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The Good Times 美好的日子 Episode 8 Recap

Qi Xiangqian and Bai Ruoxue talked for a long time, in short, he liked her since the Korean battlefield. Bai Ruoxue didn’t understand what Qi Xiangqian liked about him. He was a fighting hero, and she was just an actor. Qi Xiangqian said that he wanted to be alone without a reason. Before he could explain it clearly, he saw the uncle passing by, pulling the car laboriously, and went forward to help. Bai Ruoxue also went quickly when he saw it. Bai Ruoxue took out the handkerchief and asked Qi Qiangqian to wipe his sweat. Qi Qianxue took out the handkerchief that Bai Ruoxue used to bandage his wounds and said that he would return it to her.

On the contrary, Bai Ruoxue saw the scar on Qi Xiangqian’s wrist. Qi Xiangqian said that there had been too many wars, and it was inevitable that he would bump into it. The troupe asked Bai Ruoxue to go back to the meeting, Qi Qiang hesitated and asked if she could come. Bai Ruoxue said that feelings are not something that can be determined on impulse. Qi Xiangqian made up his mind to become Bai Ruoxue’s answer. Liu Guiqin took the vegetables home, and the children said that Zhao Duofu and Wang Sulan had gone to the back mountain, and the two of them were frantic.

Zhao Duofu made up a piece of grass and gave it to Wang Sulan. The two chatted very happily. Wang Sulan told Zhao Duofu directly about her temper. Zhao Duofu said that she was an advantage, and such a person would be best to get along with. Wang Sulan thinks that Zhao Duofu has no shortcomings, but sometimes the accent is a little hard to understand. Zhao Duofu speaks Sichuan dialect, but he speaks northern dialect! The two were obviously satisfied with each other.

Wang Sulan nodded and settled their relationship. Zhao Duofu yelled excitedly and sang a Sichuan folk song to Wang Sulan. He Feng convened a meeting and announced that the main reconstruction project of the Dabei Plant was completed ahead of schedule, and China’s first steam car will be born here! From now on, everything in old China is gone forever.

On the way back, the tires ran out, and Qi forward had to drag his bicycle back. The meeting drove halfway forward before hurried back, sitting next to Yu Deshui. He Feng invited Qiushi to come to the stage to recite his poems, very impassioned. Qi Xiangqian was called by He Feng to report the situation and asked him what was going on with Bai Ruoxue, Shengjie, and Qiushi. Qi Xiangqian reported truthfully. Now he is in a dilemma and hope He Feng will support him. He Feng said that his love conversation was full of enthusiasm. Although there is nothing wrong with dating, the current situation is indeed not very good.

Bai Ruoxue saw today that Qi Qiangqian had a scar on his arm, which was left during the war. She felt that the scar on Qi Qiangqian’s body was a shining medal, a glory, and a testament to the indomitable manhood. Some people would Write poems and make poems, and some people are themselves a poem. Qi Xiangqian said that he had never liked a girl like this. He Feng thought for a while and said that he supports Qi Xiangqian, but supports Qi Xiangqian.

Qi Xiangqian must write a profound examination. During this period of time, Qi Xiangqian’s performance at work was not good. When he changed his career, he begged to build a locomotive. He kept saying that he could not build a locomotive or marry a wife. When he saw a beautiful girl, he bluffed his previous remarks. Qi Xiangqian admitted his mistake. He had forgotten what he was doing in Dabei Factory, so he decided to quit and vowed not to marry a wife if he didn’t build a locomotive!

Liu Guiqin brought the children to buy sweets, and Cao Dehe asked her to be close to her superiors and also hinted that she wanted to come. Liu Guiqin hurriedly waved her hand, giving gifts is an offense of discipline, but Cao Dehe said that this is just a trivial matter, and that it is polite to communicate. Director Ma happened to be here, indicating that a very important meeting will be held early in the morning about the future development of the nursery.

Liu Guiqin hurriedly took Cao Dehe’s things and stuffed it to Director Ma, saying that he wanted to thank him, but Director Ma certainly refused to accept it. Cao De and Obedient should have a way to let Liu Guiqin change into new clothes and wait for an announcement. The two also agreed to think about words together in the evening.

Qi Xiangqian suddenly focused on his work, and he would continue to do it after get off work. Yu Deshui felt that something was wrong with him and asked him to come home at night and have something to say. Cao Dehe’s belly is getting bigger. Kong Shiju wants her to rest and raise her fetus, but Cao Dehe still wants a future. Liu Guiqin happened to be here and brought silkworm pupa, a specialty of Northeast China. When Zhao Duofu returned to the dormitory, he was surprised to see that Qi Xiangqian had not yet returned. Wang Sulan was waiting for him downstairs, and the two went to Houshan together. Wang Sulan laughed when Zhao Duofu’s face was not cleaned, Zhao Duofu asked her to wipe it off.

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