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Stray Birds 飞鸟集 Episode 12 Recap

Ren Qianqiu started to prepare for the Newcomer Games. Few interns were willing to participate, but Lin Shaoting said that as long as everyone joins the Newcomer Games team, regardless of whether they have won the prize, they can go to the counter to get a pair of sneakers. The rich man was so bold, everyone was very happy and actively participated in the registration.

At night, Edward was packing things in the warehouse of the coffee restaurant. He suddenly turned to a box of children’s clothes and books, and then turned to a photo of Wu Yue’s parents in the suitcase. Edward was shocked and quickly called Maggie to help him. At this time, Wu Tiantian, who happened to be back from school, also entered the storage room, and Edward suddenly realized that this was not a kid.

After another employee of the restaurant confessed, Edward and Maggie learned that this kid is Wu Yue’s younger brother. Wu Yue is now living in a difficult situation, and he has no alternative but to secretly place his younger brother in his part-time restaurant. Maggie was distressed and angry. She didn’t understand why Wu Yue couldn’t ask herself for help. What is this person insisting on? She asked Edward and the employees not to expose the incident that was discovered every day.

After Wu Yue returned to the restaurant at night, Tian Tian had packed the luggage of the two people and waited for him in the lobby. Edward left them with the key to the room and a letter, saying that he planned to move to Maggie’s house and temporarily set his own house. Shi lent it to Wu Yue and his younger brother to live in. Wu Yue was very grateful, but he had disturbed Edward too much, so he finally rejected his kindness and took his younger brother to rent an old house.

The Brain Data Games began. Maggie and Edward also came to the venue of the Games, hoping that Wu Yue could return to the restaurant as soon as possible, and asked Wu Tiantian to recognize himself and Ed Huawei as a godmother and godfather. Wu Yue was moved. After the victories of the competitions, the rookie team cheered and celebrated. Wu Yue was excited and held Su Xiaoman in his arms, which happened to be recorded by Edward with a camera.

In the track and field relay race, Chai Qing, as the host, saw Lin Shaoting running freely after taking the baton. She was very excited. After saying a string of words, he shouted I love you. After Lin Shaoting, who was running, heard this, he was shocked. When Wu Yue took over, the baton fell off, and the rookie track and field relay race came second.

Zhang Jiang was going to use the drone camera technology designed with Su Xiaoman to confess to Chai Qing. Su Xiaoman asked him if he had heard what Chai Qing said on the stage. Zhang Jiang said that he was busy just now. Hear, so he didn’t listen to any dissuasion preparation confession. Chai Qing delivered a speech on stage. The drone designed by Zhang Jiang flew into the sky. There were many real-time faces of Chai Qing on the big screen, and Zhang Jiang’s confession came from the speaker. Chai Qing was very embarrassed and helpless.

Chai Qing rejected Zhang Jiang’s confession. However, Zhang Jiang, a single-cell technology man, believed that the reason why the goddess rejected herself was probably because the design of the drone confession technology was not perfect. Su Xiaoman brought good news. His father’s friend is willing to provide angel investment for newcomers of fantastic design.

He has posted the detailed content of the confession technology designed with Zhang Jiang, and the other party hopes to have further conversations. To determine whether to invest in the end, Lin Shaoting said after hearing that he would also join the ranks of technology founders. However, after detailed exchanges with the other party, he failed to successfully raise funds.

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