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The Good Times 美好的日子 Episode 10 Recap

Zhao Duofu and Wang Sulan received the marriage certificate and became a legal couple. They immediately took the marriage certificate and showed off with Qi Xiangqian. Qi Xiangqian was very depressed. Zhao Duofu bought two popsicles, and he wanted to give money together. When taking pictures, Zhao Duofu’s hat was a bit blocked. Wang Sulan persuaded him to take off his hat before taking pictures. Zhao Duofu made a lot of excuses. Unexpectedly, Wang Sulan took off his hat directly and saw Zhao Duofu’s bright hair. The liar yelled and ran away, Zhao Duofu hurriedly chased out with his hat, but Wang Sulan was already in the car. Qi Qiangqian asked Zhao Duofu to chase him quickly.

Just seeing Qiushi passing by on his bicycle, Qi Qiangqian borrowed it and eagerly persuaded Zhao Duofu to catch up. Finally, Zhao Duofu plucked up the courage to chase after him, and turned forward, only to see Qiushi and Bai Ruoxue there. Bai Ruoxue was very angry because of what Qiushi said. If he wanted Qi Xiangqian, he had to apologize to her. She was not a commodity in the hands of others, and Qi Xiangqian had no right to transfer her. Bai Ruoxue cried aggrievedly and ran away, Qiu Shi and Qi Qiang looked confused.

Wang Sulan cried next to Liu Guiqin, Zhao Duofu sat next to him with his head drooping, Yu Deshui said a few more words about Liu Guiqin, and said that it is not a big deal to have no hair. But Wang Sulan felt that it was not about the hair. He lied to himself. Zhao Duofu hurriedly explained that he wanted to tell Wang Sulan about it several times, but he was afraid that she would ignore him if she knew it. Zhao Duofu asked Wang Sulan to give him a chance to associate again. Liu Guiqin and Yu Deshui kept trying to persuade them to find an honest person to live their lives.

Qiu Shi and Qi Xiangqian walked on the road and disliked each other. Qiu Shi yelled at Qi Qiqian for being capricious. They didn’t really love Bai Ruoxue at all, and the two clamored back to the factory. Zhao Duofu and Wang Sulan were officially married, and the two parents were absent. The wedding was held under the witness of Liu Guiqin, Yu Deshui and the factory leaders. The love of that generation looks somewhat immature today. Although the material lacked of that generation, they lived confidently. Somerset suddenly changed into his military uniform, dressed in completely different clothes from the past, and his whole face became radiant.

Morosov was dissatisfied with Deshui’s method of not using science but only estimation, but Qi Xiangqian said that the workers’ brothers had enthusiasm and courage, and hoped that he would understand them. They wanted to make the locomotive too much. Because of this, Morosov did not allow them to produce a sick locomotive in 80 days. He Feng hurried to preside over the overall situation. Bai Ruoxue’s application for joining the party was submitted for a long time but there was no news, so she reluctantly asked the director. Because Bai Ruoxue had received two letters from her brother from abroad, this matter still needs to be studied further.

Yu Deshui and Zhao Duofu had gone home in the middle of the night for more than ten days because they had been fighting for 80 days to build the locomotive. Wang Sulan came to run Liu Guiqin to talk gossip. Cao Dehe also came, and Kong Shiju, like the workers, had to be on duty in the Finance Section. Liu Guiqin pondered to boil some mung bean soup for the workers to extinguish the fire, and wanted Cao Dehe’s family to contribute some mung beans. Cao Dehe quickly said that the mung beans were for her confinement. Lu Nong came back. Liu Guiqin and Wang Sulan said they were going to split the money, and immediately began to prepare mung bean soup.

The factory was so busy that Qi forward went out to take a breath, Qiu Shi followed out and gave him a cup of coffee when he saw it, Qi forward took a sip and vomited it out. Qi Xiangqian dared to argue with Molossov that day, Qiushi was in his eyes, and the two reached an agreement temporarily, not to mention Bai Ruoxue’s problem. Qiushi moved forward with respect from his heart.

They were all fighting heroes on the battlefield. Qi Xiangqian talked about Ronaldinho who sacrificed on the battlefield. Sometimes he felt that being alive was to live for his dead comrade-in-arms. Qiushi expressed his belief that they were bullied before the founding of the People’s Republic of China, and that they can now contribute their youth to the building of the motherland at the Dabei Factory. This is the most precious wealth in their lives.

The boiler suddenly had a problem and needed to be re-installed, but then the progress was dragged down. Qi Xiangqian offered to go in for repairs at the risk of suffocation. Morosov didn’t believe Qi Xiangqian, and He Feng also decided to dismantle the boiler. Up. Qi Xiangqian turned his head to rush into the boiler and was stopped by Yu Deshui. Qi Xiangqian persisted, hoping that He Feng would give him a few more hours.

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