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Stray Birds 飞鸟集 Episode 13 Recap

The code design schemes of Su Xiaoman, Zhang Jiang, and Lin Shaoting failed to be recognized by the investors. The three realized that their schemes were still not perfect, and they came down. After the boss Ren Qianqiu learned about this, he hoped that Su Xiaoman would form a team to participate in the competition, and he was willing to provide them with help within his capacity, while Su Xiaoman said he prefers a pressureless creative environment.

Chai Qing was transferred to work in the marketing department and met with a client. The other party happened to be Manager Qian Dachen who came to his house a few days ago to molest him. Manager Chen said that he was going to have a smile with Chai Qing, but Chai Qing looked like a gentleman. Qing had already seen the nature of this person and was unwilling to communicate too much with him, and was about to leave. At this time, Manager Chen was enraged and humiliated Chai Qing and asked her how much money she would cost at a time, hoping that Chai Qing could respect herself as a woman. , Chai Qing took a roundabout way and got away temporarily.

Su Xiaoman mentioned Lin Shaoting. Now that Zhang Jiang has confessed to Chai Qing, it’s so hard that he doesn’t feel a little jealous and crisis? Lin Shaoting was originally not interested in Chai Qing who actively posted, so he honestly said that he didn’t have any feelings about it. Instead, he was very interested in the advertising software designed by Zhang Jiang Xiaoman.

Su Xiaoman received a call for help from Chai Qing and learned that the good sister was being harassed by Manager Chen again. When he got angry, he called Zhang Jiang and Lin Shaoting to the cafe to find revenge. Chai Qing, who was waiting for Su Xiaoman alone, was also scheming. He waited calmly, but after seeing Su Xiaoman and others arrived, he deliberately cried loudly, as if he had suffered a great grievance.

Su Xiaoman found Manager Chen and his subordinates who were eating in the cafe. Zhang Jiang was humiliated by the goddess, so he started his hands without saying a word, but was pushed to the ground by Manager Chen. Su Xiaoman couldn’t stand it anymore and used a golf ball to beat him. Give him cruelly. Several people gathered to make trouble and were taken to the Public Security Bureau by the police. They happened to meet Wu Yue who was visiting a police friend. Xiaoman asked Wu Yue to intercede with him, but Zhang Jiang lamented that he did not expect Wu Yue to be involved in the bureau.

After the matter was resolved, everyone returned to Xiaoman Chaiqing’s apartment. Chai Qing asked Wu Yue to use the contacts he had used in the Public Security Bureau, so that Manager Chen, a wretched man, would take advantage of him. Wu Yue said that he could do nothing. Su Xiaoman thinks that what Wu Yue wants to investigate also involves this Manager Chen.

Can he bring Manager Chen down from the matter he investigated? Wu Yue agrees, but now the senior brother Zheng Qiming in Qianda Group who helps him investigate Has disappeared, the clue is broken, it is not easy to start temporarily. Wu Yue informed Lin Shaoting about the disappearance of the senior brother, hoping that he could help in the investigation. Lin Shaoting was indifferent on the surface, but went to his company to find his father to investigate the matter the next day.

Through Lin Shaoting’s help, Wu Yue learned that Zheng Qiming was not missing, but was hiding from him, so he dialed the senior brother’s new number on Su Xiaoman’s phone. After receiving the call, Zheng Qiming confidently stated that his company was indeed for bidding. He has done some tricks on the data, but after a series of subsequent repairs, it has been cleared with the brain data, and I hope Wu Yue will not pester himself again. Wu Yue realized that his brother had been assimilated by the enemy, and he had no choice but to find another way to investigate the affairs of his parents.

Wu Yue followed Ren Qianqiu to the Qianda Group to participate in the meetings of the two companies, because he had never participated in the two fights between Su Xiaoman and Manager Chen. As a new face, he took the opportunity to initially win the trust of Manager Chen and judged Manager Chen and Supervisor Sun of Brain Data really have ulterior secrets.

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