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The Rebel 叛逆者 Episode 2 Recap

After the torrential rain, the temperature in Shanghai dropped to a low point, and the entire urban area was covered by clouds. Lin Nansheng walked out of the interrogation room sweating, looking incompatible with the surrounding environment. The silent group is commonplace, and after confessing a few words to Wang Shian, he took Lin Nansheng to an old foreign mansion hidden at the entrance of the lane. This was a residence he specially arranged for Lin Nansheng. Other than that, no one else knew about it.

Chen Moqun asked Lin Nan to get acquainted with the neighborhood as soon as possible, and by the way asked his thoughts on work. However, Lin Nansheng has not yet recovered from the shock he had just received. The fuzzy images remaining in his mind made him unbearable, and he was very unwilling to see his compatriots being mutilated or even innocent compatriots being mutilated.

Although Lin Nansheng is well-founded, everything he said is a burden in Chen Moqun’s view, a shackle, and a concern that the Kuomintang intelligence personnel should not have. Chen Moqun repeatedly warned Lin Nansheng to remember his identity and stand firm. In order to achieve the goal, he should abandon unnecessary feelings and never let him down.

A trust forced Lin Nansheng to make a new promise, which made Chen Moqun happy to leave, and he kept his eyes straight out of the window, standing straight, as if he wanted to find his original intentions through the dawn, believing that the party-state is still bright, illuminating everything. The enthusiasm of a revolutionary.

Gu Shenyan and Amu met at the teahouse, asked about Wang Zhi’s transfer, and briefly sorted out the origin of Lin Nansheng. Before that, Gu Shenyan had studied Lin Nansheng’s file. It was entirely a white flower. From the family to himself, there was no doubt about why Chen Moqun was so anxious to select new people to train his confidants. It was enough to explain that he was completely irritated.

Now Wang Shian has been negotiating with Nanjing for a long time. Thanks to the mediation of Director Dai, he finally obtained the consent of the other party to extradite Wang Zhi and transfer it to the Shanghai Secret Service. Chen Moqun ordered the news to be blocked, requiring Wang Zhi to be detained in solitary confinement, while keeping all departments secret, even Gu Shenyan could not make a statement.

In the evening, female student Zhu Yizhen organized alumni to write patriotic propaganda manuscripts and opposed the non-resistance policy of the National Government. However, the police suddenly inspected the song and dance hall, and everyone hurriedly evacuated. Just as Zhu Yizhen walked out of the gate, he encountered robbers. Fortunately, at a critical moment, Lin Nansheng rushed forward to grab the handbag, and the robbers fled after seeing this.

In order to avoid the manuscript from being discovered by the police, Zhu Yizhen could not go after the robbers. After picking up the paper scattered on the ground, he hurriedly thanked him and left. Lin Nansheng saw Zhu Yizhen go away, even though he was puzzled, he gave up. In just a few days, this prosperous city has brought him too many deep memories.

As Nanjing Inspection Section Chief Cao Yangfei escorted Wang Zhi to Jiading, after Chen Moqun called the other party to confirm the situation, he ordered Wang Shian to stay behind, and Lin Nansheng followed to the meeting place. The driver and Lin Nansheng each received two submachine guns, and notified the General Affairs Department to make a record of the report. Anyone who asked about the submachine gun might be a ghost candidate.

Gu Shenyan realized that the situation was not good, so after Chen Moqun left, he specially brought foreign wine to Wang Shian. At this time, Wang Shi’an was in the interrogation room and simply tortured the Communist Party. After all, in terms of seniority, he should have been Chen Moqun’s powerful confidante, but since Lin Nansheng appeared, it seems that his confidant’s position has been secretly changed, and he has nothing to do with him. There is a virtual title of deputy stationmaster hanging in it, and there is no longer any bargaining chip.

In fact, even outsiders could see through Chen Moqun’s reuse of Lin Nansheng. Gu Shenyan accidentally used the topic to arouse Wang Shian’s dissatisfaction. He also pretended to be a good person to persuade him and successfully collected a lot of information. Wang Shian didn’t have any defense against Gu Shenyan, simply because he and Chen Moqun belonged to the same class of alumni, and participated in the Northern Expedition together after graduation. Such a deep affection, no one else can compare.

But in just a few years, Chen Moqun was quickly promoted to the post of the station chief. On the contrary, Gu Shenyan only got into the archives, and even Wang Shian was fighting for him. As everyone knows, the archives is in charge of many intelligence personnel’s information, and Gu Shenyan’s unintentional official career is actually to hide his identity and dormant with peace of mind.

Far from the outskirts of the city, Chen Moqun and Cao Yangfei met and handed over Wang Zhi, and they were immediately arranged on the fourth floor of the Chase Hotel to avoid leaking news. After receiving a call from Gu Shenyan, Amu immediately notified the library management Ji Zhong to meet in the original bookstore, and the two verified the specific identities of the Communist Party arrested.

In the room on the fourth floor, Wang Zhi silently said that he did not mention a word about the Communist Party’s online identity, not only for the so-called revolutionary belief, but also worried that he would have no place to survive after becoming a traitor. Chen Moqun is good at speculating on people’s hearts, and at the same time knows how to break down the line of defense. With only a pistol, Wang Zhi completely collapsed, proactively confessing the identity of the contact person, and the internal traitor that the Communist Party has planted in the secret service, codenamed “postman.”

According to the clues provided by Wang Zhi, Lin Nansheng quickly obtained the file recording the detailed information of Amu. Gu Shenyan pretended to complain and left the secret service building ahead of time, and followed the station master driver Lao Huang to the hostel. There were already many secret agents guarding the door of Naihe Hotel. Gu Shenyan could not show up, and simply drove by to observe. Lin Nansheng happened to spot this suspicious car.

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