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The Good Times 美好的日子 Episode 9 Recap

Wang Sulan and Zhao Duofu were getting along, Zhao Duofu kept complimenting her and bought a lot of sweets for her to eat. Qi Xiangqian had been working in the factory, but felt unwilling and could only yell. Qiushi wrote a letter to Bai Ruoxue, even if they cannot get together in the future, Bai Ruoxue is the only one in his life. Early the next morning, Zhao Duofu said that Qi Xiangqian hadn’t come back that night, and Yu Deshui worried that he had gone to the city to find Bai Ruoxue.

Qiushi quickly said that Bai Ruoxue was not such a person! Qiushi was gradually agitated, so Zhao Duofu stopped talking nonsense. Liu Guiqin got up early in the morning and started dressing up, ready to go to a meeting. The factory where Yu Deshui came, saw what Qi Xiangqian had made last night, and the workmanship was very delicate. Qi Xiangqian fell asleep in the chair. Yu Deshui didn’t wake him up, and he also covered him with a coat. Zhao Duofu sighed that he was still a master.

Director Ma held a meeting in the nursery and announced that the temporary nursery was officially renamed as the nursery for the children of Dabei Factory. Since then, it has been standardized. The new director is Zhou Jianmei, who has just graduated from the kindergarten normal school and has just been assigned to the Dabei Factory. Liu Guiqin burst into tears when she saw this, crying that he had killed the donkey and made her embarrassing in front of so many people.

Qiu Shi hurriedly came to Bai Ruoxue and asked her if Qi Xiangqian had been there last night, and asked how far they had developed. Bai Ruoxue couldn’t understand what Qiushi was talking about. Qiushi became emotionally excited. He could quit and bless them, but Bai Ruoxue could not carry him and Qi forward! Qiu Shi said that Qi Xiangqian did not return last night, and he only knew Bai Ruoxue in the city.

These words completely angered Bai Ruoxue. Those words of Qiushi gave her a new understanding of Qiushi. Although Qi Qiangqian expressed his meaning to her, the balance in Bai Ruoxue’s heart was always biased towards Qiushi, but Qiushi has gradually become jealous and jealous recently, and there is no trust between them. Qiushi thought that Bai Ruoxue had already chosen Qi Xiangqian, but he did not expect Bai Ruoxue to answer that he would not consider either of them.

Liu Guiqin was crying and making noises at home. Yu Deshui was talking cool words next to him. Cao Dehe heard the voice and came to him. Yu Deshui said that she kept Liu Guiqin in her position all day, but now she is embarrassed. Cao Dehe quickly apologized to Liu Guiqin about this incident, saying that he could not give the director to a deputy director. Yu Deshui accused the couple of taking advantage of the benefits, and their family affairs were not in the same rank as Cao Dehe. tube. Cao De left angrily. Yu Deshui asked Liu Guiqin to cook a bowl of noodles for Qi Qiang. He hadn’t eaten anything all day and night.

Qi Xiangqian was spinning around in the factory, and his body was not so hard. Master He asked Yu Deshui to persuade him quickly. Yu Deshui asked Qi Xiangqian to come out and eat the noodles, then went to take a bath and went to sleep, and Qi Xiangqian nodded. On the way back, Qiushi provokes a swarm of bees, desperately looking for Somerset for healing. Qiushi feels very depressed. There is no way to change his origin in this life. Let the storm come more violently!

Qi Xiangqian happened to ran into Qiu Shi downstairs in the dormitory after taking a shower. Qi Shi didn’t want to pay attention to him. Qi Xiangqian chased him and said that he had withdrawn. Qiu Shi angrily accused Qi Qiang of playing with Bai Ruoxue’s feelings. stand up. Qi Qiangqian warned Qiushi that he must treat Bai Ruoxue well, but he did not expect that Bai Ruoxue had completely rejected Qi Qiangqian, and to be precise, both of them were rejected by Bai Ruoxue.

Qi Xiangqian felt even more depressed. Zhao Duofu’s situation was completely different from him. He felt that Wang Sulan was good everywhere, he felt that he was the happiest person in the world, and his whole face looked radiant. Qi Xiangqian’s current life creed is to do a good job, not to think about anything if he doesn’t build a locomotive. Zhao Duofu and Wang Sulan will go to take photos tomorrow, wanting Qi Xiangqian to accompany him, and even say that if they don’t go to him, they will break off their friendship!

Qi Xiangqian put away the white handkerchief and turned his head to agree, but he was in a bad mood these past two days. If he said the wrong thing and prevented them from getting married, he can’t be blamed. Somerset helped Cao Dehe go home together after the inspection. Cao Dehe thought that Somerset and Qi Xiangqian were the best match, but Somerset was one of the most deadly and lacked a little coquettish feeling. Somerset was very unbelievable when she heard about it. Cao Dehe asked her to come to her house at night to try all the clothes in the closet.

Qiushi came to face him and said that Qi Xiangqian and Bai Ruoxue were over. Shengjie said that it had nothing to do with her, but decided to go to Cao Dehe’s house at night. Cao Dehe persuaded Qiushi to take the initiative, saying that rejecting Qi Xiangqian was equivalent to leaving the position to Qiushi and persuading him to take the initiative. Qiushi was moved, and quickly asked Cao Dehe to prepare a portion of the canned fruit in the commissary. He cheered and said that the good days had begun, and Cao Dehe looked disgusted.

Early the next morning, Qiushi came to Cao De and got canned food, and ran away without getting any money. Liu Guiqin sent her two children to school, feeling that they had caught up with the good time. When she was a child, her family was poor and there was no money for her to go to school. The two children sensibly said that she should study hard and teach her to read.

Qiushi came to Bai Ruoxue to apologize for what happened that day, saying that Qi Xiangqian had already withdrawn and gave Bai Ruoxue to Qiushi. Bai Ruoxue was very angry when she heard these words, what is she going forward! Bai Ruoxue refused Qiushi again and told him not to come to him again in the future. Zhao Duofu and Wang Sulan received a marriage certificate and became a legal couple.

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