and Gu Shenyan asked the newspaper to publish the handover code to facilitate the search for new contacts. After everything was prepared properly, Gu Shenyan set up a telescope on the rooftop opposite the hotel and checked Wang Zhi’s rooms one by one, only to be found by Lin Nansheng. Fortunately, at the critical moment, Gu Shenyan seized the edge of the rooftop to hide, finally avoiding Lin Nansheng’s sight.

Seeing Lin Nansheng return empty-handed, Chen Moqun officially began to interrogate Wang Zhi, forcing him to provide more clues. Since the moment Wang Zhi became a traitor, there has been no turning back. He is now in a dilemma. He is now included in the underground party assassination list. If he is concealed, he will be abandoned by the Kuomintang sooner or later.

In the end, Wang Zhi told the truth about the Cancor Cafe. He had seen Amu appear in the cafe. It was obvious that he was connected with a person. As for the specific identity of the person, it is difficult to know. According to Wang Zhi’s dictation, Chen Moqun immediately contacted Hu Daoyi, the captain of the operation team, and asked Lin Nansheng to assist him in setting up control near the cafe, waiting for the postman to appear.

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